Galaxy S6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector Review
The new Samsung Galaxy S6 is a personification of functionality and elegance. It only makes sense if you treat this wonderful gem of a gadget with the utmost respect. With the advent of touchscreen cell phones ushered the need to protect the delicate, beautiful screen from abrasion and impact. When ordinary film PET screen protectors failed to deliver, the idea to create high-performance screen protectors from the tempered glass was conceived.
Of all the screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy S6 currently flooding the market, the 9H 0.33mm tempered glass is by far the best. Let’s take a look.
Extremely Resistant to Scratches
Some of you might be wondering what 9H means. 9H is one of the units on the pencil hardness test. The pencil hardness test measures the degree to which a material can resist abrasion. The scale starts from 9B and goes on to 9H, 9B being the softest and 9H being the hardest. So if a 9H pencil cannot produce a scratch on the surface of a tempered glass screen protector while it’s being borne down against it at an angle of 45°, the screen protector is will be get a 9H hardness rating.
This is why the 9H 0.33mm tempered glass screen protector for Galaxy S6 can withstand the bend test as well the scratches from your fingernails, knives, keys etc. It also absorbs the impact with utmost ease if you happen to accidentally drop your phone on the ground.
Bubble-Free Adsorption
This is the most amazing feature of the 9H 0.33mm screen protector. Usually, when we mount a screen protector on our phone, there are a couple of air bubbles that are hard to get rid of. But with this screen protector the installation is absolutely hassle-free. All you need to do is align the edges of the screen protector with those of your Galaxy S6’s screen. Place the screen protector over the screen and tap it gently in the centre. Voila! The screen protector will get automatically adsorbed onto the screen without forming any air bubbles.
Response and Transparency
The 9H tempered glass screen protector is just 0.33mm thick, because of which it doesn’t thwart the screen’s original sensitivity. It allows light transmission of up to 98%, preserving the quality of your viewing experience.
Smudge Resistant
The 9H 0.33mm screen protector has an oleophobic coating doesn’t let oil, smudge from your fingertips adhere to its surface, keeping it clear and shiny at all times.
Explosion Proof
The screen protector upon being hit by a hammer dispersed the impact along its entire structure. The screen of your Galaxy S6 stays unharmed and unscathed.
The kit includes a 9H 0.33mm tempered glass screen protector, an alcohol prep pad, a microfiber cloth, a couple of dust remover stickers, and an instruction leaflet. The alcohol prep pad cleanses the screen of any stains and material residue. The dust stickers swab the dust and lint right off the screen. A gentle mop with the microfiber cloth and your screen is ready to be adorned with the screen protector.
Trust me when I say that the 9H 0.33mm tempered glass screen protector is a value for money product and will protect your Galaxy S6’s screen like nothing else!

Review Hertzier – High-Frequency Android App
Hertzier is a free mobile application for Android devices that has been developed by BloopStudios. This is basically a prank app that produces high-frequency sounds, which are really annoying. Now you know why this app is perfect for pranksters who want to get on people’s nerves.
Let’s take a look at the details of Hertzier.
·         Category - Entertainment
·         Size – 4.7 MB
·         Updated – February 4, 2015
·         Version – v2.1.3
·         Language - English
·         System Requirement – Android 2.3 and later
When you first open this app, you will notice how clean yet bright the user interface is. There are 6 categories that are named as follows.
·         Start
·         Repeller
·         Pulse
·         Rate
·         Twitter
·         Upgrade
Upon tapping the Start button, the following six groups of sound frequencies appear.
·         Light
·         Heavy
·         Very Heavy
·         Very Light
·         Are you Mad
·         Hearing Test
Only the first 3 categories are accessible with the free version. If you wish to check out the last 3 categories, you will need to upgrade to a paid version. The top 3 groups produce sounds of the following frequencies.
·         Light – 5 Hz to 8.5 Hz
·         Heavy – 1 Hz to 4.5 Hz
·         Very Heavy – 200 Hz to 900 Hz
You simply need to pick a group and tap on the frequency to hear the sound. The sound stops playing automatically after a few seconds. If you wish to play it for a longer, tick the ‘Loop’ checkbox.
The Repeller section is what I like the most about this app. It has 2 options; Mosquito Repeller and Dog Repeller. The Mosquito Repeller produces sounds at the frequency of 18 Hz, 19, Hz and 20 Hz. The Dog Repeller produces sounds at the frequency of 22 Hz, 24 Hz, and 26 Hz.
This is what gives this app its utility. You can do away with pesky mosquitoes by playing sounds that annoy them but which you cannot here. The Dog Repeller works more like a dog teaser. It perplexes the dogs, making them look around and run frantically. However, these sounds do no harm to them. The power control button might be altering the sound. But how, we don’t know! Only mosquitoes and dogs know better about the Power Control slider.
The ‘Pulse’ feature has been added recently and it allows the app to produce multiple high-frequency sounds simultaneously. This is meant to irritate the humans around you.
My Verdict
Hertzier is a light, fun, and quite a novel prank app with a friendly user interface. But I suggest exercising caution because prolonged exposure to high-frequency sounds can damage your hearing. An occasional use to repel bugs, animals and friends for a few seconds is just fine.

