A day little different than usual!

Today's day was like any other day... Just that it rained heavily in the evening, almost after a fortnight. I left from office thinking I'll be home in a hour and watch KBC. Just when I stepped out of my office I saw my entire team at the door waiting. That's when I realized its raining Cats and Dogs! The plan of being there in time to watch  KBC was washed off by the rain :(
Mumbai rains suck!
Very few people had an umbrella, rest were hoping for the shower to stop for sometime. I'm pretty sure they must be completely drenched while on their journey back home, because its still raining non stop! Poor fellows...
Why don't people get their umbrellas? The rainy season here isn't over yet.
So, I felt lucky that I carried one. I folded the bottoms of my trousers so it won't get dirty, opened my umbrella and started walking towards the station. But what was that? It started pouring even more and winds blowing strong enough to make it difficult for me to hold my umbrella in place. Streets had so many potholes, and due to so much of water it was difficult to walk fast. The roads seemed to be turned into a river. I was feeling so dizzy looking at the water current. Folding the bottom of my trousers did no good. The water at some places was knee-deep. Thanks to our government who let the potholes stay just like that! Lousy People! Ya, I know I use 'Lousy' a lot...
I somehow managed to reach the station after a 25 minutes of walk through the troubled waters. Literally!
The local trains were running late. I got into the train which arrived 20 minutes late. I was totally drenched, from neck to toe! I somehow managed to keep my head dry! The worst, my bag-pack and its contents had a bath too. The train took double time than the usual to cover the stretch. I wasn't comfortable at all standing amidst ladies who were drenched too.. Actually I can't stand wet clothes. It gives me a really bad itch! I was itching my right foot with the left one and vice-versa. My hands were busy texting on my cell, so as to divert my attention from that terrible discomfort.
When I reached my destination, I had to walk home from station again now. Same scene. Knee-deep water, mucky and dirty, reckless drivers who don't care to slow down a bit and drive by so fast that the water splashed on me! Too bad! I mumbled some curses out of anger. 'May the rain water enter the silencer of his car, and it will break down and he has to stay there in the middle of the rainy mayhem all night!'
Just then I remembered I'm out of onions. So I managed to buy a half kg of onions. I was looking so dumb with that angry look on my face, completely soaked in mucky water, prodding throughout my way, mumbling curses with a polybag of onions in my hand! Rolled up trousers made me look funnier. A guy gave me second look! He smiled (not to me but himself, I was so irritated. I gave him my typical raised eyebrow look (the picture of which I have put in my previous post) and I turned my face away.
Reached home too tired, had a cup of tea as usual. In spite of being tired I cooked today, as I was expecting the restaurant in our vicinity won't give home delivery of food today. I cooked a proper meal after so many days. I made my favorite onion and capsicum subzi, spicy and tangy. I clicked a picture. I like cooking and I felt good cooking after so many days.

Ya, I know it doesn't look very fancy, but it tasted really nice. So after all this felt satisfied that I took trouble to buy some onions in the middle of heavy downpour. I felt close to the Old Me today.
I've been so busy these days that I couldn't even care to feed myself with good home-cooked food.
I don't know what inspired me all of a sudden to cook dinner. But it was worthwhile...Otherwise how would I've had this story to tell you?


  1. hey... am sorry for the delay in commenting.. I was not able to do it from my phone.. had to wait till I log back from the system. there are a few things I wanna say :
    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR FOLLOWING MY BLOG..!! I try and make it a point That I visit their blog the same day.. am sorry for the delay
    2. you have a wonderful blog.. i loved the template.. or maybe cos its so blue. I love blue..(who doesn :) )
    3. I liked the things you dont wanna hear post and the samosa post as well.. I loved the samosa post so much that I am thinking of doing a cover myself. will link you when I do :)
    4. I will be visiting your place more often.. :)

    write well.. write more.. :)


  2. After reading the whole blog i could just think of your capsicum subzi it really looks awesome....

  3. capsicum-onion look sooooooooooooo yummyyyyy..i wana hev thm too :))

  4. The dish looks yummy btw....But then again,to a guy who feeds himself on the trash his company canteen dishes out to him,any home-cooked healthy looking food will remind him of his mummy's yummies which he feasted on at his home...:-( I liked your writing...has a nice flow to it..not funny/sarcastic/jibe-filled and all...but still..simple and clean...and a good read anybody can connect to...Good one..keep posting..

  5. @Supernickkkkk- Welcome to my blog!
    Thank you so much for reading and commenting! :)

  6. @Kamran- Thank you Kamran... It tastes really great actually... So I decided to write its recipe in my next post :)

  7. @Chikki- Welcome Chikki! Thanks for joining in and being a part of my story!

  8. @Rahul- Welcome to my blog!
    Thank you for the compliment. Happy that you liked the post. :D

  9. Its amazing you had energy to cook after all the walking in the rains! I would have just cooked maggi ;-) :-) :-)


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