Chennai Silks- Husband’s envy wife’s pride

I am not a saree person, but still I came up with this post. One of my friends recently attended a Pakistani wedding. She managed to grab more attention than the bride in her classic Indian attire - the silk saree! Funny but true!

Ask any Indian woman about her dream Indian saree and the only answer that you would most probably be expecting is Silk Saree. And if you want to buy authentic Indian silk sarees then you need to go down south. The southern part of India is famous for silk sarees and you will hardly find any woman visiting this part of the country returning back without a silk saree. Sarees are the only dress which both reveals and covers a woman’s sensuality and beauty in a perfect manner. If worn perfectly a saree can make a woman look like a goddess of sensuality and beauty. And if you want to buy a saree that brings out the best in you, then the best place to visit is Chennai Silks.

Actress Bhumika Chawla all decked-up in a beautiful silk saree

Chennai Silks has been the undisputed kings of silk sarees. Their patterns are unique because they are a mix of contemporary modern style and authentic traditional design. There are so many varieties and designs of sarees that it is very difficult to chose one that you think is the right fit for you. Each and every one of the sarees that are available in Chennai Silks will make you feel that they are tailor made for you. 

No wonder Chennai Silks is both loved and hated. Women love Chennai Silks as it fulfills their desire to own their dream saree and their husband hate it as they know that they will be having a tough time once they went inside the stores with their wives.

Anarkali Suites- One of the Many Indian Classics

It is said that an Indian woman looks her sensuous best in a traditional dress, let it be a gorgeous silk saree or a salwar kameez suit or a lehenga or any other traditional dress. These dresses enhance the beauty of a woman as it perfectly drapes around her increases her beauty and femininity by many folds.

Bollywood diva Kareena looking stunningly gorgeous in Anankali suits
On the lines of Salwar suite or Salwar kameez comes a unique set of suit that is known as Anarkali suit. They are just like any other salwar suit but with a slight difference. Anarkali suits are actually a mix of two different types of dresses. They are inspired by two different and very varied cultures in India. The upper half of the kameez is just like any normal kameez that you would see in the market. What is interesting is the lower half of the Kameez. That is what sets Anarlaki suits apart from any other normal salwar suits. The bottom half is inspired by the dress worn by the women in Rajasthan, North-western state of India. It is more like the lower half of ghaghara and is bejeweled with beads and stones. Anarkali suits are long and usually comes up to the knees, in some designs up to the ankles. They come in different vibrant colors and can be worn as a party wear. 

If you are fond of different kinds of salwar suits and have not yet bought an Anarkali suit, then you and your wardrobe is definitely missing one of the most elegant and beautiful traditional Indian dresses and it is high time you added one to your collection.

Welcoming Lord Ganesha!

|| Ganpati Bappa Morya ||
 || Mangal Murti Morya ||

Lord Ganesha of Ganesh, also known as Vinayaka is a deity that is fondly worshiped by Hindus all around the world, prominently in India and Nepal. The Elephant-God wards off the evil and bring in happiness, peace and prosperity.

Ever since I was a kid, I have felt really attached to Lord Ganesha. I find him to be really really so damn adorable. Yes! My God is adorable! I used to watch mythological TV shows featuring Lord Ganesha. I believe in His existence, His might and I know He would always be there when I need him the most...Somewhere in disguise..secretly giving me strength to walk ahead with my head held high in bad times. I am thankful to Him everytime I feel happy...I just feel so so connected to Him. Eveytime I hear or read the word 'God', its Lord Ganesha's image that comes to my mind. Tomorrow, on 9th September, 2013, Lord Ganesh will come to our homes on the occasion of Ganesh Chathurti. This is a very auspicious occasion and celebrated with great fervor all across India, especially in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Goa, Tamil Nadu and Chattisgarh. Today I spent my afternoon in the market clicking shots of some of the best idols of Lord Ganesha.

His Divine Eyes

Decked in Jewels

The Cutest Ganesh Idol Ever!

