Height of idleness!

Today day was as usual, nothing special...

Just that we had nil volumes and so no work in office...only a few teeny-weeny routine tasks...
Blame the Eurozone crisis. International markets are constantly going down, and people aren't investing much.

I felt so bored and sleepy... But I couldn't even put my head down on my workstation between my arms and take a nap :(  as my boss and her boss were taking rounds again and again.... Managers you know.... : x

So I went to the washroom again and again each hour to splash my face with cold water, so the sleepy birds flying above my head would disappear...

I thought I can atleast chat on SMS with my cousin Menka, whom I lovingly call Mendo.

We talked about so many things.

Right from 'What time you woke up?' to 'How is everyone at home?'
'Did you read my blog' to 'What is in breakfast?'
'What is in lunch?' to 'What dress for Diwali?'
'When will you come home, we will have a party?' and finally 'What is it in office, no work huh?'
We talked about other funny stuff and were smiling and sometimes even laughing to ourselves, my colleagues looking at me and wondering what is wrong with me.

Then it was her time for saying prayers. I teased her saying, 'Good good, go pray with all your heart... Tell God to give me an American gora!':D
She was soon back and we were again discussing recipes of Khichdi!

We SMSed each other from morning till evening! We exchanged 230 SMSes each! And we are still talking! Don't believe me? Check out the pics.

I finished my routine tasks that are supposed to be completed by 6.30  PM at the latest, at 12 noon itself!
Went through the mailer of daily news, and read Daily Dose on Marketing, Finance and Strategic Planning.
Read the news about the interview of Ms. Chanda Kochhar by the Fortune Magazine, she being on no. 5 among the most powerful women in the world.

Indeed inspiring. She is indeed the Iron Women of Banking. She has a charm. Hard working, smart, a women of vision and a few words, who believes in execution of  plans. I just love her, and the way she transformed ICICI Bank into India's no. 1 private sector bank, in the span of just 3 years since she bacame as the CEO. She is fantastic.

So, next I went out for lunch. Just slowed down. Took time, an hour actually. Ate peacefully. Took a round in the corridor of my office building, talking on phone with Mom, Dad and Tillu. Then called up my cousin. Chit-chatted for half an hour, telling her how lousy my day was. Came back in.

So, all in all I was actually doing nothing productive...
But I felt close to my people back home. Cell phones are indeed a boon!
Thanks to service provider for all those affordable SMS packs!

So just came home in the evening at usual time. We can't leave early saying we have no work to do!
My roomies were there. Thank God! I had someone to talk to, face to face. I asked my roomies if they would like to have tea and both shouted from the room in unison, 'Adrak waali'!

Hahahaha...Adrak waali chai...everyone's favorite! So I quickly made ginger tea for the 3 of us.

We were talking and laughing about the incidents of this morning. How one roomie accidentally bumped into another and a jar full of milk got spilled! We run like cats and dogs in morning and keep on bumping into each other! :D
And how I was trying to hang my roomie's jeans on a door when I was also on a call, trying so desperately that I didn't realize when I caught the door and swinging with it as it moved front and backwards. I was totally engrossed talking to my friend and phone tugged between my shoulder and ear, with both the hands clutching the door and jeans My roomies were laughing incessantly and then I realised what I was doing. :D
Multi-tasking you know!

So it was all good. I wanted to slow down a bit for a while..do nothing... so it was today....
Thank you God for a wonderful day, in a different way!


  1. 230 smses in a single day????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-O
    Woaaaaaaaaaah!!!!:-D And don't tell me you're gonna reply with a comment on the lines of 'LOL!This is nothing.My record is 512.'....:-P

  2. It's so hard to stay awake when we can't even keep our eyes open :)
    Happens with me during exams all the time :P When ever I open my book, I doze off :P

  3. smiles...glad you had friends around you even in your slow day...at least you were working eh? but so much better to have something to pass your time...have a wonderful weekend!

  4. @Philo- Hi there....ya that happened to me to when I was in college...
    Thanks for stoping by and going through the post!

    @Brian- Hello Brian! Ya I was pretty bored that day!
    Talking about weekend, I worked for another ten hours on Saturday!
    Sunday was lousy as usual....missing my home :(

  5. about the idleness, i'd say: been there done that :P
    but 230 sms'es in a day?? really?
    me, a first timer here :)


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