Its fun time for kids!

Hi friends.. We all know that summer is just around the corner and kids will soon have their summer vacations. So its fun-time for kids! Yayyy! J

I'm surrounded by kids all the time. I have a little sis, my little cousins and there is a gang of cute and naughty kids in the neighborhood, and i'm loving it!

The other day I was thinking what my cousins can do in summer vacations so that it also contributes towards their development. I want my 'bachcha party' to make the best out of their two months long summer vacation. I thought of shopping a few things for them, so that they can use their time productively.

I have shortlisted a few good items. Handicraft kits with a variety of knitting patterns will be good for the girls. They can learn knitting by using these easy-to-use kits. It will also help develop their motor skills.

Sport gifts will be good for the older boys to keep them active and fit. When boys are free football is all they need! When they'll see a new football, new sets of jersey and shorts, stocking and shoes I am sure they will love it. New toys and gifts always fill the kids with so much enthusiasm.

There are a lot of interesting animated movies for kids. I'm planning to order DVDs like 'Underwater adventures' and 'Mozart and friends sleepytime'. I think they will be good for my cousins who are two to three years old. Why should big kids have all the fun?

So this is what I've in mind. Do share your ideas through your comments. J

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