I give up...


Hello my dear buddies! I am back yet again… Yes I know it was yet another ten days long or more type of break…I had got food poisoning.
I fell sick yet again…Terribly sick…It was Friday morning, last week. I felt so numb due to fever. I had cramps in my tummy…Something was churning inside me, giving me intense pain, my legs couldn’t support me. I was alone. I mustered up all my courage and got myself some breakfast and medicines. Booked a ticket online and somehow managed to drag myself home.
Jeeezzzz.......This time I thought I won’t make it out of the hospital alive….
I don’t know what’s happening, why it’s happening, what it means….but I’m just not right like I used to be.
I don’t understand why things are meant to be like this? I never wanted things to be like this. My roomies ask me every day when I’m back from work, that why am I so frustrated?
I just shrug and say I’m just tired. No one has ever asked me that before, why I was frustrated, because I never was.
I’m not in my happy-as-always mode. I’m not at peace.  I’ve become cranky, anxious, restless, no hunger, no thirst, no nothing. And I’m not keeping well at all….I am falling sick every fortnight.
This is how I define my current situation. No…Its not homesickness either, I’ve learned to cope up with it. I’ve been living out here since almost a year now. And I’m perfectly fine with my roomies.
 But I have changed, for both good and the bad. And I don’t like the latter part of it. I want to undo the negative changes that took place throughout over the span of this last one year.
May be it’s this city….The people….and the biggest reason...My Job Profile.
I’ve been doing what I don’t like since such a long time.  I had made wrong choices, some mistakes…and I’m taking a U- turn to correct them. It would be like a time travel for me. I’m going back to pick things up from where I left them from two years ago.
I know it’s not going to be so easy. But I’ve become strong enough. A little more effort, an extra brain-racking and things would be alright. and like I wanted it to be...
Don’t panic…It’s not like I’m going back to my estranged ex and all that kind of stuff…I’m talking about just my career and you know.Mmm…I’m talking about getting back to my old college student life. I'm planning to pursue MBA!
Yes, I’m quitting my job. The job which I wanted so desperately.I’m giving it up…
Its okay to give up sometimes, isn't it?
How does that sound to you???


  1. u giving up ur job??
    well...anyway..best of luck.. and i hope ur health is ok now...yup..u had been away..i was wondering where u were..... :-(sad to know life's been giving u a hard time..

  2. I hope you feel better soon. I was in the same boat with a job I didn't like. I did it for 7 years before I finally just left. It was a good decision. Good luck.

  3. @Rahul- Hi there!! Ya i will quit...but not so soon...its a distant plan...I want to pursue full time MBA...So i think I will quit in May...I will leave Mumbai...and probably will never return here...
    Its ok...life has its ups and downs...I have had a great time before this...sometime i must get shots of reality!!

    @Otter- Hello...so you and me have a same story...but 7 years is a long time...I can't sustain for so long...You are brave! Pretty brave and patient!

  4. Good decision best of luck and i m sure you will succeed in what ever you will do...............

  5. Get well soon, thats whats important now.

    Good to see you have realized the apparent and are wringing in the changes.

    All the best, I`m certain you'll rock it

  6. Good luck and get well soon . . .

  7. @Kamran Badr- Thank you Kamran... ya it was a hard decision though...but i will need to quit...for a better future...

    @Atrocious Scribblings- Hello! Thank you for the wishes! I surely will make something better of myself... :)

    @Jerzey72- Glad that u went through the post...this one was written during the times of utter mental despair...

    @Amanda- Thank you so much Amanda. And welcome to my blog and thanks for being a part of it :)

  8. yeah...if pursuing MBA had been ur dream all along....u must definitely give it a shot...i just hope that Mumbai or the job not suiting u are not the only reasons for you wanting to quit....i mean,i have been reading ur stuff and following ur posts for quite some time...and i know for sure,you are a great human being with an enormous reservoir of positive energy waiting for you to tap...i know if u set ur mind to something...u can do it...i just hope,u take the right decisions regarding which stuff u wanna set ur mind to...u aint a quitter....u dont seem like one....anyways....best of luck..:-)

  9. @Rahul- OOHHHH!!! Thank u so much Rahul...for all the encouragement and motivation...
    Yes, I'm quitting because I am very clear what I want to do..the kind of work i want to do..I know its tough but I know i will be able to handle it...
    MBA is the only shot to management cadre...I'm quitting for a while for a better future...

  10. I read quite a few of your previous post.. the KBC one, the Shagun and that post which made you stand for yourself in the workplace. And really its interesting to know about the daily details.. blogging is fun.. enjoy it.. and do take good care of yourself.. hope you make it big to the IIM's...

    Weakest LINK

  11. @Rachit- Hello! Thanks for stopping by and reading my blogposts...
    ya its indeed very interesting to pen down the daily happenings..it feels good..to share it here..
    ppl give opinions, suggestions, advises, motivate u...it feels really nice when u r helped..isn't it?

  12. I quit work and I am at peace after much struggle. I am nobody to judge or advise, but why mba? Is that just another lucrative option? Stress would increase ten fold and kill the reall you after mba...

    Give yourself some time and see how you feel....

    Good luck...


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