Small is beautiful.

Dear Buddies, how are you all doing?

I haven't been writing much on this blog of mine since a long time. However, I do post regularly on my another blog Manju'z Kitchen. But now I'm back here.

So the moment I've been waiting for since past five years has finally arrived! I got in a good college for my MBA...And I'm really so so so happy!

I have this habit of buying little things. Things that don't cost much, but are beautiful in a sort of way. I always keep on looking around for food props, for my food blog mentioned above.

Last week, I went out with my BFF Mehnaz to check out the local stores. I wanted to buy some kitchenware. To my surprise, I found something which I couldn't resist buying.

These small little cute tea glasses!

These tea glasses are generally used by the street-side 'chaiwalas' in India. The pair costed me just INR 10, or around 20 cents in US currency!

My Mom and Dad were kinda upset when I showed them these tea glasses with a delightful grin. They didn't like me buying these, for reasons alien to me. But for me, these glasses reflect humbleness. That's the way I look at it.

I too have had tea in such glasses at the small tea shop outside my office in Mumbai. When one of my office colleagues insisted I go with them to have tea there, that was my first time I've ever had a tea on a roadside stall. It was amazing. It gave me a sense of  liberalization. People from varied walks of life; young and old, rich and poor enjoyed tea at the same place.

And these tiny glasses remind me of  the tea breaks I took with my office buddies...So I bought myself something that will bring a smile on my face every time I look at it. Sometimes, small is beautiful...

Have a great day ahead all my buddies. :)


  1. like those cute tea glass :)

  2. haven't got into drinking tea with milk...tried it a couple of times in the winter, but alas, it just seemed to curdle...not too pleasant. Congrats on the MBA acceptance:)

  3. So cute. And even better that they make you happy :) Enjoy your tea glasses!

  4. It's wonderful yo treat yourself now and then. Enjoy your cute tea glasses. Thanks for visiting. I am your newest follower.

  5. That's a cute and sweet narration by you .

    and loved the picture of the glasses.Amazing!!

  6. Small,simple and sweet....wonderful glasses and an even wonderful blog post...

  7. Please allow me to use one of above picture in my blog post in Sinhala(Sri Lankan Native Language) with due credit.


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