How to Hunt Down a Perfect Pair of Shades?

Do you face difficulty finding sunglasses that make you say ‘This is what I’ve been looking for’? Sunglasses are an essential summer accessory. Looking around and trying to locate that perfect pair can be a tedious and frustrating task. But you can now easily find sunglasses that look good as well as protect your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays.

There are three major things you need to consider when shopping for sunglasses.

The lenses
While selecting sunglasses make sure to check if they provide protection against both UV- A and UV- B rays of the sun. Choose the design and material that will suit the occasion during which you’ll put on the sunglasses. Wraps-around sunglasses are suitable for you while riding a bike. A sleek and stylish design will do well when you are at work.
Sunglasses with polycarbonate lenses help protect your eyes from intensity of reflected rays. Such sunglasses are ideal for use while you are engaged in snow sports. Polarized sunglasses help reduce the glare and are ideal for use during water sports, fishing, boating and other outdoor activities. 

The lens color
Try to complement the color of the lenses to the color of your hair to get that accentuated look. Black lenses suit everyone. Choose lenses of colors like brown and gray for daytime use. Lenses of amber, blue and pink color are suitable for low-light conditions.

Shape of your face
When it comes to the shape of your face there is a set of rules to help you choose a right pair. Choose the shape that will be in contrast to the shape of your face.

Rule number 1- People with a heart-shaped face, for example Reese Witherspoon, can pull off any shape of sunglasses. A sleek design, large lenses, cat-eye and aviators look good on them.

Rule number 2- Over-sized straighter framed sunglasses add to the beauty of a round face. Hilary Duff looks spectacular in these over-sized lenses .

Rule number 3- Square-shaped faces, those like Paris Hilton's look gorgeous in sunglasses with round  or square over-sized lenses.

Rule number 4- Oval-shaped faces those like Kate Winslet look the best in any kind of sunglasses. The idea is not to choose very small lenses.

These tips will definitely make you find yourself end up with that perfect pair of sunglasses in your hands!

Dress with Style – Lace Dresses For Little Girls

Women adore the idea of shopping for new dresses, trying out the latest styles and dressing up like a princess for special occasions. The same is true in case of little girls who look amazingly adorable when dressed up in lace dresses. Choosing dresses for kids for special occasions is an exciting activity most moms take pleasure in. Any mom would love to see her little girl dressed up like a doll. So, let us talk about the latest fashion trends for kids.

Lace dresses for girls are in vogue this season. The markets are flooded with hundreds of designs of cute lace dresses to choose from. Lace dresses for kids are designed keeping in view the comfort needs of a child. They are chic, extremely versatile, and delicate adding a hint of sophistication to the aura of your little angel. Your little girl can wear laces dresses to a number of events such as birthday parties, formal and casual events as well as weddings. 

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Designs and Material

Lace dresses are available in an impressive range of designs, patterns, colors and sizes. These are often made out of cotton laces and are coupled with other fabrics like satin and organza. You can find elegant lace dresses that have been adorned with floral embroideries. Some lace dresses are decked with stylish patterns of sequins for a shimmery look. A satin sash only adds to the glamour of a lace dress. Laces add a charm to almost every fabric they are paired with. Laces dresses also come in velvet having an overlay of embroidered lace.

Laces dresses for little girls are usually tea length. Some lace dresses come with an integrated crinoline that gives a graceful voluminous look waist down. Kids have a delicate skin and constant friction with the lace can cause skin irritation. Hence, lace dresses are lined from the inside with a smooth and soft fabric for a comfortable wearing experience.

The Versatility of Lace Dresses

As mentioned earlier, lace dresses are extremely versatile make for an ingenious choice for your kid on any special day. The can be accessorized with matching jewelry and shoes. A petite and shimmering bracelet bedecked with jewels would perfectly complement your little girl’s lace dress. Pair it up with delicate party ballerinas and see the magic!

A red lace dress would be suitable for your kid to wear on occasions such as a birthday party. If you have a formal event to attend, take your girls along as they are dressed ladylike in black lace dresses. White lace dresses with floral needlework and satin bodice would make for an excellent flower girl dress. Team it up with a satin hair bow and party ballerinas of a color that you think would give a brilliant contrast. A basket of flowers and your flower girl is ready to walk down the aisle alongside the bride.

Wash care of Lace Dresses

Lace dresses meant for little girls should be handled with care. It is advisable to wash them with hand using a gentle detergent rather than tossing them into the washing machine. Allow them to drip dry. Wrenching and squeezing the water out of the dress is not a good idea as it causes damage to the delicate lace structure.

Lace dresses are indeed a divine creation of the fashion enthusiasts. They would certainly make little girls look heavenly and gorgeous.

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