Monday Special!

Hi there my dear Bloggies!
I went through a lot of blogs and I found that many of the bloggies had something special to talk about on a particular day of the week. I liked the concept very much. So, I thought why not I also try out something like that.
I love listening to music, and decided that let Mondays be the 'Music Special'!...

Monday Special!

And I would really love it if  these posts would be interactive. So do share what you like, or what you don't, who's your favourite, we will definitely feature it here on the subsequent Monday..

So shall we start with my first Monday...?

Music in my soul...

I love Linkin Park, Backstreet Boys, Westlife, Akcent, FloRida, Kesha, Pink Floyed...the list is endless... But the most favourite band of mine is and always will be 'BLUE'.
Yes, you read it right...The boy band from U.K...Duncan James, Simon Webbe, Lee Ryan and Antony Costa. I still listen to their numbers which are 6-7 years old...

Ever since this band split in 2004, because all of them went on to pursue solo careers, it lost its identity...the solos were not so popular in India though..this is what I came to know when I play their songs and my cousins and frraands asking me, 'Which song?', 'Which album?', 'Who's this guy?'

BLUE- The Band!
You rock guys!

I feel too bad...I have song tracks of all the solo albums of these guys...and I loved 'Future Past' the most, Duncan's solo album.. So today I wish to share 'Save this Moment for Me'.
Its a super-romantic and  a really beautiful song, with heart-touching lyrics, reflecting a guy's deep love for his girl....and how he hopes to be with her....atleast in the memories...and the promise to be there for her forever...

Duncan...My heart-throb ever since I saw him..
He still is and will continue to be my heart-throb forever...

The initial part of this song is too lovely...just a piano and Duncan's serene voice...
I get tears in my eyes *sniff*  and goosebumps too baba *sniff*...Sorry, excuse me plz...*sniff sniff sniff*
Ka Karen Bhaiyya...Hum na...tanik emo-son-al kism ka praani hoon.... :p
Here it goes...Hope you guys will like it too...

Save this moment for me.....

 I don't know what it is about you 
But you're always on my mind 
I don't know if you feel the same way I do 
'Coz we're running out of time 
I just need you to know 
There's a memory I hold 
And I wanted to share it with you... 

So won't you.... Save this moment for me 
Close your eyes and you'll feel 
That I'm right here beside you 
And I'm holding your hand 
So... let this moment be ours 
Even though we're apart 
Understand that I still love you 
We're living separate lives
But right now its our time.... Save this moment for me 

I just want you to trust me 
And I want you to care ..ohhh 
If its too late for us now 
Keep this moment be shared 
I just want you to know 
If you're ever alone 
Call my name and I'll always be there 

So won't you.... Save this moment for me 
Close your eyes and you'll feel
That I am right here beside you 
And I'm holding your hand 
So... let this moment be ours 

Even though we're apart 

Understand that I still love you 

We're living separate life

But right now its our time.... Save this moment for me 

If I could go back in time 

There will be no doubt in your mind 
Of how much I love you........

Save this moment for me 
Close your eyes and you'll feel
That I am right here beside you 
And I'm holding your hand 
So... let this moment be ours 
Even though we're apart 
Understand that I still love you 
We're living separate life
But right now its our time.... Save this moment for me...

Happy Diwali !!! Waiting for a lot more fun though...

Hello my dear Bloggies! I'm back with loads of stuff to tell you about!
I've had a week-long break from work, and this city...Had a great time at home!
Its strange how my fever vanishes when I go back home, and it surfaces again when I'm back in Mumbai..May be that's because the climate here doesn't suit me and also the intense pangs of homesickness.. was time for celebration...Festivity in the air! It was a time for some hustle and bustle in the kitchen with mom making all those yummy sweets and savories for Diwali, the festival of lights, joy, hope, and a new beginning...
I had great time helping her in the kitchen...and tasting all the stuff...tasting to make out if everything is good was just an excuse...I love sweets and my Mom doesn't allow me eating much of it...She thinks I've become plump already.. :(


It was a great feeling to be there after such a long time...Decorating the home with lights, oil lamps and marigold flowers.. The scented atmosphere was so rejuvenating..