The Legend of Lord Ganesha

Traditional Ganesh Hindu stories tell that Lord Ganesha was created by goddess Parvathi, consort of Lord Shiva. Parvati created Ganesha out of sandalwood paste that she used for her bath and breathed life into the figure. She then set him to stand guard at her door while she bathed. Lord Shiva returned and, as Ganesha didn't know him, he didn't allow him to enter. Lord Shiva became enraged and asked his follower ghosts to teach the child some manners. Ganesha was very powerful, being born of Parvati, the embodiment of shakti (or power). He defeated the ghost-followers (called "Ghanas") and declared nobody was allowed to enter while his mother was bathing. The sage of heavens, Narada, along with the Saptarshi (the seven wise rishis) sensed a growing turmoil and went to appease the boy with no results. Angered, the king of Gods, Indra attacked the boy with his entire heavenly army but even they didn't stand a chance. By then, this issue had become a matter of pride for Parvathi and Shiva.

After the devas (Gods) were defeated, the trinity, the controller, preserver and destroyer of the universe launched an attack against Ganesha. Amidst the fighting, Shiva severed the head of the child. And brought on Parvathi's rage. Seeing her son dead, Parvathi revealed her true self, as the Adi-shakti, the prime energy that fuels the universe and sustains matter. Taking on a terrible form, she vowed to destroy the universe where her son was killed and re-create a better one. The Gods prostrated before her and Shiva promised that her son will live again. The trinity hunted the world for a head and came across a mother elephant crying for her dead baby. They consoled the mother and fixed the head of the baby elephant in place of Ganesha's head. Lord Shiva also declared that from this day, the boy would be called as "Ganesha" (Gana-Isha : lord of the Ganas). In this way, Lord Ganesha came to be depicted as the elephant-headed God.

Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Parvati

According to the Linga Purana, Ganesha was created by Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati at the request of the Devas for being a Vighnakartaa (obstacle-creator) in the path of Rakshasas, and a Vighnahartaa (obstacle-averter) to help the Devas achieve fruits of their hard work. (Info courtesy- Wiki)

A stall of Ganesh Idols

A woman selling artificial garlands and decorative items 

Woman selling incense and other things required for the religious ceremony
I wish all the blogger buddies a very happy Ganesh Chathurthi. May Lord Ganesha fills our homes and heart with peace, prosperity, wisdom and happiness. Stay tunes for more of Ganesh Chathurthi.

Getting back to pink!

Irrespective of being a girl or a guy, lips are undoubtedly the most eminent and appealing feature of our face. But we often tend to care very little for our lips. Healthy pink lips add a charm to our smile. But sometimes our lips tend to lose their natural color and beauty and turn dark and dull. There is a series of reasons that cause hyperpigmentation or dullness of lips.

Hustling and stressful lifestyle, smoking, chewing tobacco, frequent use excessive make-up, insufficient water intake, treatment such as chemotherapy, sickness, etc can cause your lips to lose its luster. So, I wish to share simple tips of getting soft pink lips naturally. These home remedies would help revive the natural charm and color of your dull lips within a few weeks. Since these are home remedies, it will take time to show results.

By God's grace I have naturally pink lips. They began to get slightly pigmented after I got dental braces. By using the good stuff in the kitchen, I was able to reverse the pigmentation and maintain the natural color of my lips. It is my personal opinion that no matter how expensive and high-quality the cosmetics may be, they cause harm to the skin in the long run. Apart from a couple of occasions like dance competition and play during my school days, I have never used any make-up all my life. Here are a few simple tips that will help your lips get back their lost glory.


Drinking plenty of water is good for your body. Chapped and dry lips can be your body's way to tell you that it is running low on fluids. When the body is well hydrated from within, your lips reflect the same.

Honey and lemon

Honey and lemon are great detoxifying agents. Mix a 2-3 drops of lemon with 1/2 tsp of honey and gently apply it on your lips. Let is dry, wash off and pat dry. The acidic and lightening properties of lemon would help bring out the natural color back to your lips.

Pomegranate and beet root

These amazingly delicious foods are a boon for your lips too. Squeeze out a teaspoon of pomegranate juice and mix it with milk cream. Apply this mixture to hydrate and moisturize chapped lips. If you don't have a pomegranate, you can use beet root instead.

Clarified butter

Gently applying clarified butter (ghee) on lips is very beneficial, especially during winters. It heals cracked lips and makes them super-soft. This is my most favorite remedy for cracked lips during winters. I love how ghee smells! Delicious!

