Prabhodini Ekadashi Special- Potato and lotus stem sabzi in samo rice stew and Samo rice koki!

Hello my dear Bloggies!!! Yesterday it was Prabhodini Ekadashi and it was a festive atmosphere at home again! Prabhodini Ekadashi is linked with Lord Vithoba- a form of Lord Vishnu. A fast is observed on this day and the ritual marriage of Tulsi plant is performed with Lord Vishnu, on the next day of the Prabhodini Ekadashi.
Like every year my Mom, Aunts, Cousins fasted on this auspicious day. I couldn't observe fast as I come home for weekends to eat, eat and only eat! I would have observed the fast. But, yesterday morning I didn't know about ekadashi and ended up eating Diwali snacks with my morning tea! :D

But I was totally a part of the prayers and enjoyed all the food that everyone was enjoying. Fruits, milk, and foodstuff without cereals to be specific.
Dinner was a special treat. Every Sindhi household has this special dish cooked for this day! Its the sabzi of Potatoes and lotus stem in samo rice stew and Samo seed koki!

I relished it a lot. It was so yummy even if it didn't contain any garlic or onions or spices. So I'm sharing the recipe so that all of our Bloggy friends enjoy this special dish!!!

1. Potato and lotus stem in samo rice stew.

Preparation time: 10 minutes.
Cooking time: 20 minutes.
Serves: 4


Potatoes- 2 large, diced
Lotus stem- 250 grams
Green chilies- 2 nos., finely chopped
Red chili powder- 3 tsp
Salt- To taste
Oil- 5 tbsp
Ghee- 1 tsp
Water- 700 ml
Samo rice(Bhagar) flour- 3 tbsp mixed with sufficient water to make paste.


1. Clean lotus stem, cut diagonal slices of it, boil it for 4 whistles in a pressure cooker with a little salt and 1 tsp of ghee. keep aside when done.

2. Heat oil in a cooker, add green chilies and red chili powder and stirring, ensuring it doesn't burn.
3. Add potatoes and lotus stem, salt and mix well so that the spices coat it. Fry it like this for a couple of minutes.

4. Add water and let it come to boil. Now put on the lid and let it cook for 2 whistles.
5. When the pressure is released stir in samo rice flour paste, and boil it for 5-7 minutes till the stew thickens a little.
Samo rice flour mixed in some water.

6. Serve hot with Samo rice kokis!

Samo rice flour koki

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 10 minutes
Serves: 4

Samo rice(Bhagar) flour- 400 grams
Boiled potatoes- 2 large
Salt- To taste
Green chilies- 4 nos., finely chopped
Water- To kneed the dough
Ghee- 1 tbsp + some more to fry


1. Mash the boiled potatoes properly, add samo rice flour, salt, green chilies, 1 tbsp ghee and mix it with hands.
2. Now add water little by little to make a soft dough. You may need around 1 cup of water, but you may adjust it as per the consistency of the dough.

3. Now let the dough stand for 5 minutes. Divide it into 8 equal portions.

4. Apply some ghee on your palms, and take a portion of dough and flatten it by tapping it between both hands to make it like a roti.

5. Now heat a tawa, and roast the koki on it till it turns golden and crip on both the sides applying a little ghee.

6. Remove it in a plate and serve hot with the Potato and lotus stem sabzi.



  1. Looks just yummy! Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Love your blog. I like trying new things and will give this a go. My cooking skills are on the non existent side, lol, but you broke it down pretty good. Followed! Keep em coming.

  3. oyeeeiiiii this looks soooooooooooooo yummy!!! thnx fr sharing sweetz :))

  4. i love lotus stems, but never tried this way before...i think i should try but i am so lazy :( can i not just eat from the blogggg.....aawww!!

  5. Wow looks so yummy and delicious diffinately try this one..

  6. Is it weird that I come back just to look at the food? Looks too good.

  7. @Red Handed- Thanks...I am so glad that u liked it.

    @Otter- Thank you Otter. And welcome to my blog!

    @Chikki- Oye Chikki Chikki Oye! Thanks Oye Chikki!

    @Chintan- Hehehehe...tahht's so sweet of you...ya this is actually a very simple and basic recipe mean to eaten for spices no onions...nothing...yet very yummy! Hope you will try it out and like it!

    @Shoaib- Thank you Shoaib and welcome to my blog...


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