The prayers in evening and morning made me feel so calm and at peace..I enjoyed lighting up oil lamps and drawing rangoli with my sister...


We had a pooja on  Dhanteras...praying for perpetual prosperity..Laxmi poojan was great, lively and I was so much into it...

Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth & Prosperity.

Exchanging sweets and chocolates with relatives, neighbors, and friends was as usual, an act to show love and happiness for each other...Wishing each other a prosperous and happy future...

I love this festival because it brings all of us together, have a great time, forget all our worries, and just chill!

But time has wings, it flew away so fast, I didn't realize the week was approaching its end, I had already postponed coming back once...but this time  had to leave...

How I never wanted to return...

It was the night of 27th October...I was done with packing all my stuff in my back-pack..
I went to bed but couldn't sleep as I was anxious and tensed...and ended up with tossing and twisting in bed until midnight..Finally I went to sleep at around 3am I guess... I had this terrible nightmare that I've been fired from my job! Because I fall sick too often and take atleast two sick leaves a month...

I was trying to explain my problem to my Boss in my dream...It was then my alarm in my cell went off waking me up and that put a full stop to my roller-coaster ride... I barely slept for 75 minutes..

I talk a lot with myself in my mind, especially when I'm in depression or panic mode!
And I was like.. 'Oh God! Why why why? Why me? I don't want to go' and I was kicking and punching my into the mattress..I felt depressed...Tears rolled down my cheeks...I was praying to God for some disaster...if not a miracle..that would not let me return to Mumbai...
May there be a heavy downpour and all the routes towards Mumbai be flooded...
Let there be an political unrest in Singapore and the government collapses and there be Presidential elections again...We will get an off!
I knew the possibilities of these events occurring were as good as nil...

It was 4.20 am...But hey...wait a minute! Its the alarm in my cell, right? Not the one in dad's cell... It was a moment of joy!
Dad's phone didn't blare...I thought he forgot to set the alarm! And again, I was like 'Yes yes yes yes! Yahoooooo! Yaaba Daaba Doooo!' I won't have to go today either!
I began to think, how I'll wake up at 10am and get ready, go to my cousin's place... We had plans since a month but haven't been able to execute it... She will teach me  her recipe of egg-less chocolate cake, and I will make hot chocolate for all of us, we six cousins... And then we will all go lakeside in evening, have corn roasted on coals and rubbed with lemon, red chili and salt...
I sighed, thanked God....

But right after 10 minutes I heard something...and all my Yessing, Yahooing and Yaaba Daada Dooooing went down the drain... I heard dad's cell ringing like a monster roaring and trying to scare me... and I was again in depression mode... Dad called my name from his room, told me too wake up else I will miss the train.. I heard mom say, in her deep slumber, 'Did you iron your dress?' Oh gaaawd, she is so meticulous about everything even when in deep sleep!

Gaaawd! What a fool I'm? Thinking my Dad would have forgotten that it was my time to go resume my job...
Why did I just talk to myself for these ten minutes... Instead I should have sneaked into Dad's room and diffused the alram-bomb...

So I got ready, and said bye to mom and dear sisi and they kissed me on my forehead and cheeks respectively...and told me to take care of myself...and also telling me to come back after 2 weeks...I left for the station with the box full of sweets for my colleagues at office and my dear roomies...I boarded the train and waved Bye-Bye to Dad...I enjoyed a sweet slumber during my 4 hour journey..reached office at 10 with a sick look on my face, disgusted in my mind about my life like this...

I entered, and sat at my workstation, cribbing and complaining in my mind... After all the whining I felt much better.. I looked around, my office looked pretty, it was dolled up with decorations, fresh marigold flowers, oil lamps, and light...It reminded me of the time back home...

