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Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy dropped the curtain with The Dark Night Rises and took the box office by a storm as it did so. Then came Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, a superbly done animated movie that wooed the children and adults alike. The fandom of Batman grew across the world like never before. People would love to have Batman merchandise to flaunt their love for the Caped Crusader.
As the markets were being flooded with an increasing number of Batman-themed merchandize, designers were working on new ideas to stay ahead of their competition. Right from Bat hoodies to hard-cover comic books that revivify the genre in the true sense, fans were going crazy over whatever had Batman on it.
To keep the fans in high spirits, it was important to bring in something new like never before. That’s when a genius came up with the idea of making Batman statues and figurines. These are an absolutely delight for the fans and add value to their collection of objet d’ art if you will. A real collector would know how elegant the tiny figurines and statues would look as they sit boldly in their showcase.

Check out these chic Batman statue and figurine.

This mighty Batman statue stands 15” tall and looks stunningly gorgeous. It features the Batman from The Dark Knight Rises. This statute is a Kotobukiya product that has been imported from Japan. You can change the weapon Batman’s hands because it comprises of moving parts. You get to choose from EMP rifle and grapple gun.
The rock-strewn base of the statue holds the quintessential bat-symbol within its design. It gets even better when the base lights up and makes the bat-symbol glow. The build quality is excellent and the design details extraordinarily precise. It’s a toy worthy of being called a masterpiece.

·         Funko Batman Wacky Wobbler
Want something Bat-themed but with a hint of madness? Take a look at this Batman bobblehead that will leave you in splits every time its head wobbles in quick, comical motion! The Batman bobblehead offers the best of both worlds; the valor of Batman in a statue, only smaller and thus cuter and the quirky funniness of bobbleheads.
This toy’s design is based on Batman in Gotham Knight from DC Comics. The bobblehead statue is 7” tall, base included. The base is etched with the name ‘Batman’ in bold, which looks very assertive, but in a good way. This little piece would be a really cool addition to any Batman fan’s collection. The bobblehead statue can be placed on your desk, in a showcase, on a nightstand or even installed in your car. You can have your Caped Crusader with you at all times.

These Batman statues are undoubtedly the must-have collector’s items. Also, they do make a perfect gift for Batman fans of all ages; except for small kids because of the moving parts pose a choking hazard. Be it their birthday or the holiday season, a Batman statue gift would never fail to make their eyes sparkle with sheer joy. 

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