Globe-trekking with my Soul-mate.

I have always had these dreams...strange ones...I had a similar dream last night too. Just that this time it was Udaipur.  Udaipur, a city in the northern state of Rajasthan, India. I have never been there. But in my dreams I have been out there, walking down the busy lanes, looking at the shops with awe. They had beautiful things, colorful. Turbans, sarees, folk toys, jewelry, handicrafts. I bought a few things too.

I didn't realize until I woke up to the alarm at 10 am. Yes I dream...I dream about people I have never met...I dream about places I have never visited, like the USA, UK, ..the list is endless. I have even had a dream about my kids. Strange but true. It is said that our dreams are have a connection with the state of our mind, our desires, and our life. They are not just dreams...They come from our sub-conscious mind.

I want to go Globe-trekking the Ian Wright way- Backpacking! Living cheap and going dirty, the way Ian likes, but with a taste of luxury sometimes. Go on crazy adventurous trips! Visit the weirdest and the loveliest places around the world. meet different people, go sight-seeing, learn about their culture, customs and traditions, fashion, history, way of life...and yes, about their food! Food fascinates me the most. Visit the museums and building of historic importance. And then share my experiences with all. 

The people on TLC, and Fox History & Travel inspire me. They take me one step closer to my dream every time I turn these channels on!

I want to go around the world with him....the love of my life. I don't know where is he...What he looks like. But I still await him. The one who is like me, thinks like me, shares common interests. For it takes two to Tango!

I have read in magazines about the couples who go honey-mooning to various countries on bicycles. How adventurous is that! And I would love to try it out...

Other than the adventurous stuff mentioned above, I have always had a dream of visiting Switzerland after I watched the movie 'Dilwaale dulhaniya le jaenge' when I was around 7 years old. We want to see how they make Swiss cheese. I want to walk down those green grassy hills holding his hand as they show in movies, and taking pictures with lovely cows grazing on the hills...And sitting on the banks of a river with our feet immersed in the water...and talking.

Italy...for I am Pizza lover, so would be he..I want to go to Venice for a ride in Gondola. And then Florence...And yes..Milan, the fashion capital, I need to make his pocket lighter!

A month long trip to France. I know one month is too long...But I want to get the feel, how would it be walking down the streets of France like a native French person does? As if I had known that place since ever. Paris is said to be the most romantic city in the world. How it would be holding hands and looking down from the Eiffel tower.

The cities and countryside of Greece, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Spain, Japan, Thailand...And the entire South American continent too. The list is endless.

I know I am talking a lot about Europe...I'm in love with a place I have never seen...Like I have a connection..Ever time I read about or watch these places on TV, I feel they are calling me...

Now I got America fever! How would life be there...Fair and lovely??? Fair in context of government policies, rules and enforcement, discipline, cleanliness. The Statue of Liberty has always fascinated me...The night-life in Las Vegas...Hollywood...And yes the snow fall and the storms in USA. Going on a safari, bird watching..visiting a zoo, getting a tattoo and every possible freaky activity.

Walking along the beaches of Miami Florida...White sand blue waters. Writing our names on the sand in a heart! Having a candle-light dinner on the beach under the starry sky with the candles placed in the empty coconut shells! So romantic....Sigh! Not to forget the adventure and water skiing.

Ice skiing in north Carolina and mountain climbing New Jersey...

Scuba diving in the waters of Hawaii...Falling in love with nature. Trying our hands at surfing. 

We want to to Egypt...Pyramids! Morocco...It seemed to be awesome on Discovery Channel.

And yes! Singapore, Malaysia, Hong kong and Bangkok...Dad says its awesome! Dubai too....for Burj Khalifa and Dubai is a shoppers' paradise...So yet another occasion to splurge!

How can I forget Australia. It as the Opera house and the Bondi Beach. And if we go to Australia we can't miss New Zealand!  And I want to visit the thousand s of cities I didn't mention here.

Will we be able to make it in just one life-time? Travelling around the world and living the way all the people live? Living like a thousands of them...Well if Ian can...So can we! So much to do i life..isn't it?


  1. I`m surprised you left out spots in Africa which are supposedly one of the most beautiful places on the planet but not commercially known.

    The lines about Europe are true, I can personally attest to them - dreamy would cover it precisely :P.

    I hope you get to travel extensively and tell us about your adventures on this blog.

    Cheers :)

  2. Well I said I want to visit the places I didn't mention here...And Africa is on the list too, and u r right, there are beautiful places that are commercially unknown...Thanks..

    And one day I will definitely write about my experiences....Let me get married someday...

  3. Manju, agree a life time is not enough even if one were to travel like Ian Wright:)

  4. Do you ride a bike now? I ride my bike around town but I would not be able to go on a long trek. You mentions so many interesting places. I hope you one day meet your soul mate and that your recognize and appreciate each other and that you do get to travel with a back pack and meet lots of interesting people.

  5. Yes,Im a dreamer like you and there is nothing worng is dreaming and praying at least parts of it come true.Liked this blog,so true,we dream of so many things but we can only hope what life has in store for us.I love Egypt and morocco but never want to live in the US and UK.Not the kind of life I expect,excessive everything.But everything else,yeah yeah yeah !

  6. You are young, what's stopping you? Go out there and conquer the world! Don't wait for somebody to come along to hold your hand. Do it!

  7. Hello Manju! My first visit, will visit you again. Seriously, I thoroughly enjoyed your posts( really interesting blog). Would be great if you could visit also mine...Thanks for sharing! Keep up the fantastic work!


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