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Hello buddies. Here I am again with a new product review. I have been looking for newer things to put up on my blog. So, I decided to do a review of Enroute Women Bellies. For those who have been following me for quite a while now would be aware that I was smitten by the ideas of donning ballerinas AKA bellies last year. For those who are new, you might want to take a look at these cute red suede ballerinas I got last year. I wore them all the time. They spiced up my boring grey and white college uniform!

Before that I used to wear kitten heals, sports shoes and formal shoes on different occasions. I did wore bellies of different styles as a kid, but that was like 15 years ago. I usually do not like to flaunt my feet in open toe sandals or peep toes. Indian streets, they make your feet dirty!

I have predominantly broad feet. Not even the baby doll pink nail color can cover up the fact that I have got my Dad's feet! But last year when I tried on my very first pair of bellies in such a long time, I was amazed how comfortable they were. They didn't squish my feet at all. They kind of adjusted to my foot's shape in a week.

My Experience with Flipkart

So this year, I bought another pair of bellies from I usually don't shop a lot for shoes online. This is my fourth online purchase in the last couple of years and the 1st time from Flipkart. They had good offers going on for a couple of months now. The women's footwear collection is pretty good. But it was really hard to find the right size in my favorite styles. Moreover, the offers kept changing every few hours several times a day. It was frustrating to see the final price in the cart go up and down by several hundred rupees. So, I decided to scratch everything else from the cart and bought only one pair for the time being. I had picked 6 pairs of beautiful wedges and bellies from a collection of thousands of items. All the efforts went down the drain.

Let the shoe-testing frenzy begin!

Today my package arrived in the afternoon. I had placed the order on 23rd May. The package was expected to arrive on 28th May. But it came really quick.

The package consisted of a small carton as you can see in the picture. It contained the shoe box. 

The shoes were supposed to be wrapped in that paper. But the paper was torn into several pieces. I wonder if someone had already ordered these shoes and then returned them, causing such a wear and tear. So I thoroughly inspected the shoes. Hopefully, they turned out fine.

There was a small white bag with the brand's name on it. The packing was nice enough and the product came undamaged.

The bellies looked exactly the same as depicted in the images on the website, here. So, overall it was not an excellent but above average experience with Flipkart.

Product Review

Now lets talk about the product. The brand is Enroute. It is one of my favorite footwear brands. I could buy this online because I was sure about the quality of Enroute products. I got a whopping 50% discount on the original price of INR 1099.

The inner side of the bellies have a fabric lining. The outer structure is made up of fabric that feels like denim. The belt on the front and the patch on the back are crafted from genuine leather. It does carry a typical smell of genuine leather, which is very reassuring. Weight of a single piece is around 166 grams. The sole however lacks any ridges or texture, which are necessary for a better grip while walking on smooth surfaces. There is a scope for improvement on this front.

The size chart on the site was a bit misleading. Usually I need Euro 38 which is 24.0 - 24.6 cm. However, for Enroute Euro 38 is 25.2 cm. The shoes are not so snug, but still wearable.

It is comfortable to wear and walk into. It doesn't bite or pinch the feet. Neither it squeezes my toes, considering how broad my feet are. Initially I thought they will team up well only with western casual outfits. But I tried pairing them with kurti-churidaar later while going out and boy, it looked really chic!

My little sister has pretty and narrow feet. The bellies looked cute on her feet too. Here, take a look at her doll feet.

Product rating - 4 out of 5
Rating for Flipkart - 3 out of 5

These bellies are not flashy. They are very simple yet elegant and sober. So, I am quite happy for what I got for half the price. I am planning to buy more shoes. I got my eyes on some really cute Inc. 5 and Pavers England flats.

Hope you had fun reading today's review. Will come back with more of such stuff to talk about. Till then, ciao!

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