There were decorated pots on everyone's workstation.. There had been several competitions last week, pot painting, rangoli and mehendi competitions, when I was on leave...

I managed to click some decent pictures of my office from a cell phone camera...

Lively...isn't it?
Hope that you too had a blast this diwali with your loved ones!
So I'm just waiting for 5th November...I will be going back home again and also at my cousins' place to have loads of fun with them all! We got an off on 7th November!

Tired soul!

Hello My Dear Bloggies!!!
I haven't been able to write for a while now....
Partly because I'm lazy and its keeping my mind away from thinking....
And I'm working on weekends too, full day, ten hours...  L
Plus I'm not keeping well. I got a soar throat, fever and cold..... L
What can be worse?
I feel drained out & stressed...and in this situation I can't come up with anything useful and nice for you guys to read...

So, I will take a break for a couple of days or may be a little more than that....
Diwali is about to come! Time for celebration!
Got a lot to do...No shopping done yet! :O
Will go home for 5 days! Maring Dandi to office for 2 days!!!
And will be back with loads of happy things to tell you about, most probably Diwali celebrations!
I'll be online and read your posts though...
Have a happy time everyone!

P.S. - Maring Daandi, means bunking!
That's Marathi + English!

Dummy's guide to making Poha.

Lousy Sunday...Happening Breakfast!
Ask me what I want to have for breakfast and I'll say Poha!
I love having poha a lot. Its healthy, filling, delicious and easy to make!
So I decided to post a simple recipe of Poha for those who wish to relish it but aren't much into cooking.
Hope you try it out and would like it....
So without much ado, lets start making it... J


Serves: 2
Preparation time: 10 minutes.
Cooking time: 15 mins.


Poha (Rice Flakes)- 150 grams/ 2 cups.
Onion- 1 large, finely chopped.
Potato- 1 medium sized, diced into small cubes.
Tomato- 1 medium sized, finely chopped.
Green chilies- 5 nos., slit.
Curry leaves- 8-10 leaves.
Cilantro- For garnish, finely chopped.
Turmeric- 1/3 tsp.
Red chili powder- 1/3 tsp
Salt- To taste
Lemon juice- 2 tsp
Sugar- 1/3 tsp
Mustard seeds- 1/3 tsp
Cumin seeds (Jeera)- 1/3 tsp
Oil- 4 tbsp


  1. Take poha in a colander and wash it well a couple of time. Let the water drain.

2. Heat oil in a skillet. Add mustard seeds and cumin and let it splutter.

3. Now add potatoes and fry it till they start turning golden.

4. Add curry leaves and green chilies, fry it well so that it releases its strong flavor.

5. Then add onions and fry it till they turn golden.

6. Now add turmeric, red chili powder, stir till the raw smell disappears, taking care not to burn the spices.

7. Add tomatoes and salt, and cook till tomatoes are done.

8. Now add poha and mix well so that the spices cover it evenly.

9. Add lemon juice and sugar and mix well.
Put a lid and let it cook on a low flame for 5 minutes.

10. Then add cilantro and mix again.

11. Serve hot. You can enjoy it with Sindhi Papad too! TADAAAA!

Height of idleness!

Today day was as usual, nothing special...

Just that we had nil volumes and so no work in office...only a few teeny-weeny routine tasks...
Blame the Eurozone crisis. International markets are constantly going down, and people aren't investing much.

I felt so bored and sleepy... But I couldn't even put my head down on my workstation between my arms and take a nap :(  as my boss and her boss were taking rounds again and again.... Managers you know.... : x

So I went to the washroom again and again each hour to splash my face with cold water, so the sleepy birds flying above my head would disappear...

I thought I can atleast chat on SMS with my cousin Menka, whom I lovingly call Mendo.

We talked about so many things.

