Rise of the Lost Prince (Lost Boys Book 1) Book Review
London St. James is an award-winning author with some of the best adult erotica novels to her name. Writing her first short story as a kid studying in second grade convinced London’s parents and her teacher of her artistry with words.
If you are looking for a romance novel that doesn’t demean the erotic aspect of the human nature in the name of adult literature, Rise of the Lost Prince could be an excellent read. This one is basically an adult take on Peter Pan, wherein London has weaved a captivating story by mixing erotic romance with action amidst a mystical milieu.
Along with Peter and Wendy, London has managed to retain the all the important characters in the new avatar. The Lost Boys have come together to fight the Darklings who are out there to destroy them. Now they have their eyes on Wyndi too, which is something that makes Petúr extremely furious.
London’s narration style is spellbinding, which breathes life to this adult version of Peter Pan. The suspense is enthralling and the malevolence is appalling. The erotic fervor between Petúr and Wyndi is delicate yet passionate. As Petúr’s pursuit to keep Wyndi safe continued, Wyndi knew in her heart that he was the one who has always been there with her in her dreams during her lonely childhood.

The fact that Rise of the Lost Prince is an erotic novel meant strictly for adults doesn’t hinder with the many perspectives of the story is commendable. London St. James has done a great job portraying every single character and their struggle to fulfill what they believe in. Will Petúr and his brothers-in-arms manage to get back home? Or will the Darklings destroy them? Well, let there be something left unsaid to motivate you to grab this amazing read.

5 Things to do while in Victoria
Victoria, an island city and the capital of Canadian province British Columbia, presents a wonderful mélange of traditional, historic appeal and contemporary experiences. The city is one of the hottest tourist destinations among the globe-trotters. Victoria is a city so wonderful that it is worth exploring on foot. Let’s take a look at the 5 must-do things after you settle into one of the amazing Victoria hotels.
Visit the Chinatown
What makes Victoria’s Chinatown special is the fact that it is the oldest Chinatown in the country. You get to glance into the Chinatown’s history first-hand; the Gold Rush, how Fan Tan Alley became what it is today after being opium-den and then a haven for gamblers.
The distinctive architecture of the buildings and numerous Chinese souvenir stores will make you feel like being in China for real!
Spend an Afternoon at Fisherman’s Wharf
The benefit of checking into one of the downtown Victoria hotels is easy access to places like Fisherman’s Wharf. Tourists swear by this place and like to call it a hidden gem. The Fisherman’s Wharf has so much to offer. The ambiance at the docks, while the fishing boats flock around the float homes, is breathtaking. Kayaking after lunch is the best way to spend an afternoon in Victoria.
Stay at the Empress Hotel
The Empress Hotel has an air of historical magnificence in terms of its architecture, which causes the tourists to believe that staying here will cost them a fortune. However, this is one of the best Victoria hotels to stay at without burning a hole in your pocket. The awe-inspiring view from the hotel is complimentary.
Visit the Legislature Buildings
Coming to Victoria and not visiting the Legislature Buildings is like a cardinal sin! We suggest walking through the place to explore it in a much better way. Constructed during the 1890s, the Legislature Buildings exhibit the brilliance of the architects and designers who created them.
 Shop at Downtown Victoria
If you wish to shop while you enjoy the salubrious weather of Victoria, downtown is the first choice for many. Swanky streets, ritzy buildings, numerous shopping malls; it’s heaven for shoppers! Again, we recommend walking through the avenues so that you can soak in the brilliance of the friendly surroundings.
So these were the 5 must-do things while you are in Victoria. Also, don’t forget to bring along your camera to capture the beautiful memories.

How to Whiten Teeth Naturally?
Teeth are one of the most prominent features of a person’s smile. Having a great set of shiny, white teeth or the lack of it can make or break your look. While the desire to have sparkling white teeth has taken over almost everyone, it is not always safe to subject your teeth to abrasive whitening toothpaste and bleach-laden whitening strips.
There are home remedies to get whiter teeth naturally and these are undoubtedly the best teeth whitening methods. Read on to know more.
Baking Soda Rub
Take a couple of spoonfuls of baking soda and mix it with enough lemon juice to make a thick paste. Apply it onto your teeth with your fingertips or toothbrush. Let it stay just for a minute and wash it off thereafter.
Mashed Strawberries
This is by far the most effective teeth whitening methods. Strawberries are a natural astringent, which makes it an excellent teeth whitening agent. Just mash a couple of strawberries and add to it a generous pinch of baking soda and sea salt each. Mix well. Use this mixture to brush your teeth. Let it stay for 4-5 minutes and rinse your mouth well.
Do not use this remedy more than once a week; else it may destroy the tooth enamel. Using these simple, natural remedies for a few weeks will yield positive results. The key is to be patient and follow the routine.

