A peek into the past...

I stumbled upon a blog...She is an Indian Housewife, a talented one. I saw her latest post. It was a beautiful painting of a women from the country side. It reminded me of my school days, when I used to struggle to draw a decent piece and get through. Drawing was a subject, of a 100 marks, till class 8.

I didn't really enjoy it that time, in fact I really hated it...May be because I was always given a 'B' or a 'C' for my best efforts.
But after seeing this fellow blogger drawing and painting as a hobby, enjoying it fully and sharing it on the blog...I really had to change my view about 'Drawing'. Its not so bad after all.

I decided I would start drawing too..again.... After a week I read her blog, today I opened my drawing book from Class 8. I have preserved it since last 10 years. It contains some of my best works as a kid back then. And now I realize how good I was actually.

I shouldn't have judged my skills on the basis of grades I got...I shouldn't have underestimated myself..

Now I wish to start from scratch. For it has been ten years I drew something seriously...No, I'm not a fancy painter...I never was...I was good at expression myself in the pictures I drew, and now I think I did it pretty well...

I'm sharing a few drawings that I drew a decade ago in school...

A woman in Indian village- Poster color painting.

An Indian village- Poster color painting.

A pencil- shading drawing.

A simple drawing using pastel crayon colors.

Gardening - Poster color painting

The Gardener - Poster color painting.

A poster for the notice board outside the class room-
Cricket World Cup 2003, South Africa.

These are the few ones I like the most. I will start drawing again...I will get all the material required.. drawing sheets, pain brushes, paint markers, paint pens, poster color bottles and all...I'm waiting eagerly for tomorrow! 

So close.

She was lost in her day dreams with a cup of coffee clutched in her hands. The memory from the previous day was still lingering in her mind...She had a divine smile on her serene angelic face, reflecting a sense of satisfaction....Her eyes fixated on a pair of pigeons coochi-cooing on the branch of the tree outside her window..

When I hug you...I feel I'm home!

"She suddenly got up and landed on his lap...putting her arms around his neck. She gazed at him with anticipation with a cutest smile on  her face. He was amazed, he hasn't expected it. She was a shy girl and they were in this relationship since 2 years now. Yes, I know it sounds strange...But it's true...

He held her by her waist...smiling back at her. They looked in each other's eye...Then he burst into a laughter and asked her, "What?"

"What?", she replied his question with a question, her voice all peppy and chirpy..

"Why are you staring at me like that?", he asked, all baffled...

"Well I'm staring at my boyfriend. You have a problem with that?", yet another question accompanied with a grin.

"If you keep on doing that, he might hug you..."

"Oh really??? Why doesn't he do it then?", she whispered in her soft voice...

And he hugged her tight. She curled into a ball...creeping inside the cocoon of his hug like a tiny caterpillar...
She felt so secure...there in his arms...in the warmth of his love...

He brushed his fingers through her silky soft hair....And gave a peck on her cheek! She turned red....I told you she was shy...

She buried herself deeper into his chest. She could feel his heart beat. The heart that loved her so dearly...
For the first time in a life of quarter of a century, she was so close to a guy...The guy who was the love of her life. For whom she prayed to the Almighty, he was her world...

She felt close to him...to his mind, body, heart and soul.....So close....."

P.S.- I wrote this post because I generally hear people talking about their first kiss. I've never heard anyone talking about their first hug! I wonder if they even remember that...Hence, this post.

I feel, a lovely bear hug is the best way to express your love...no words needed..A hug tells it all!
Happy hugging! :D

Image courtesy: http://xrysostom.blogspot.in/

I miss her...

I feel guilty. I regret till date for my action. I curse myself for saying those words.....But a bullet once fired and the bitter words once spoken cannot be taken back. Both of them pierce your heart until the pain subsides and numbness creeps in.

She was my friend...a long-distance one. She was a good friend despite the age gap of 8 years. We knew each other for 3 months then. She treated me like her little sister, adored me.

We used to chat for hours everyday. She shared her personal stories with me. She spoke her heart to me. She cried. She confined in me. She thought I empathized with her, I understood her. She was assured that yes, she has someone to talk to...while the rest of the world showered their bitter taunts on her. Most of the times, I really did empathize. I cared. But at some point of time, I had doubts.

