Its a Happy Happy Day!

Its a long post....But a true story...Penned down dil se...

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This is about last Saturday. I had finally stepped out of my home after a week long illness. So Dad suggested I must go out for a while.
It was something hard to think of. I mean... I was still feeling a bit weak and dizzy. But how long could I stay in bed? For how long I won't step out. I didn't have a company... I was alone...My Mom & Dad were busy with their routine. Sisi was busy due to her ongoing exams..
Gosh! I miss that exam fever..Running all the time..Coming from school, grabbing a quick meal and off to coaching classes! I remember myself going through this phase. It was all so exciting. Life was beautiful. Growing up is the worst thing that had ever happened to me. Life has changed a lot. I sat  back and wondered...

  • Hercules MTB is replaced by TVS Scooty.
  • Sharing a plate of samosa with friends was a bliss. Eating out alone sucks.
  • Pocket money felt to be more satisfying than salary credits.
  • Jeans and tees are now the part of lost glory...Formal trousers and shirts are in.
  • No funky sport shoes and cute colorful pairs anklet socks...they are just lying in the wardrobe as souvenirs from the Golden Past...No time or  occasion to put it on..Now formal shoes are always stuck to my poor feet..
  • College katta has now been replaced by Conference room.
  • No funky-chunky jewelry, only light jewelry that goes well with the attire.
  • Going to college, meeting friends, bunking lectures and going for a movie...its the thing of the past..
I feel lonely sometimes. Friends too are busy like I'm. They too might be missing all this. But life has to go on...hoping that little moments of joy, like school re-unions, would come soon...
No No....I'm not sad...not at all...this was going to happen someday anyway...happens to
I just felt like penning down my feelings....Hence this post...

So...coming back to the story...Sisi was busy, friends are out of town for further education or job...
I decided to go alone. I'm used to it now. I don't feel awkward eating alone in a restaurant anymore. I planned to go to the Mc Donalds! My favourite hang out place! And its like 11-12 Km away  from my home...At college Road, one of the posh localies in my city.
That reminded me, I had to collect my certificate from the institute from where I completed my PGD. It has been so long since the course ended and I got placed, yet I haven't collected my certificate. Mom Dad constantly scold me for being such a lazy bum! :D
Great! I will go to the insti and get to see what's up there! I called up our center head to inform her that I was coming. She confirmed.
I put on my casual dress after such a long time. The touch and feel of jeans was so soothing. I tied back my hair in a high pony-tail, it looked pretty...lustrous and voluminous. I had shampooed after a week! :p

I then used a kohl pencil to give my eyes a little sharpness, a little bit of a pink lip gloss for the fresh look!

But hey...I wear one would ever notice those beautifully crafted eyes neatly lined with kohl..
I put on my Sisi's shiny black high-heeled sandals... pick up my favorite black leather hand-bag. I looked at myself into the mirror. I was happy to see myself dressed up like this after such a long time..almost an year..
My Sisi loved it too... She insisted I put on some matching jewelry..It complemented pretty well..

Off I went! I took a bus for College Road. It was a 40 minutes ride. I took a window seat. Time went by so quickly as I looked out of at the city, its roads, the people, the trees, everything...reminded me of my college days again...Bus was and is the only means affordable and reliable for such long distance intercity journeys.
I finally reached my destination. I was standing outside my Insti with a smile on my face...Happy to be there.
I went in. Met the center head. Met my juniors. They too got placed in the Bank and would join in December. They inquired about my job and how it was like. Everyone was happy and excited. After a few minutes of chat, my certificate arrived... I had 83% after averaging the marks of the course, the internship and the performance evaluation. I was happy. I am one of the toppers.

I left from the Insti and headed towards Mc Donalds to have my favorite Mc Veggie. I don't know why, but I never get bored of this place. Its cool and happening. Loud music. Cheerful faces of the student community, that's why they named it College Road.
And as luck would have it... guess what happened next? I saw guys riding on a bike...then yet yet another guy...And a girl riding pillion...and then yet another girl on her scooty! Oh my Gosh!
This was my 'old friends from school' gang! They were all in the city after their exams! I was so glad to see them! An hour ago I was missing my schoolies and here they were!
We greeted each other with 'Kaha hai yaar tu?' and 'Bhool gaye kya hume? Na call na sms and nothing on FB?'
We went in, got a table and ordered our meal..I digged into my Cheesy Mc Veggie! Mmmm Yummy! I'm lovin' it! It was all the, fun, happy people, yummy food..