Right from 'What time you woke up?' to 'How is everyone at home?'
'Did you read my blog' to 'What is in breakfast?'
'What is in lunch?' to 'What dress for Diwali?'
'When will you come home, we will have a party?' and finally 'What is it in office, no work huh?'
We talked about other funny stuff and were smiling and sometimes even laughing to ourselves, my colleagues looking at me and wondering what is wrong with me.

Then it was her time for saying prayers. I teased her saying, 'Good good, go pray with all your heart... Tell God to give me an American gora!':D
She was soon back and we were again discussing recipes of Khichdi!

We SMSed each other from morning till evening! We exchanged 230 SMSes each! And we are still talking! Don't believe me? Check out the pics.

I finished my routine tasks that are supposed to be completed by 6.30  PM at the latest, at 12 noon itself!
Went through the mailer of daily news, and read Daily Dose on Marketing, Finance and Strategic Planning.
Read the news about the interview of Ms. Chanda Kochhar by the Fortune Magazine, she being on no. 5 among the most powerful women in the world.

Indeed inspiring. She is indeed the Iron Women of Banking. She has a charm. Hard working, smart, a women of vision and a few words, who believes in execution of  plans. I just love her, and the way she transformed ICICI Bank into India's no. 1 private sector bank, in the span of just 3 years since she bacame as the CEO. She is fantastic.

So, next I went out for lunch. Just slowed down. Took time, an hour actually. Ate peacefully. Took a round in the corridor of my office building, talking on phone with Mom, Dad and Tillu. Then called up my cousin. Chit-chatted for half an hour, telling her how lousy my day was. Came back in.

So, all in all I was actually doing nothing productive...
But I felt close to my people back home. Cell phones are indeed a boon!
Thanks to service provider for all those affordable SMS packs!

So just came home in the evening at usual time. We can't leave early saying we have no work to do!
My roomies were there. Thank God! I had someone to talk to, face to face. I asked my roomies if they would like to have tea and both shouted from the room in unison, 'Adrak waali'!

Hahahaha...Adrak waali chai...everyone's favorite! So I quickly made ginger tea for the 3 of us.

We were talking and laughing about the incidents of this morning. How one roomie accidentally bumped into another and a jar full of milk got spilled! We run like cats and dogs in morning and keep on bumping into each other! :D
And how I was trying to hang my roomie's jeans on a door when I was also on a call, trying so desperately that I didn't realize when I caught the door and swinging with it as it moved front and backwards. I was totally engrossed talking to my friend and phone tugged between my shoulder and ear, with both the hands clutching the door and jeans My roomies were laughing incessantly and then I realised what I was doing. :D
Multi-tasking you know!

So it was all good. I wanted to slow down a bit for a nothing... so it was today....
Thank you God for a wonderful day, in a different way!

A day little different than usual!

