Change is the only constant...

Hello my dear Blogggies!!!
I'm writing this because I want to talk to you guys... Tell you how good my day was... I'm too excited about the current happenings in my life..Especially at the workplace and not to forgot the upcoming Monday being off : D

Once Akbar said to Birbal, "Give me one such sentence that when a happy person reads it, he feels unhappy! And when an unhappy person reads it, he feels happy"

Birbal replied, "This time will soon fade away....."

Ye waqt guzar jaaega....

To make it simple, that changes in circumstances are constant... Bad times won't last long...We must not lose hopes and have a positive attitude towards life. Good thoughts attract good events to occur, which will lead to fulfillment of your wishes and give you happiness.

Today I had my half-yearly feedback from my Reporting Authority (R.A.) and the Boss. When my R.A. told me to not to go on a tea break and stay back for a while as he and Ma'am (The Boss) would be calling me in the conference room and give me their half-yearly feedback on my performance, I froze to death, literally!

My jaw dropped, my mouth open and I was like "What?, Now? Nooo, Plz noo"

I could say this to him as I have a good rapport with him and I feel free to talk  like a child sometimes in front my my entire team.. (I'm the youngest in my office, as far as I know, I'm the youngest on the floor where 100 something people work)
He assured me it won't be so bad...

My reaction was not a result of low performance at workplace or something like that. But because I'm a newbie, this being my first job its my first half-yearly review and feedback. Also because some team- members had a negative image of my attitude towards work, which was actually a result of a couple of colleagues who played politics.

I was soon called in the conference room. It was freezing in there. The AC runs at as low temperatures as 14 degrees Celsius! I was trying not to shiver, or it may give an impression that I am scared. My Boss and RA sat there next to each other. The two people whom I see everyday, smile and greet, sit next to, telling them whatever they asked about my family and experience being away from home, suddenly seemed to be different... I was not comfortable at this moment....

They offered me a seat...
I settled down on a chair that was set across the table clutching my small turkish kerchief in my fist. I sniffed a couple of times because of my cold.
My Boss began explaining me about the review and asked me how was my experience in the last ten months.
I calmly replied telling them about what all processes I learnt, how my RA contributed to my learning process by focusing on me as a new in industry and pushing me to learn more and more about the entire mechanism.

She seemed happy with the completion of a couple of projects that had been assigned to me. But she had a complaint that I didn't flash the results on daily basis through mails.
Ya, that was my bad. I did it every alternate day when I had substantial things to flash.

And as I mentioned earlier about some team- members having a negative image of my attitude towards work, I got yet another negative feedback.

That was enough to provoke me. I think I'm doing pretty well when you consider the fact, that I always wanted to work in the branch of the Bank, yet I'm forced to work here in International Operations.

This time I just couldn't do away with what I always did, listening quietly, wondering if I'm really so wrong, realizing that I'm not wrong, and regretting I didn't open my mouth to defend myself.

Then what? I explained my Boss the real situation. I took names of those people who try to hinder into my work and performance. I repeated what they said, word to word, which was the reason behind my negative image being formed and hence the this negative feedback. I also told that I had discussed this issue with my RA, who was now sitting silent as he had nothing to say when my Boss questioned him. I actually felt bad for him. I wish he had taken necessary action earlier itself.

But I had to take a stand for myself. How long could I bear with it?
So it was all sorted out and I came out from the conference room with a big grin on my face. I was happy.

I felt lighter. My RA immediately assigned me a new task, the process of which I had noted down in my notepad during my internship seven months back, but never got a chance to actually do that transaction. I was happy, for learning a new thing.

So....I have changed...I've become strong, bold, and I can speak up for myself...
I got a lot to learn yet... The Art of Persuasion...
That's because I would be working in a branch one day....very soon....

And one more good news! As until now we were working full day on alternate Saturdays and half day on the other alternate ones, so now we will be working alternate Saturdays full day and we would now be getting alternate Saturdays OFF!!! YAYYYY!!!
Isn't that great? Isn't that a good change???

P.S.- I miss Shagun!
P.P.S.- I changed the layout of my blog, to suit today's topic! Do tell me how did you feel about the new look of my blog! :D

Life is short....Don't waste it in hating anyone....
Spread the word of love and joy...


  1. I am proud of you. Standing up for urself and telling the R.A the real deal. Good for you!
    I like the look too. If you are looking for theme go to bthemes.

  2. //I feel free to talk like a child sometimes in front my my entire team.. (I'm the youngest in my office, as far as I know, I'm the youngest on the floor where 100 something people work)

    -- Haha, Ditto ! And At least you are a newbie. After 3.5 years of this struggling period, I now know that feedback doesn't even matter :D Who cares? Do your work, shut your PC dot at 6 and go home. Live life :D

    One more thing, standing up for yourself is a big deal but putting it in the words without actually involving anyone else directly is called diplomacy. And though being diplomatic is dirty, you will learn after few years that you need to be one !

    Yes.I like the look. It suits the topic :D Cheers ! ;)

  3. hmmmm....i hope things turn out ok..:-)

  4. @Red Handed- Hi dear....You really feel so??? Wow!
    That's really sweet of you!!!

    And thank you for clearing my doubt regarding the new layout of the blog!!! :D

    @Stranger! - Hi...welcome to my story! Thank you for stopping by and giving a valuable feedback! :)

    In my office its a rule to complete 9 and 1/2 hours...and people who are way older than me in the organization stay back till 9 pm....I can't leave before 7.30 pm :(

    Anyway...I'm hoping for the best.. :)

    @Rahul: Hi Rahul! Yes, things are better now...My patience, courage & explanations finally paid off well...things turned good in a couple of days!

  5. That's good for you yeah it's nice to stand up for yourself I'm glad everything worked out!

  6. @Pop Champagne- Hello there!
    Welcome ji welcome....and thank you for commenting...
    Ya it feels too good to change for better!


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