So close.

She was lost in her day dreams with a cup of coffee clutched in her hands. The memory from the previous day was still lingering in her mind...She had a divine smile on her serene angelic face, reflecting a sense of satisfaction....Her eyes fixated on a pair of pigeons coochi-cooing on the branch of the tree outside her window..

When I hug you...I feel I'm home!

"She suddenly got up and landed on his lap...putting her arms around his neck. She gazed at him with anticipation with a cutest smile on  her face. He was amazed, he hasn't expected it. She was a shy girl and they were in this relationship since 2 years now. Yes, I know it sounds strange...But it's true...

He held her by her waist...smiling back at her. They looked in each other's eye...Then he burst into a laughter and asked her, "What?"

"What?", she replied his question with a question, her voice all peppy and chirpy..

"Why are you staring at me like that?", he asked, all baffled...

"Well I'm staring at my boyfriend. You have a problem with that?", yet another question accompanied with a grin.

"If you keep on doing that, he might hug you..."

"Oh really??? Why doesn't he do it then?", she whispered in her soft voice...

And he hugged her tight. She curled into a ball...creeping inside the cocoon of his hug like a tiny caterpillar...
She felt so secure...there in his the warmth of his love...

He brushed his fingers through her silky soft hair....And gave a peck on her cheek! She turned red....I told you she was shy...

She buried herself deeper into his chest. She could feel his heart beat. The heart that loved her so dearly...
For the first time in a life of quarter of a century, she was so close to a guy...The guy who was the love of her life. For whom she prayed to the Almighty, he was her world...

She felt close to his mind, body, heart and soul.....So close....."

P.S.- I wrote this post because I generally hear people talking about their first kiss. I've never heard anyone talking about their first hug! I wonder if they even remember that...Hence, this post.

I feel, a lovely bear hug is the best way to express your words needed..A hug tells it all!
Happy hugging! :D

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  1. Yeah, nothing like a 'jaadu ki jhappi', huh? :)

    Cute post. Nice.

  2. you made me go back to my first hug but well....i dont remember :((
    you were right - first kiss seems to win hands down when it comes to memories

    nice post and liked the new thought behind it

  3. very sentimental and sweet. Sometimes a hug is all you need. THX for sharing, Manju. Laurel

  4. Loved the post. Got back so many memories :)

  5. I believe in hugging and like to do it with the dear ones! Keep writing :)

  6. i have nothing to say just awesome...


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