Today's day was like any other day... Just that it rained heavily in the evening, almost after a fortnight. I left from office thinking I'll be home in a hour and watch KBC. Just when I stepped out of my office I saw my entire team at the door waiting. That's when I realized its raining Cats and Dogs! The plan of being there in time to watch  KBC was washed off by the rain :(
Mumbai rains suck!
Very few people had an umbrella, rest were hoping for the shower to stop for sometime. I'm pretty sure they must be completely drenched while on their journey back home, because its still raining non stop! Poor fellows...
Why don't people get their umbrellas? The rainy season here isn't over yet.
So, I felt lucky that I carried one. I folded the bottoms of my trousers so it won't get dirty, opened my umbrella and started walking towards the station. But what was that? It started pouring even more and winds blowing strong enough to make it difficult for me to hold my umbrella in place. Streets had so many potholes, and due to so much of water it was difficult to walk fast. The roads seemed to be turned into a river. I was feeling so dizzy looking at the water current. Folding the bottom of my trousers did no good. The water at some places was knee-deep. Thanks to our government who let the potholes stay just like that! Lousy People! Ya, I know I use 'Lousy' a lot...
I somehow managed to reach the station after a 25 minutes of walk through the troubled waters. Literally!
The local trains were running late. I got into the train which arrived 20 minutes late. I was totally drenched, from neck to toe! I somehow managed to keep my head dry! The worst, my bag-pack and its contents had a bath too. The train took double time than the usual to cover the stretch. I wasn't comfortable at all standing amidst ladies who were drenched too.. Actually I can't stand wet clothes. It gives me a really bad itch! I was itching my right foot with the left one and vice-versa. My hands were busy texting on my cell, so as to divert my attention from that terrible discomfort.
When I reached my destination, I had to walk home from station again now. Same scene. Knee-deep water, mucky and dirty, reckless drivers who don't care to slow down a bit and drive by so fast that the water splashed on me! Too bad! I mumbled some curses out of anger. 'May the rain water enter the silencer of his car, and it will break down and he has to stay there in the middle of the rainy mayhem all night!'
Just then I remembered I'm out of onions. So I managed to buy a half kg of onions. I was looking so dumb with that angry look on my face, completely soaked in mucky water, prodding throughout my way, mumbling curses with a polybag of onions in my hand! Rolled up trousers made me look funnier. A guy gave me second look! He smiled (not to me but himself, I was so irritated. I gave him my typical raised eyebrow look (the picture of which I have put in my previous post) and I turned my face away.
Reached home too tired, had a cup of tea as usual. In spite of being tired I cooked today, as I was expecting the restaurant in our vicinity won't give home delivery of food today. I cooked a proper meal after so many days. I made my favorite onion and capsicum subzi, spicy and tangy. I clicked a picture. I like cooking and I felt good cooking after so many days.

Ya, I know it doesn't look very fancy, but it tasted really nice. So after all this felt satisfied that I took trouble to buy some onions in the middle of heavy downpour. I felt close to the Old Me today.
I've been so busy these days that I couldn't even care to feed myself with good home-cooked food.
I don't know what inspired me all of a sudden to cook dinner. But it was worthwhile...Otherwise how would I've had this story to tell you?

10 things you shouldn't do when interacting with me.

Here is a list of ten things you shouldn't do and say to me, as it provokes me to turn into an active volcano, and throw up some hot lava.
But later I feel guilty too, for my rude behavior....So, don't do it.

1. First and foremost, don't talk to me just after I wake up. I can't think straight and I get easily irritated. I get annoyed and may answer back like a Lioness whose tail has been stepped upon! And I may pour down the hot soup of my frustration from my previous day. Trust me, you won't want it. So, don't do it and spare me the guilt thereafter.

2. Don't touch my stuff. Especially don't move it from the place where I keep it. Placement of every item has a purpose, and is for my convenience alone.

3. Don't make tea for me in the morning. I can't risk it. What if its not made right? My entire day would be ruined! So spare me the headache which I get if I don't get a good cup of tea in morning.

4. Don't ask me if I have a boyfriend. It feels as if you're checking out your prospects and I may end up breaking my friendship with you.

5. Don't comment on my appetite.

6. Don't ask me the price of my stuff or how much I spend on what.

7. Don't tell me to make my bed right. I won't do it unless I feel like, and that is when I have nothing else to do.

8. Don't tell me not to keep my bag on the workstation. Else pay me 'Drycleaning Allowance'!

9. Don't ask me about my braces. I'm tired of telling everyone that its one more year for my treatment to get completed.

10. Don't complement on my hair saying they are so beautiful. It makes me cry. I had thicker and longer hair 5-6 yrs back, which I lost due to my foolishness, running after a fashionable haircut!

P.S.- Yes, that's me in the scary picture above.

Kaun Banega Crorepati!

