5 tips for choosing fragrances

It is often said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. However, when it comes to perfumes, it won't be wrong to say that beauty lies in the nose of the beholder! Today's post is about simple tips for choosing perfume for women which I hope will make the process a lot more easier for you.

1. Find out the olfactory family

Perfumes are divided into groups, known as olfactory families; floral, gaourmand, aldehyde, aquatic, aromatic, etc. People prefer fragrances of a certain family because it may stimulate their olfactory receptors or remind them of happy moments.
For example, if there are lilies near someone's favorite place, they may prefer a floral perfume of similar fragrance in an effort to stay connected with the place in their mind. So before you choose a perfume, think about your favorite group. This idea is also helpful if you wish to gift a perfume to someone. Try to know which family they like to associate with.

2. When the perfume will be worn?

Lighter scents are preferable for daytime use. If you wish to wear a perfume for an evening  go for deep and intense scents.

3. What's your budget?

You must clearly decide on how much you wish to spend on a perfume. Generally, most of the perfume stores display prices. If not, do not hesitate to mention the range to the staff at the store

4. When to go perfume shopping?

Perfume shopping is something you cannot rush through. It needs you to spare some time. So set aside a day, probably on a weekend. Morning is the best time for perfume shopping, since you are fresh and your olfactory senses are most sensitive at this time of the day. Make sure you bathe with unscented soap and refrain yourself from using a deodorant or perfume. Avoid shopping for fragrances when pregnant. The hormonal changes alter your olfactory senses.

5. How to choose a fragrance?

When actually trying on the perfumes on yourself do not try more than two scents, one one each wrist. Otherwise it can confuse your olfactory senses. Spray the perfume on the inside of your wrist and let it dry up on its own. Do not rub it or else you will end up destroying the molecular layers. Wait for 10 minutes to get the feel of how actually the perfume smells when it mingles with the natural chemicals in your skin. Also note that the same perfume may smell differently on someone else due to the different composition of their body chemistry.

So these are the most basic things to be kept in mind when you choose your favorite fragrance. I hope you like these tips. Happy shopping!

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