And one day I disillusioned her. We were video chatting. I spoke, I wanted to clarify my doubt...I questioned her, about a possibility. She was shocked. Her eyes brimmed with tears...she tried not to cry. But what could she do, when her little sister asked her something like that? She didn't ever expect me to be brutal to her like the rest of the world was.

She went numb for a moment...Silence persisted between the two of us. Finally she spoke up. She cursed me for not trusting her...She cursed herself for trusting me. The tears she was fighting back took the better of her. May be she misunderstood my question for an allegation...How could I accuse her for what she didn't do? May be I asked a wrong question. May be I misunderstood her state of mind. She cursed me, herself, the world endlessly..She had lost all hopes of finding a good and a genuine human being on this planet.

She went silent again...recalling the last few moments in disbelief. I could see a rage in her eyes. I could feel her pain. She didn't give me a chance to explain. She hung up saying she doesn't want to see me ever again.

I felt too bad..how could I do this to her? She confined in me thinking I was the right person she could open her heart to..I felt like a fool..I had regrets. I still have regrets..till this moment. It has been three months that I haven't heard from her. I tried contacting her, but to no avail. I wish she somehow reads this post. I want a chance to talk to her...To apologize...May be I will never win back her trust...But I want her back in my life..I miss her...

Take it easy!

Life is too short to to wasted worrying. Enjoy every little happiness and make life a celebration. Worries would always be around...don't let go the happy moments. Don't hoard your feelings and don't hold back grudges. Let it go...Forgive and forget.

Take it easy. Think with a cool mind. Problems would then be solved!

Sorce: Littlethingsxoxo.blosspot.in

Laugh, giggle, dance with joy!
Happy Weekend everyone! :D

P.S.: I drew this cartoon yesterday..I am not very good at it..But I gave it a try... Its a conversation between me and a friend on Twitter! Hope you like it!

Caught in the act!

Now I call him 'Munna Badnaam'! :p

Om Twitteram Twitteram!

Aarti Twitter Devta ki!

Twitteram bhagwaana DP
Twitteram Profile-dhwaja
Twitteram DM-kaksham
Twitterayatano Retweet!

Twitter has become the indispensable part of not only my life, but also me. The first thing I do after waking up in the morning is logging into Twitter, say Good Morning to my buddies, check my mentions, and check the DM.

Initially when I opened a Twitter account, I found it very boring..and didn't use it for a couple of months. And now I feel like slapping myself for that, for I had undermined the unlimited powers of Twitter.

Twitter is one funny place...where war and peace go on at the same time. The best part of Twitter is you can crib endlessly about people and things and nobody will stop you. The followers would give you a genuine solution to your problem...or at least make fun of you to such an extent that you'll start laughing at yourself forgetting the problems.

On Twitter, people will admire you, poke fun at you, and some may even humiliate you...as I said...peace and war go on at the same time on Twitter.

Beware before you go LMAO! :D

I love Twitter due to its humor factor. I have met the craziest people ever, with hilarious and even obnoxious handles. They tweet so funny you will just go 'LMAO'....I hope you know its meaning...I read this one first on Twitter...

This is a place where you can cheer for Sachin Tendulkar, admire Amitabh Bachchan Sir....And hurl abuses at and bitch about Poonam Pandey and make fun of Kamaal R Khan! Its just a hash-tag  away for a notion to to be transformed into a trend!

I have become such a Twitter  addict that I don't feel like logging into FB.  The fun and frolic in the virtual world of Twitter makes me forget all the worries! Twitter has taught to eat my meals with left hand! Also I can type fast with my left hand if I want to eat with my right hand! :p

Everytime someone retweets me, My heart becomes garden- garden! And I love to bother my followers with food tweets in the middle of the night! :D

Here's a list of the hilarious Twitter Handles, the 'Must Follow' people!

@HoshiyaarChaddi - That's me! People say my handle is pretty funny! I don't wish to include my handle in the list.

1. @The_Lie_Lama - Interestingly twisted words!

2. @teraKaminaDost - He's my younger son on Twitter.

3. @Maa_Ke_Pakode - He's my elder son on Twitter.

4. @creativepagal - Indeed! The way he laughed at me when I denied telling him my name and he came to know it from FB.