It’s a Sunday…and its really lousy… I woke up at 1 pm! And had a nice and hot cup of tea.
Then just sat down using Facebook. Then just switched on the TV when having my lunch. Oh! It’s all so boring. No good movie, no good serial being aired. TV too seems to be lousy on Sunday. I browsed through a variety of channels, jumping from one to another. Then I finally stopped on Sony, to watch one of my favorite shows Kaun Banega Crorepati.
A lady named Amita Singh from Gwalior is on the hotseat. She is into Administrative services. She has come with her daughter, who is a dentist. She is a lady from a normal middle-class Indian family, who has come to the sets of KBC with lots of dreams like everyone does. She has just won a whooping amount of INR 50,000,00!
KBC is more than just a game show. It is a show where the citizens of India get a chance to utilize their capabilities and knowledge and earn prize money. And to make it bigger, we have India’s most famous, most lovable and the most handsome, Mr. Amitabh Bacchan to host this show, Panch koti maha mani Kaun Banega Crorepati! People get a double treat here, the fortune and a chance to meet its host Big B. They praise him so much, and tell how they are feeling being with him, singing songs, narrating incidents, telling about the hardships of their life, and also have good time talking about funny things about themselves. Big B has a great sense of humour, contestants and the audience burst into laughter.
It is commendable how Big B talks wise, lightens up the atmosphere and brings a big grin on everyone’s face. He also passes a message for the benefit of the society at large. 
I love this show, because not only it has Mr. Amitabh Bacchan, but also because it makes so many people happy. The people who have knowledge, who are intellectually capable enough, who have many dreams, but Lady Luck hasn’t favoured them yet. This show is indeed a kind gesture, an initiative to give such people a chance to win a fortune so that they can fulfil their dreams. I know how it feels when you want something very essential and you can’t afford to have it. How it feels when you can’t give a good education to your child. How it feels when you don’t have your own property to call it your home. I’m indeed very happy that we have people in our country who have taken initiative to bring up such a game show, and help the not so very prosperous people realise their dreams. It makes me very happy seeing people winning huge amounts and going home with a big smile on their face.
May God bless such thoughtful and kind hearted people. Live long KBC!

My Dream Car… Cadillac Cien!

The 2002 Cadillac Cien is a concept car manufactured by Cadillac, and it marks the 100th anniversary of Cardillac. Cien was first displayed at the Detroit Auto Show in the year 2002. Concept cars never go into production directly; in modern times all would have to undergo many changes before the design is finalized for the sake of practicality, safety and cost.
The cars in these segments if produced, are extremely expensive and the smartest and fastest machines ever… Cien being on of it.. Let me tell you more about it…

These are the important specifications:

  • It had a Mid engine type of configuration. 
  • An engine with direct injection technology that allows six or less cylinders to function at the time when there is comparatively less load. It a powerful 7.5 L V12 Northstar XV 12 engine.
  • It has a transmission of 6 speed and  it is a
  • semi- automatic version.
  • It delivers a power as high as 750 Bhp
  • It has a torque of 450 lb-ft!

The Cadillac Cien can be seen in movies like ‘The Island’, ‘Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition. Also we can see this wonder car in the racing game ‘Gran Turismo 4’.
I know you guys will feel that it is a bit unusual that a girl is in love with machines and has a dream of owning a car like Cadillac Cien. But that’s the truth. I am in love with one of the fastest and the most popular concept cars. I like its looks, it symbolizes power and energy. It’s so inspirational. When I see a car like this which is so powerful, charged and delivers high performance, I get mesmerized for a time being. It gives me a boost, a charge, to assimilate such qualities within myself and reflect back the same. It makes me say…'Wow, I wished I owned it!'
By the time such cars are actually produced and we can own a car like this, we can enjoy riding it in Gran Turismo 4! :)

Happy Driving! :)

The Samosa tale.

