I'm on a de-cluttering spree!

Hello buddies!
Now that 1st Semester of MBA is over, I had to make place for 2nd semester's huge books. It had been very long since I de-cluttered my drawer and cabinet. Every time I do it I get surprised. I find my old stuff I have an attachment with. So the same thing happened today. I found a few things that were buried deeply under the weight of huge reference books. I had forgotten where I kept these things, and I'm glad to find them. This is what I dug out today...

A hand-made greeting card from a very special friend (he made it himself :D) received a few years back

A few pics of myself  between 2-5 years of age

My all time favorite pic. My lil sis, Dad  and me..and Mom clicked this one

Some report cards from school days...

My old exam papers...My source of inspiration when I find it difficult to study

So this was the messy drawer I was talking about..

Now it definitely looks better..no?
I retained and neatly organized the important stuff and discarded the unimportant ones. I hope this one stays clean until 2nd semester ends! I feel so proud! :D

You have a great day ahead! Cheers!


  1. You did a great job! What wonderful mementos you pulled out. I find it so difficult to get rid of anything like that. Now you've inspired me to go through some little used drawers!


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