5. @loosechaddi - Don't know if he got inspired my my handle.

6. @aayabadaa - His handle reminds me of Naveen Prabhakar! 'Aaya Bada'! remember him??? :p

7. @LadyGhagra - Derived from Lady Gaga...I love her talent for this!

8. @LoKarloFart - I can already smell that! :p

9. @LOLchand - His name resembles my Dad's name....just a vowel away!

10. @Hitlerbai - The way she banged a guy for flirting with me on Twitter! Awesome..Hehehe! :D

These people and many more...fill my Twitter Timeline with wit and humor!

Funny tweets in my next post!

I wonder how...

My mind is a strange place to be. If you were to enter and stay in my mind, you would sometimes feel surrounded by so many voices saying  so many things. You would feel your are sinking in the sea of thoughts and idea. The other moment you would feel the quiet..as if you were standing among the dead in a graveyard.

My mind is a big factory, that churns out the weirdest and strangest thoughts.... Now a days I am obsessed with personifying non-living objects. I am trying to see them as living things. I am trying to empathize what they feel....
Perhaps its a strange notion...Some may call it stupidity...Some may call it creativity...
I wonder why I wonder how....

When I chop an onion...I have tears in my eyes...
Is it trying to tell me to feel its pain...when my sharp knife slits through its body?

How does my sofa feel?
When someone sits on it....and farts...

How must the water be feeling...Being wet all the time...
Does it feel the cold...

Maggi noodles is a favorite of millions....
Does it feel proud of it???

When I refuel my car...
Does it feel the same satisfaction I get...When I eat food after I starve?

When I see the lamp-posts on the streets...
I wonder, how can they sustain standing all the time...Don't they get tired...??

When I type on my keyboard, how can it sit still while I'm poking it with my fingers...
Why doesn't it jump away...Can't it feel the tickling?

When I dump the trash...Does it feel hurt..
Lonely and sad...For being alienated...

How does the snow feel....When it melts away gradually..
Is it the same feeling i get...When my heart melting away due to anxiety??

What about this mirror? It just can't be itself...
I has to reflect what stands in front of it...Does it feel suffocated?

I don't know the exact answer but I know they too must be feeling something....and I wonder how...

Kismet Connection.

Life has its ups and downs....But sometimes life throws you in a trench...a deep trench. Despite of all the efforts you can't get out of it and you blame it on the fate. You dump it all on the luck out of desperation. But do you think twice before cribbing about the Lady Luck not favoring you? Have you made enough efforts, in a right direction? Are you striving for the right thing? Is it what  you deserve...or is it what you desire?

In India, so many people try to seek solutions for their problems through the science of astrology, then let it be financial hardships,  problems in a relationship or troubles with their love lives. They blame it all on their bad luck, unfavorable positions of stars and planets. They put their faith in the palmists and astrologers.

People get different opinions and advises from different people. People claim they got benefited by performing so and so rituals, prescribed by so and so priest or astrologer. Rituals like 'Shanti Pooja' and 'Graha Shanti' are performed to please the Planetary Gods.

They consult multiple astrologers, some of them being business minded try make money out of other's sufferings, not being considerate about the problem and the solution, or satisfaction of their clients. People spend thousands on performing rituals. Some astrologers work with the motive of providing relief to their clients from their troubles. Some get benefited while some don't.

I chose to write on this topic because my Mom has been stuck in the same vicious circle. She is trying to find out the solutions to my problems through astrology. She took me to an astrologist today. He does palm reading too.

He was a wise man in his late 60's. He analysed my horoscope, also my palm. He said everything was fine. Just a little time needs to pass away....He said I will get a good life partner, extremely loving in fact. My financial position will be strong throughout, once  I am done with my higher studies and take up a job and focus on work with sincerity and efforts.
On hearing this, Mom was finally relieved.

I'm not speaking pro or against the science of astrology. I'm trying to tell you that I am unsure too, if such things work. All I could believe in is hard-work and dedication, and I've worked diligently on my part. All I need to do now is to wait for the results patiently.

And even if I don't get the desired results, then may be I need to put in extra effort. I really don't need to perform rituals, ask God to do me favors. No..not at all. Neither will I blame my fate.