How to Bury the Hatchet and Get Back with Your Ex?
Breakups are hard. A relationship that you so dearly treasured comes to an end. Everyone tells you to get over your ex and move on. But sometimes it’s easier said than done. While a part of you is still trying to come to terms with being left alone, you find yourself already thinking about how to get your ex back.
Getting your ex back is not the problem. Making them stay is the real challenge. With these simple pointers, you can possible get them to come back to you. Forever! Read on!
·         Avoid contacting them for the first few weeks. Give yourself some space to clear your mind. Do not respond to their messages or phone call during these few weeks. Leave them wondering why you are not responding.
·         Do not hang out with mutual friends.
·         Being needy and pitiful will take you nowhere.
·         Have a good cry. Give an outlet to your pain.
·         Take a good look at what you have become now. Are you the same person they fell in love with? If not, it’s time to be that person again.
·         Channel your energy and time working out at the gym.
·         Don’t isolate yourself. Be surrounded by friends. Meet new people, but don’t date them.
·         Get a makeover; a new haircut, get your nails done, change the way you dress. Don’t overdo it though. The aim is to try looking fresh.
·         While you two are out of contact, time is erasing the image of the needy and desperate you from your ex’s mind.
·         Contact your ex and arrange to meet whenever you are ready.
·         Look confident when you come face to face. They will be swept off their feet when they look at the better you. Version 2.0, if you will. It will remind them of all the reasons they liked you back then.
Casually hanging out a few times could possibly rekindle your ex’s feeling for you. It will make them question their decision of breaking up with you in the first place. And if everything goes according to the plan, they might ask you out again!
But like I mentioned earlier, making them stay is the hard part. If you had done wrong in the past, apologize for your mistakes. Your ex will surely reciprocate. Starting over with a clean slate is the best way to give your relationship a second chance.

What is Birthday in a Box?
Established in 1996 and based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, Birthday in a Box is an organization that provides customized solutions for theme parties. It was formed with the aim to assist the parents in their party planning endeavors for their kids’ special day, making them the major segment of Birthday in a Box’s target market.
Over the years, the company has expanded to provide solutions for get-togethers, baby showers, costume parties, slumber parties, movie night etc. Birthday in a Box has become a household name due to its unique business model and the high degree of customization it offers.
Birthday in a Box operates through its own website, which is laid out with numerous categories such as;
·         Shop by Theme
·         Shop by Item
·         Personalized
·         First birthday
·         Toys
·         Party Ideas
·         Costumes
There are tons of items listed under each category. You can shop on the site; add the items to your cart, checkout and make payment. The shipping charges vary with the weight of your shipment, your location and the shipping method you choose. A very detailed table about the shipping charges can be found here on the website.
What Products does BirthdayinaBox.com Offer?
BirthdayinaBox.com offers an exhaustive range of theme-coordinated products, right from invitations, decoration, candy, and tableware to piƱatas, party games, cakes supplies, gifts and thank you cards. It gets even better when you can get every single item customized as per your liking.
You can pick costumes for your kids depending on the theme of the party. Be it Star Wars or Disney, Birthday in a Box has excellent costumes for all the popular movie themes. If you are hosting a party with a festive theme in your mind, there are several costumes available for the same. Christmas, New Years, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Easter, you name it, they have it!
Get Discounts on your Purchases with BirthdayinaBox.com
If you want a real bang for your buck, you should certainly use the latest Coupofy coupons that are available for Birthday in a Box. It will help you save a significant amount on your total bill of party supplies as well as the shipping cost. Simply go through our Birthday in a Box page and pick a coupon of your choice. The code will get automatically copied onto your clipboard and you will be redirected to their website.
Payment & Returns
You can pay for your purchase with your credit card or through your PayPal account. You can have the products shipped anywhere within the US. Besides, shipping to Canada, France, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand is also supported.
The return policy differs from one product category to another. Returns on party goods are accepted as long as they not personalized items. Partial returns on party goods aren’t accepted. Returns on costumes are accepted provided they are unworn and in their original packaging. All returns must be done within 10 days of receipt of order.
Customer Service
You can reach out to Birthday in a Box’s customer support 24*7 at 605-271-7894 in the US. They have also provided the Live Chat option on their website. Besides, there is a standard email form, which can also be used to leave a feedback.

