Of love and lies...- Part 1

This is a story of a girl and about her roller coaster ride in the world of fantasies, love, dreams, and lies and betrayals...or betrayals, lies, dreams, love and fantasies should we say, aptly defining her life in that unusual chronology...

She was sitting at the corner of her bed in her room and looking out of the window at the tall trees and the orange evening sky. Dusk was setting in. Cool breeze was caressing her beautiful tresses as she lost herself in the old memories...sweet memories... She never thought her life would change so much and so drastically from good to bad and back to good...All because of one guy...

Let me tell you something about him...

One fine day....
A day like other days, when the hopes of new and good things happening were just negligible, a day Sahil thought was just a filler like rest of his life, it started so ordinarily that he didn't even remember what he did when he woke up.

It was a cheerful morning. It was mid-August when the senior college sessions had just begun. As scheduled Sahil was there at the lecture hall in the college at 8 am. He was a first year B.Sc student. He was blank, nothing to win nothing to lose.  He was just being himself, just one thing he had in his mind-  to attend the lecture. The zoology professor came in the class just in time. The lecture started and he was very much engrossed in it. By doing so, he was just filling up the void in his life, but still keeping a hope that he would learn something useful.

After a while when the professor started going to the complex levels of the topics and he was not understanding the things that were being explained, he hit his saturation point and lost the interest. He started looking around... He turned back to look at his classmates, he looked out of the window, there was nothing special just like the things always are..

After two more minutes, a noise from the corridor outside his class grabbed Sahil's attention.  He looked outside across the glass door. It was a group of girls from the management wing flocking the place, for the reason unknown to  him. And then his eyes were stuck on a shine. It was some one stranger to him, but way different than others, someone special. The sun rays gave a glow to her face, golden glow. Her hair shone in the sun, like copper-gold filaments.. And a big smile, which defined serenity and innocence. He didn't have any idea, who else was there in that group, just because his eyes never moved off from her.

The lecture was over and Sahil was pulled back to his life. He realized that he had skipped a fairly big chunk of what was taught. But things had changed a lot in his life in just those few minutes. His heart gave him a strange feeling, more than happiness, and emotion that can't be expressed, its like the heart is giggling and tickling you from the inside trying its best to bring out a smile on your face. He jumped onto his bike and left for his friend's place. That day while driving back, he was smiling, some kind of contented feeling in his heart and mind. He was happy, unreasonably...

Sahil's heart kept on tickling him. He was kind of lost in daydreams. But it was not something a friend would notice because he looked silent and lost., as he had always appeared to be. He returned home, lay down on the bed, and the girl was still there, in his mind and heart, the cheerful, bubbly,cute girl..

He was now badly waiting for the next day at college.

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  1. And what happened next? :)

    I miss going to college and looking out of window for no reason. Gosh, I actually never paid attention, and missed so many lectures....let's see what does he do...

  2. Thanks dear for your lovely comment .It make me smile.
    It is getting late here .Will read your post tomorrow.

    Follow back ;).

  3. abeee.....where is the rest .......is there a serious twist.....??
    oohhh college life it was fun ....but now also at wipro i am living a kind of a college life...nyways waiting for the rest.

  4. I loved how the first image went precisely with the post and made me feel so horribly connected to the story!
    You write so freaking well .. I'm waiting waiting for more..

  5. It's like an excerpt from a novel. Where's the rest?

  6. @Chintan_The BB- Hmmm..college life is fun! I miss it too..but I;m glad I'm going to get back to college soon. I'm working on Part- 2...lets see what Sahil does...

    @Izdiher- Hello there..I'm glad that u like the blog! Welcome to my blog!

    @A guilty conscience- Yes, there is a serious twist ahead...wait and watch...I mean wait and read.. :p

    @Crystal- Thank u Crystal for liking the whole thing...and welcome to my blog!

    @Otter- Rest is coming soon...its a loooonnnnnggggg story...will take several parts to complete...


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