I can make my way...I can achieve success. All I need to do is to figure out what I like, and what is the best I can do...May be then success will be mine. And as far as marriage is concerned, its really not on the cards right now. Everything has a right time...Mine is yet to come. May be then Kismet Connection will be established..

The Canon Powershot A2200 IS Review.

I recently bought this new Digital Camera from Canon. It's the Canon A2200 IS model. Its my first digital camera and being a beginner I wanted something really simple yet powerful. I did a lot of research online before buying this cam.

I had a budget of around INR 6000. I compared the cameras of various brands in this range. And finally shortlisted Nikon S3100, Canon A2200 IS, Canon A3200 IS, Canon 3300 IS.

I had finally stretched my budget a little over 7000 and decided to go for the latest in the Powershot Series- Canon A3300 IS. But when I went to the Canon outlet I took a look at all the models of the Powershot series. I compared mainly these two models, viz., A2200 IS and A3300 IS.

A2200 IS lacked only one feature- Optical image stabilizer, but its Blur reduction feature is really effective to overcome the lack of image-stabilizer.
It has 14.1 megapixel cam, and 4X optical zoom.
On the other hand, its advanced version A3200 had Optical image stabilizer, and was 16 megapixel cam with 5X optical zoom.

After a detailed demo of both the cams I really didn't find any major difference between the two. Also being a beginner I wasn't really needing a 5X optical zoom necessarily. I was perfectly fine with a 14.1 MP and 4X optical zoom. Also the price difference was INR 2000.

Canon A3300 IS- Rs. 7270.
Canon A2200 IS- Rs. 5330.

So I went in for Canon A2200 and have been using it since a week and I'm really happy with the results. So for now I've specimen shots of daytime, night-time, and some are shot in complete darkness.

Let me tell you about the most basic specifications of Canon A2200 IS.

The Canon Powershot A2200 IS- Front View.
Source- www.flipkart.com 

  • 14.1 Megapixel camera.
  • 4X optical zoom, 4X digital zoom.
  • 2.7 inch TFT LCD Screen, with wide viewing angle.
  • 35 mm Equivalent focal length: 28-112 mm.
  • f/2.8 to f/5.9 aperture.
  • Auto mode.
  • CCD Image sensor.
  • ISO Rating: Auto, ISO 80 / 100/ 200/ 400/ 800 /1600.
  • HD movie recording for approx. 22 minutes, at a resolution of 1280 x 720 at 30 fps.
  • Dimensions- 93.2 x 57.2 x 26.3 mm, and weighs about 135 grams.
  • Comes with 2 years of Canon India warranty, and Canon has a good network of its authorized service centers across India.
Other features include 32 pre-defined scenes, like Foliage, Snow, Beach, Landscape, Portrait, Kid and Pets, Low light, Fireworks, Blur reduction, Slow shutter, Long shutter.

It also has creative filters, like the Fish-eye, Miniature, Toy camera, Monochrome, Super-Vivid and Poster effects. Other settings like Infinity, Normal and Macro depending upon the distance between the subject and the camera.

The Auto mode performs just superb. It selects the settings automatically while focusing to give you a brilliant picture.

Other features include Red eye reduction, face recognition, self-timer.

The Li-ion battery has a high capacity, it lasts for at least 250-270 shots when completely charged.

The Canon Powershot A2200 IS- Rear View.
Source- www.flipkart.com

I've taken some pictures with different settings, and the images are really clear, bright and stunning. The pictures are scaled to fit in. You can open the pictures in a new tab for actual size. Feel free to download the pictures to take a look.

The above picture is taken with Auto mode and zoom adjusted at 2X.

This above picture is taken at with a Landscape mode, with flash on, and at 6.7X zoom.

The above picture is taken in Auto mode with 4X zoom.

The above picture is taken in complete darkness, in Long Shutter mode.

The above picture is taken with Monochrome setting, Flash on, indoors under the light of florescent tube.

I tried taking food photographs, indoors under the light of florescent tube, Macro mode, flash on.

So these are the sample pictures and I hope you found this review useful.

Considering the performance, features, price, and the purpose, this camera stood above the rest belonging to other brands. If you are a beginner and looking for a camera in the range of INR 5000-6000, this is it.

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