The Maid-ical Complications!

It has been four days now, that I've been suffering from the severe side-effects of the 'Maid-ical complications'.
Yes! You read it right...And got it right too! Our dear maid just resigned without prior notification.

So let me tell you how it all started.

It was Sunday morning of 19th Feb, 2012. I woke up to a noisy conversation. It was my Mom and our maid Savita Bai, exchanging heated words. I sat on my bed quietly listening to the dialogues of the action movie being telecasted Live in our drawing room.

 The maid had started the argument over my sister's so called behavioral error! My sister was getting late for her classes and was hurrying things up. As a result she accidentally spilled some fruit juice on our dearest maid and also on the sparkling floor. And my Mom requested the maid to clean it up. Just that! And Savita Bai's battle mode got activated!

My otherwise cool-headed Mom got provoked and she scolded Savita Bai for her behavior. And so started a string of accusations and counter-accusations between the two iron women.
Finally after 20 minutes of the bickering and bawling, it ended in a way that no one wanted it to. Savita Bai quit!

Oh no! I had already imagined this but didn't want it to happen! Good god man...Why? I was almost about to wail and cry. My heart ached. It skipped a beat. I was chocking on my breath! But alas....we can't change the reality. We can't turn our face on the truth. The damage was done. And I was the one who had  to pay the price.

After Savita Bai left, Mom spilled all her anger on my sister for not being careful, and for sleeping late at night, waking up late and hurrying up in the morning, etc etc. And Dad too got pulled into this mess. He told Mom to calm down and he too got a dose of her anger. I chose not to get out of my room until the drama was over.

Since I won't let Momma dearest do all the work, my dear little sis is studying for her board exams and I've just resigned from my job and have become a Certified Berozgar, what could have been a better time than now for doing Zhaadu-Pochchha and Bartan?

Well, this isn't the first time. The Kaamwaali Bai-s and their nakhraas are legendary and monumental! It is the hottest topic of gossip among the Aunties in our neighborhood. They complain about their respactive maids and nod understandingly. They sympathize with each other saying 'Behenji, hamari kaam waali to isse bhi battar hai!'

Our previous maid quit, stating the reason that my Mom doesn't give her snacks with her evening tea!
Another instance, when a maid quit just because my Mom didn't buy her a brand new saari for her nephew's wedding!

Get me a new Saari...Or I quit!
They want a weekly off too!
Maids and there demands...Sigh!
It seems like they don't care about the work and money. We are the needy people.

So this is how my condition is!

I just hope I will get a nice maid soon....To relieve me of my misery....
I know she will come soon. She comes in my dreams too, asking me in her sweet voice, "Ma'am, I hear you need a maid."

I know she will come....Very soon...


  1. ahahahha hope you find maid soon.
    I know my mom throws all the tantrum when our maid go on leave without any notification. :D

  2. Good one, had a nice laugh.

    Maids are becoming scarce commodities everywhere these days. The Aunty squad discussing and bad mouthing their respective maids is a time tested activity.

    The demands some of the maids make are nothing less than extortion.

    Cheers :)

  3. haha! So funny :) Every time I call my mom or my in-laws, the conversation almost always takes a turn toward the maids..They seem to be the most demanding divas to have around :) And you have commented on my test sorry about that! My actual blog is is more organized and has a lot more posts :)

  4. In our country, maids are not as common as in other places. While many do have them, it's usually so they can work full time and take care of the kids, or they are super well off. No matter what, all jobs have dignity. That is often what is missed in relationships. After that, little spats are more easily corrected. All people need to know that they are respected.

  5. Wow! Aisi maids bhi hoti hai yaha?? ;-)

  6. Hhahahahahahah poor you! I understand what you are going through because my mother is going through the same right now :P. ThankGod I am not anywhere close to witness the trauma!
    She comes in your dream? awwwwwwwwww..hehehehe

  7. hilarious one.. life in this urban world revolves much around our maids :D

    Weakest LINK


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