Mint- The best iPhone finance application

Do you own an iPhone but haven't yet made the best out of it? Here is guide for newbies to make the best use of their iPhone. An iPhone will be useless without the apps that run on it. Today we will talk about 'Mint'- one of the best iPhone finance apps.

  • Category- Finance
  • Updated- 23rd January, 2013
  • Version- 2.6.1
  • Size- 12.2 MB
  • Language- English
At present 'Mint' has over 10 million users and is one of most favored apps when it comes to budget tracking. Mint uses a secure online service to establish a connection with your bank account. When a transaction is executed, the same gets automatically updated and categorized in Mint. Thus, the user doesn't need to make manual entries of his expenditure every time. Mint can also process savings and retirement account information. This helps the user to keep a track of his income, expenditure and savings. It is a password protected application with a unique 4 digit pin, preventing your details from unauthorized access.

Mint flashes notification every time:
  • The due date of bill payment comes closer
  • When the user is about to reach his/her spending limits
  • It gets suspicious about any transaction in your bank account.

  • “6 Best Banking & Budget Apps” by CNN Money in the year 2012
  • “Best Personal Finance App”  by WIRED App Guide in the year 2012
  • "20 Best Apps: Must-Haves for Everyone with an iPad or iPhone” from MacWorld in the year 2012
and many more.

System requirements
  • Requires iOS 5.0 or later
  • Is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • Has been optimized for iPhone 5

This app is available for free. So go grab it and make your finances easy!

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