10 things you shouldn't do when interacting with me.

Here is a list of ten things you shouldn't do and say to me, as it provokes me to turn into an active volcano, and throw up some hot lava.
But later I feel guilty too, for my rude behavior....So, don't do it.

1. First and foremost, don't talk to me just after I wake up. I can't think straight and I get easily irritated. I get annoyed and may answer back like a Lioness whose tail has been stepped upon! And I may pour down the hot soup of my frustration from my previous day. Trust me, you won't want it. So, don't do it and spare me the guilt thereafter.

2. Don't touch my stuff. Especially don't move it from the place where I keep it. Placement of every item has a purpose, and is for my convenience alone.

3. Don't make tea for me in the morning. I can't risk it. What if its not made right? My entire day would be ruined! So spare me the headache which I get if I don't get a good cup of tea in morning.

4. Don't ask me if I have a boyfriend. It feels as if you're checking out your prospects and I may end up breaking my friendship with you.

5. Don't comment on my appetite.

6. Don't ask me the price of my stuff or how much I spend on what.

7. Don't tell me to make my bed right. I won't do it unless I feel like, and that is when I have nothing else to do.

8. Don't tell me not to keep my bag on the workstation. Else pay me 'Drycleaning Allowance'!

9. Don't ask me about my braces. I'm tired of telling everyone that its one more year for my treatment to get completed.

10. Don't complement on my hair saying they are so beautiful. It makes me cry. I had thicker and longer hair 5-6 yrs back, which I lost due to my foolishness, running after a fashionable haircut!

P.S.- Yes, that's me in the scary picture above.


  1. is the intended reciever reading this?

    pinku pandaa?

    :P nice :)

  2. i find points 1,5 and 6 common in us hence i am totally with you...........

  3. what happen? sudden so manny rules babz?

  4. @Lalita- These rules were always there...just that they were unwritten... :p

  5. hahaha...interesting...v interesting!! actually i share ur sentiments...well, ok.. a lot of 'em! enjoyed reading n now i kno wht not to say to my new found frnd :P

  6. funny as well as scary....m terrified :-)

  7. Interesting blog, I feel everyone should write about something like this just to tell that, this is what I am and this is how I live.

    Don't mind, frankly speaking you don't look scary in the pic....:) Btw untill I read your PS thing, I thought the pic was of some other girl and not of yours...:)

  8. If we were real life friends, I'd probably break rule #1 ! Haha. And I'm breaking rule #10. You DO have beautiful hair! You may have less than you once had but you still have way more than most! Be thankful! Here's my story. Asking my dentist what I can do about getting my teeth whiter, she said "It's not worth your money. Your teeth are just two shaded from the whitest now." But to me, I used to have the WHITEST teeth ever! People used to comment to me all the time how white they were. That no longer happens. But they are apparently still white for my age of 57. So instead of judging my teeth based on how they used to look, I have decided to embrace them for what they are now. And should my dentist tell me different, I'll re-evaluate!
    Have a great day! I love that we can talk across the world!


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