Lip massage

A light lip massage improves blood circulation to your lips. You can use almond oil and massage your lips with fingertips before going to sleep.

Lip scrubbing

Using a soft toothbrush to gently scrub your lips removes the layer of dead skin, making your lips look fresh and clean. Scrubbing lips before applying the above mentioned mixtures would help them permeate deeper into the lips for optimal nourishment.

Limit the use of lip make-up

Avoid using lip color and lip gloss when not needed. Make sure you remove the make-up of your face and lips before sleeping. You can use cotton balls dipped in baby oil or almond oil to wipe your face clean.

Kick the butt and drop that weed

The best way to stop further damage to your lips is to quit smoking and chewing tobacco. Smoking and chewing tobacco cause the lips to darken and wrinkle. The fact that tobacco gives you cancer may make you feel motivated to kick the butt.

Sun is not fun

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight causes darkening of lips. Using a lip balm with adequate SPF would prevent damage to the lips.

An illustrative video on natural way to lighten dark lips

I hope you found these tips useful. Nothing would make me happier than helping you get those lips back to being luscious and pink. :)

Aloe Vera- For a Younger Looking & Beautiful Skin

Aloe Vera is known for a multitude of medicinal and healing properties since thousands of years. The Egyptians call it the 'plant of immortality'. Aloe Vera has internal and external applications. According to WebMD, it is good for skin as well as hair. Today's post talks about skin benefits of Aloe Vera. There are many brands in the market selling products and cosmetics loaded with Aloe Vera extract. But fresh and organic things are always the best. The same applies to Aloe Vera extract.

Aloe Vera is a type of a cactus that belongs to Liliaceae family. It is usually found growing in places with dry climatic conditions. The thick and fleshy leaves of Aloe Vera are packed with clear transparent gel. This gel can be applied directly on to the skin. It is a bit difficult to extract the gel out of the spiky leaves. The gel is slightly solid, slimy and sticky, but full of natural goodness. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. You can extract the gel by filleting the leaf, scraping it off into a clean bowl and mashing it up with your fingers.

Aloe Vera extract can be used directly on to the skin. I personally use Aloe Vera twice a week for my oily skin. I apply it on my face, let it dry, wash off with water and pat dry. Avoid using Aloe Vera on area near the eyes. I suggest you do a patch test before applying Aloe Vera onto your skin. Some people may experience skin irritation resulting from Aloe Vera application. Tropical varieties of Aloe Vera are also known to cause skin irritation. Let us take a look at the host of benefits that Aloe Vera has to offer. 

Helps treat sun tan and sun burn

Direct application of aloe Vera gel helps treat sun tan and sun burn. Given to its antioxidant properties, it helps accelerate the healing process at the epithelial layer of skin.

Works excellent as a moisturizer and as anti-aging agent

Dry skin needs to be replenished with moisture and not oil. Instead of applying moisturizing lotions, one can apply Aloe Vera gel. The gel permeates deep into the skin and hydrates it. It works great as an anti-aging agent. The beta carotene and Vitamins C and E keep the skin moist and naturally firm. Thus, it makes the skin glow and look younger. 

Even men can explore the benefits of Aloe Vera. They can use the Aloe Vera gel instead of after-shave lotion. Aloe Vera has a cooling effect on the skin.

Treats acne effectively

Aloe Vera is an excellent remedy to treat skin disorders like acne, dark spots and blemishes. It lightens the dark spot over regular application. Aloe Vera get its anti-inflammatory properties from Gibberellin and Auxin. These two hormones accelerate growth rate of new cells, thus, speeding up the healing process.

Heals wound, burns and blisters

Aloe Vera has a soothing effect on skin that has sustained minor burns and wounds. It is good for treating blisters, itching and rashes resulting from eczema and psoriasis.

Aloe Vera is indeed nature's gift to the mankind. It is often used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat problems related to hair and skin. It is also used to detoxify the body through internal application of its extract. Aloe Vera must be used for internal application under the supervision of qualified medicine practitioner only.

An illustrative video for using Aloe Vera for naturally glowing skin

Note- The contents of this 'And My Life Goes On...' blog (texts, images, and other material contained) are for informational purposes only. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician  regarding a medical condition you may have. Do not disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this site.

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