Join the CashCrate.com Family and Make Money through Simple Tasks
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make a few extra bucks apart from what you earn from your day job? Imagine doing so by completing a simple task like sending out emails! You can utilize your spare time and get paid to send emails by joining CashCrate.com. There are several such programs making tall claims available over the internet. But in the end the participants bite the dust, for most of these claims are false!
Now you might have a very important question. How do I know if this program offered by CashCrate.com is genuine? Well first off, CashCrate.com doesn’t charge any kind of one-time, non-refundable fee like other sites do. The sign-up is totally free. This policy is like the litmus test of the authenticity of a program. Secondly, CashCrate.com has a section called ‘Payment Wall’ where the members post their payout details with photographic evidence.
What is the Purpose of the Program?
There are several companies out there in both manufacturing and service sectors, who would like to reach out to their potential customers. Sending out tailored emails to the target prospects is the best way to get their attention. These companies require people who can handle the assignment on their behalf. Hiring people for such tasks is not always feasible. So to save on cost, they farm out the process. That’s where CashCrate.com comes in. It acts like a medium between the companies and the people who can spare some time.
The companies get the work done through you and you get paid to send emails. The compensation is very handsome too. It’s a win-win situation.
How Does the Program Work?
You start off by picking the company you wish to send emails for and they supply you with the email template and the list of email ids. You need to write your own content on a very few occasions. The information in the template is mostly sufficient. You just need to hit the send button.
How to Get Paid?
The minimum payout is $20. The payment usually gets processed by the 20th day the month following. Participants are sent checks for the amount they have earned at the address that they have entered in their CashCrate.com account.
Are there any Other Benefits?
Oh yes, absolutely! When you join CashCrate.com, you don’t get stuck into just one program. Apart from getting paid to send emails, there are numerous opportunities and benefits waiting for you. You can make money from taking surveys, completing offers, getting more referrals and even fun activates like watching videos and entering into live contests.
When you shop online through your CashCrate.com account from the retailers listed on the site, you become eligible for cash back on every purchase you make. The percentage of cash back and the list of retailers depend on the country you reside in. There is only one way you can find out more about the cash back offers, and that is by signing up with CashCrate.com!
Did we tell you about the sign-up bonus you get when you join CashCrate.com? It gets credited to your CashCrate Earnings immediately after you complete the profile survey.
Earn Points to Win Prizes
If just earning cash doesn’t excite you, then CashCrate.com has a Prize Shop to spice things up. Every time you enter a Crates Contest, you are awarded CashCrate Points upon winning. There are special Points Offers too, which you complete to get remunerated in the form points.
Furthermore, you can play games to win points. Gaming tournaments are held on a daily basis. Here is a list of 12 thrilling and addictive games that you can compete in and earn CashCrate Points.
·         Golf Solitaire
·         Mahjong Pyramid
·         Pyramid Solitaire
·         Slobot
·         Snake Fish
·         Solitaire
·         Switch
·         Toader
·         TriPeaks
·         Word Noodle
·         Wrecked  Angles
·         Blocks
What can be the better way to spend your spare time than playing games you enjoy, earning points when you win and strengthening your gaming skills and responses at the same time?
How to Use your CashCrate Points?
When you have accumulated enough points from participating in gaming tournaments and completing special Points Offers, you can exchange them for gift cards. These are not just any gift cards. They are special gift cards from brands of repute, such as Apple, Bath & Body Works, Amazon, Starbucks etc. The value of these gift cards ranges from $10 to $100!
Stay Updated
CashCrate.com has a huge forum with a wealth of information; where members can interact with each other any time they want. It is a vast site with a host of new offers being added every day. To bring the members up to speed, there is an announcement forum that flashes latest CashCrate news.
There are individual forums for discussion about gaming, referrals, payment, contest and promotions. The site also has ‘Just Chatter’, a separate forum for off-topic discussions. If you are new to CashCrate.com, you won’t feel out of place at all. ‘Introductions’ is a community forum where new members are encouraged to introduce themselves. This certainly helps them merge comfortably with the CashCrate family.
Who can participate?
Anybody who is 13 years of age or above can chip in! You can be from any country. All you need to get started is a computer, an internet connection and being able to fluently communicate in English. Getting paid to send emails is simple as that!
Lends you a Helping Hand
If you feel stuck completing an offer or taking a survey, there is a dedicated ‘How to Guide’ to help you around with the process. Apart from the text guide, there is a video tutorial on getting started.  
Becoming a part of CashCrate.com is the simplest way to earn money for teenagers and college students while participating in activities they enjoy. Homemakers and freelancers too can enjoy the benefits and advantages offered by CashCrate.com at their own convenience. CashCrate.com has something for everybody! All it takes is a minute to sign up!

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