Yes, I confess..

Do I look like a liar? Would you hate me?

We all lie about one thing or another...we all fake about a few things. We are humans, and its a human tendency. So lets not shy away... I want to tell you few such things about myself.
Hope you enjoy reading my secrets..Well everyone does..Yet another human tendency you know.
  •  I say I don't wanna marry!
Well, that is partly true. I won't marry so soon. Yes, but I do think about that person. Keep on wondering who is he and where he must be?

  • I study because I want to top the exams.
One big lie. I never studied to top the exams. Neither because I was scared of my parents. There was another reason altogether which drove me to study hard and crazy. To impress the guy in my class (who was a different one every year)  on whom I had crush and steal all the attention leaving other girls of my class fuming at me.

  • I'm Miss Goody Good Good!
No, not at all. I can be really bad at times if I get angry. Once I was upset with my classmate as she didn't give me her notes so that I could complete my note-book, inspite of requesting so much.
We had a project wherein we have to sow some seeds of legumes and let them grow into saplings. I fed a  glassful of Coca Cola to her saplings! Her project was destroyed! She got a zero and I didn't get caught.

  • I hate you!
When I say it to you that I hate you, actually  means I had loved you madly at  some point of time in the past.

  • I'm scared of this character called 'Mother -in- Law'
The truth is that I'm not. I just say it to show how allergic I'm to marriages. I mean she would be like my Momma no. Will love me like my Momma does, won't she?

  • I always say it one the face of the person whatever I feel
That's a big lie. I can't speak sometimes. I speak my mind to my best-friend to let out my frustration.

  • When I get late to office I tell my Boss the trains were too crowded, so I waited for the next one
The truth, I woke up late. Thinking about distant future, tossing and turning in my bed and talking to myself in mind in the darkness of the night, it doesn't let me sleep.

  • I can't lie. I get caught.
Well I would call it 'Lie of the year'. I do lie. I'm a perfect liar. I just give an impression to the people and make them believe I can't lie. And when I actually lie, they can't make out.

So, this is all what I could think of... If I am able to recall anything more, I would love to share with you guys.


  1. Well, ain't that cute now. Studying to impress a guy in your class, now that's a first.

    Most of your other traits are something all of us resort to every now and then, from pretending to be a Goody Two Shoes to I`m the only surviving descendant of Raja Harishchandra :P.

    Interesting Confessions I must say.

    Cheers :)

  2. @Atrocious Scribblings- Hi..I'm so glad that u liked the post! Felt like just being myself and being free...Hence, wrote this one....

  3. These are the traits of a "genuinely good" person !
    Rather i should say idealistic nature.

    Was a good read :)
    Keep scribbling !

  4. @Ankit Rana- Hehehehe...thank u... :D

  5. Such a beautiful and honest confession. Well unfortunately these have become confessions but perhaps just simple truths. As I was reading I compared and each one of them was so true in my case! (except for impressing boys, maybe!.. ha ha)
    Keep writing :)

  6. @Sandy- Hello, welcome to my blog! Ya...these happen to everyone..just that we shy they have now become confessions if we speak up...thank u for the encouragement...for writing more and better!

  7. lol.. i know that one.. Studying hard only to get noticed by the *guy* in the class! :) :)

    bag of liars..all of us .. eh? :)


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