The weirdest of the weird!

Lately I'm feeling tempted a lot to do something unusual...eccentric....wacky and weird! There are many things around here in real life as well as over the internet that inspire me to do so! I have no clue how this urge set into motion in the first place. But it really does make me think and act weird!

Following are the sources of my inspiration!

There was a mismatch day arranged in one of the city colleges. The essence of this day is to dress up and look as weird as possible, have fun and enjoy the day. The guys dressed up as total wackos! Here are a few pics..I hope you like them. I hope such events are organized in my college too.

And what I did?

I recently bought weird frog chocolates online and offered it my friends. They freaked out at first! But who can say no to chocolates?

I have never believed in using fairness creams. But I just tried on one of the best fairness creams ever!  :p And I wonder why I did so!?!?

And what I plan to do next!

I have always been a fan of smoky eyes. They are so alluring! But first I wish to do such a weird eye make up on my eyes! I hope I'm able to do it. :D
May be its the boredom of the routine..May be it is making me crave for weird things. I just hope to get out of this soon!

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  1. It's healthy to do something crazy once in a while. I'm loving that anime-eye look!


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