We sat there chatting away for next couple of hours...Telling each other about the current ongoing activities and future plans. Promising each other to stay in touch and poke each other frequently on FB! Hehehehe...Couldn't believe I can still talk silly.
We discussed about the reunion party. I would be either in Dec or in Jan. The venue, the menu..The cake and the theme..the invitees and the fun...dresses and dance..and all the childish innocent fun one can think of..
Soon it was time to go..We said goodbyes and promised to meet again soon.
I headed home with a big grin on my face and happiness in my mind. I told everyone at home whom all I met and how exited I was about the reunion party...I felt so much better now...

Lessons learned:
  • Don't waste time waiting for things to change and make you happy. Be bold and stand up. Treat yourself and be happy!
  • Small things hide big happy moments within itself...Go reveal!
  • Friends can make you happy matter how sad and lonely you feel.
  • Where there is a will, there is a way. You will definitely get what you long for. Like I got! My friends' company...
  • You shouldn't eat french fries when you just got well after food poisoning. Its heavy and can give you stomach ache :p

Chalo I got another important task to accomplish now...Hunting for a nice dress for the reunion party, and matching sandals....and jewelry....and a new hand-bag...and..mmm...what else???  Will see if I get some other good stuff at the store!

All in all, it was fun...Indeed a happy happy day!


  1. lol...My daughter calls it Old MacDonald's. We also have a restaurant called Bojangles...She calls it Jinglebells. A little off subject, sry, lol.

  2. Its the exact opposite in my case, we used to have a strict formal dress code in our Bachelors while now its almost been an age since I last tried wearing a shirt let alone a formal one.

    Meeting up with friends is always awesome, especially the unexpected run ins, bring so much joy.

    Looks like you had an awesome time.

  3. :)
    I haven't met a single soul for few months....lucky you :)

  4. @Otter- Hahahaha! That's really cute! Bojangles - Jinglebells!!! Your daughter must be really cute!
    And no sorry plz...nothing is thing is related to the other...
    I'm glad that you shared it with us...after all...this is the purpose of the blog! Bringing ppl together and sharing once's thoughts!

    @Atrocious Scribblings: Hi! We too had uniform during our Bachelors..Shirt, trousers and blazer! A tie too...Well rules are meant to be broken!
    I never wore uniform apart from during exams!
    Yes, I had a great time! I love surprises... :)
    Friends make life worth living!

    @Chintan, The BB: Awwwww!! I know how it feels...I too met with my pals after several months! Hope great times with friends come your way soon :)

  5. hello.... you were so quick to comment on my post.. :D thanks :) And yeah college life is the best.. I hated being away from my home in hostel with all stranger around and now I hate leaving the college even more.. :( Yet, can't help it out.. all part of life!

    So good to hear that you aren't sick now :) Enjoy life... live happily.. :)


  6. @Rachit- Hello Rachit! Yes I was online just finished solving a mock test...was going through the updates and ur post caught my eye...
    College life rocks man! And guess what? I am going back to college next year!!! Balle Balle!!! :D

  7. Oh i am still in college. Another year left. I like the lesson learned part. Its actually true. One should not wait for things to happen and make us happy.


    I like ur blog.

  8. अच्छी रचना के लिए आपको बधाई । आप हमेशा सृजनरत रहें और मेरे ब्लॉग पर आपकी सादर उपस्थिति बनी रहे । धन्यवाद ।

  9. @Shruti- Hi Shruti! Welcome to the blog! I'm soooo glad u liked this place...Thanks for joining in!
    Enjoy this one year of ur college life to the fullest....

    @Prem Sarovar- Welcome Ji...Thank you for the wishes Sir...and I really love the way you write...Hindi in its purest forms...truly commendable...!!!


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