Samosa is a famous Indian snack delicacy, which was accidentally invented many years ago in a village called as Sukrut, in Uttar Pradesh. This was when a mother wanted her kids to eat their meal. Kids were so picky that she tried innovating the food. She wrapped the potato sabzi in chapati and made a funny looking toy like wrap and the kids just loved it. Since then it became familiar to the people in the neighborhood. It gradually gained popularity throughout the country and evolved itself into what it is now.
Made out of spicy potato preparation wrapped in crispy layer of pastry, shaped into a 3 dimensional cone-like format and deep fried, samosa is the most famous and admired Indian snack, which is had with a chatni or sauce made out of green chilies, tamarind and lots of cilantro.
Americans have burgers, Italians have pizzas, Mexico has nachos, China has noodles, Japan has sushi, Denmark had pastries and India has samosas! The country where people from so many different cultures thrive amidst all the difference of traditions, values, festivals, food habits, but when it comes to snacking its Samosas for eveyrone!
This info was for those who aren’t familiar with this ‘wonder’.
Let me tell you something more about my bonding with Samosas.
I love and have been relishing Samosas ever since the days I used to call it ‘Tamota’.
I don’t remember when I took the first bite of it, but I do remember the last time. It was today in the evening while I was returning from office. I grabbed a quick meal of a Samosa chaat. Oh! It was so satiating and filling. It’s great to have something like this after a hectic day.
Eat is from the top of the cone or turn it upside down and start from the crunchy and crusty collar, it taste equally wonderful either way.

Now a days samosas can be had in a variety of ways. It can be had as a chaat, i.e., with curd and sweet and sour chutnies, or you can sandwich it between the bread of pav with cheese. You can have it with sambhaar, or the one filled with paneer, minced meat, or the sweet versions filled with thickened condensed milk and nuts and even chocolate!
You can find a samosas being relished in a variety of ways and almost on every occasion. Be it a birthday party, or a wedding, you will always find it on the menu as a snack. When a prospective groom’s family visits a girl’s family to meet them, there also you will find samosas accompanied by tea and sweets! And as they show it in movies, the boy takes a bite and asks, ‘these samosas are so delicious, where did you get them from?’ And the girl’s mother replies, ‘These are home-made, my daughter made them. She cooks wonderful food’. Then the boy looks at the girl and smiles, and the girl blushes and looks away from him. Isn’t that romantic and funny? Yes it is!
In my caste too, there are various ceremonies for every occasion. Even for the occasion of someone’s sad demise! On the third day, there are special prayers held so that the departed soul rests in peace. On this day, prashaad is prepared for the guests. It is properly packed in boxes and it comprises of kana prashaad, it’s a sweet preparation made of samolina, boiled chickpea cooked dry in spices, and what else? The samosa!
This kind of prashaad is also made during the other kind of special prayers before a wedding ceremony.
As a kid, I enjoyed being a part of lots of weddings. My paternal uncles’ and aunts’ wedding and maternal uncles’ and aunts’ wedding. And my cousins and I enjoyed samosas and other snacks with so many cups of espresso coffees dusted with lots of drinking chocolate.
But you don’t call only this snack as a samosa. There is a more to it.
In my office, my colleagues don’t wear tie unless a DGM or SGM pays a visit. At last moment, they take out a carton full of ties kept in one of the cupboard that is actually meant for keeping documents and struggle to find the one which will match their respective shirt’s color.
They put their tie on in so much of hurry that the knot doesn’t turn out to be perfect. And that’s when they say to each other, ‘Tera samosa theek kar be’! Which means your samosa is doesn’t look good, make it right. Yes, they refer to the triangular knot of the tie as Samosa! It sounds really funny looking at them doing and saying all this. :-D
My mom sometimes calls me Samosa. That’s when she feels I’ve put on weight she tells me to stop gorging on samosas and vadapavs, and tells me that I have become Samosa, which implies I’ve become fat. But what can I do? I can’t help it. I just love enjoying this snack after a long day at work or when I was in college, this was the only thing easily available. So now it has become a part of me.
Hope there are many others like me who too are in love with Samosas. And for those who haven’t yet tried it, go dig in.
But we must also remember that it is a snack and a snack cannot be a substitute for a meal. So it’s ok sometimes if you have samosas or any snack of your choice. But we must have a balanced diet and don’t make snacking a habit. Everything is good in moderation. So eat, enjoy and live a healthy life.
Take care… J

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