Why is an Electric Fireplace a Better Choice?

A fireplace is a magical appliance that adds a distinctive charm to the aura of one’s home. The dancing flames and the soft crackling noises erupting from the blazing logs of wood can make anyone feel extremely cozy on a cold winter evening as they sit near the fireplace sipping on their hot cocoa. However, the traditional wood-burning fireplaces have their own set of drawbacks. Burning of wood produces noxious gases that harm the environment. It also affects the quality of air inside the home. As the wood burns, a major proportion of heat escapes through the chimney. The operations of wood-burning fireplaces cause damage to the surrounding walls as well. The fireplace and chimney needs to be cleaned at regular intervals to get rid of wood ashes and soot. Thus, the traditional fireplaces need a lot of upkeep.

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This is where technology and innovation come into play. An electric fireplace is an answer to all the hassles associated with traditional fireplaces. An electric fireplace uses no wood or gas as a fuel and does not emit harmful gases. They simple run on electricity and warm up the home. Electric fireplaces comprise of not only the heating element but also the ambience aspect of the blazing flames, without any mess that is posed by their traditional counterparts.

How Does an Electric Fireplace Work?

An electric fireplace comprises of the heating element consisting of metal coils that conduct electricity. The coils get heated and produce energy that moves on to the fan and is then disseminated to warm up the living space. 
The ambient light of the flames is produced with the help of a set that consists of LEDs, metal fingers and a glass screen. The light produced from LEDs falls upon the metal fingers that swivel in random fashion. It is then reflected on to the glass screen. This complete process produces an effect of blazing flames of fire that look so real. The exterior glass panel of the fireplace is not hot to touch.
The heating and the lighting element function independently. So, one can turn on just the lighting element for an ambiance in all seasons.

Options in Electric Fireplace

An impressive range of designs of electric fireplaces is available in the market to suit everyone’s taste. They also come in a variety of sizes. Nowadays, the market has to offer a wide array of cheap electric fireplaces for small homes and for people who do not wish to splurge a lot of money.

Electric fireplace inserts

This type of electric fireplace is designed to be fixed into the structure of fireplace panel that is already present. These units are very simple to assemble and easy to use.

Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

This type of electric fireplace can be mounted on any wall of the house as per the user’s needs. All one needs to do is fix a mounting device on the wall and install the fireplace. Voila! It is ready to be plugged in.

Electric stove

This is one of the cheap electric fireplace options available in the market. This is a portable electric fireplace with the components packed inside a cabinet-like structure carved out of wood and finished with high-quality veneer. It can be carried and placed in any part of the home as per the user’s need.
Electric fireplaces can be paired with matching mantels, adding to the charm by creating a sophisticated and contemporary look. Thus, electric fireplaces are a value for money appliances that make it possible to enjoy the fiery ambiance all round the year in a cost-effective manner.

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