Woodland Hills CA
Woodland Hills CA is a scenic and prosperous neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles. To be precise, it is located in the southwestern part of the San Fernando Valley of the Los Angeles Country. It is just 30 minutes northwest to the City of Los Angeles. The posh neighborhood sprawls across 14.77 sq. miles. The West Hills, Winnetka and Canoga Park surround Woodland Hills from the northern side while the Santa Monica Mountains envelop its southern border.
The land was originally inhabited by the Chumash and Tataviam tribes of the Native Americans for several centuries. The Spanish were the first among the Europeans to set their foot in the San Fernando Valley with an aim to spread Christianity and colonize the region. Thereafter, the Spanish Mission yield mixed results due to the intervention by the Mexican Government.
Woodland Hills has quite a history. Victor Girard Kleinberger has a decent contribution towards what the neighborhood of Woodland Hills is today. He bought acres of land with a view to develop his own township by attracting citizens and businesses by the way of providing infrastructure, spreading the word with superfluous ads in the newspaper and a massive tree plantation spree. After several years in 1945, Girard’s township was merged with Los Angeles and renamed as the Woodland Hills.
The neighborhood hasn’t witnessed massive industrial development, primarily because of the unfavorable business environment over the years, which drove the manufacturing and aerospace businesses out of the region. However, the Warner Center remains the major commercial hub. It boasts an assortment of different industries all at one place; such as financial, healthcare, and professional services.
Woodland Hills CA experiences Mediterranean Climate, which is why the temperature during the summer and the winters are at their extremes. It also happens to be the hottest region in the San Fernando Valley. It is very strange how a nearby place such as Malibu has a temperature 40° F lower than Woodland Hills.
Speaking of the demographic scenario, the Woodland Hills has a very high percentage of white people; which is highest among the entire county. The percentage of people belonging to other ethnicities like Asian, Latino, and Black etc is very low. The percentage of veterans in Woodland Hills who served in the Second World War also happens to be the highest in the county. Nevertheless, Woodland Hills CA is sparsely populated. 
Woodland Hills has an active socio-cultural environment. The Woodland Hills Country Club has the best things to offer. It has a beautiful golf course, fine dining and recreational arrangements for the citizens. The Woodland Hills Recreation Center is more about sports. It has a swimming pool, basketball courts, a soccer field, baseball diamond.
As mentioned earlier, Woodland Hills CA is a well-heeled neighborhood. It is a very good place to settle in. There are plenty of job opportunities in the service industry. Woodland Hills has 7 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, 3 high schools and an adult school which is basically an occupational training center. The neighborhood has one college, i.e., the Los Angeles Pierce College.
There are several sportsmen and celebrities who have spent a fair share of their time in Woodland Hills. Lisa Kudrov, Wilmer Valderrama, Steve Smith, Zachary Wohlman, Robin Yount are some of the popular people in the world of sports and entertainment who come from Woodland Hills.

Studio City CA
The Studio City is a small yet affluent neighborhood in the Los Angeles County, California. It is located in the San Fernando Valley, near the foothills of the northern side of Santa Monica Mountains. The place originally went by the name Laurelwood. But when Mark Sennet set up a studio lot during the 1920s, the name was changed to Studio City. Prior to this major development, Laurelwood was just a remote, rural land.
Since many popular movies were shot here during the next 3 decades, the Studio City CA was brimming with glamour. It came to be known as ‘Jewel of the Valley’ during the 1950s. The association between the commercial and residential communities grew stronger. The Studio City was the best place in the Valley to settle in.
Studio City CA spreads across just 6.31 sq. miles of land. It is also one of the most sparsely populated neighborhoods in the city. Nevertheless, it happens to be one of the most well-developed and elite locales. The demographics of Studio City are similar to the neighboring areas. The percentage of whites is much higher than the county’s average. The population composition is mildly eclectic with a small percentage of Blacks, Latinos, European and Asians residing in the region. The percentage of veterans residing in Studio City is high for the county.
A number of private and public schools have flourished in the Studio City. There are over 10 elementary and middle schools, 4 high schools. When it comes to recreation, the Studio City Recreation Center has so much to offer; right from barbeque pits, an auditorium, and picnic tables to basketball courts, baseball diamond, running tracks and tennis court. There are numerous events arranged throughout the festive season, which include music stage, face painting, kids’ crafts, and community booths etc. Besides, there are a couple of pocket parks with children’s play area, like the Moorpark Park, Wilacre Park and Woodbridge Park.
Studio City CA enjoys a pleasant climate with warm summers and chilly winters. The temperatures are somewhat extremes and sometimes the winters bring along light snowfall.
A major part of the entertainment industry has their basing in the Studio City CA. The Universal Studios and the CBS Studio Center are located here too. Apart from being the hub for movie and TV series production, there are several manufacturing and engineering companies and professional service providers operating in the region. Like several other neighborhoods in the LA County, the Studio City has a well-flourished healthcare, financial service industries too.
Studio City is a home to innumerable sportsmen and celebrities from the entertainment industry. Neil Patrick Harris, Zac Efron, Selena Gomez, Eddie van Halen, Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw are some of the many popular personalities who have their homes in Studio City.
Furthermore, Studio City has a vibrant and buzzing nightlife and some of the best bars and pubs in the City of LA. Places like King’s Head II, Fox & Hounds, Rec Room, and Spitz have been wooing the youngsters to come in and have a good time. With great food, drinks, darts, Karaoke Nights, Trivia Nights, DJ night, each place offers a unique experience.
If you see, the Studio City has an excellent placement. All of the Southern California is easy accessible through the Ventura Freeway and San Diego Freeway. Studio City CA is exactly where glamour meets convenience, which makes it a great place to live and work. 

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