Reseda CA
Originally peopled by the Tongva tribe of Native Americans, the land came to be known as the town of Merian when it originated in 1912. Upon being consented by the residents, the town’s name was changed to Reseda in the year 1921. This was mainly to avoid any bewilderment at the Fourth Class Post Office that had been recently established.
A neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley of the LA County, Reseda had been primarily an agricultural community for a long time. It was during the late 1940s that real estate development commenced in the region, making it one of the very first suburbs in the Valley. Reseda CA is located 53 minutes north-west of the city of Los Angeles.
Geographically speaking, Reseda lies to the south of Northridge, which is an affluent neighborhood in the county of LA. Reseda is on the west of the Lake Balboa. It is surrounded by two of the most elite neighborhoods, Encino, and Tarzana on the southern side. On the western side of Reseda is Winnetka, another neighborhood of the LA County. Reseda CA has an area of 5.87 sq. miles.
One can easily notice the fact that the population Reseda CA comprises of people from diverse ethnicities. The eclectic combination of Whites, Asians, Blacks, Latinos, and other minor ethnic groups make Reseda highly diverse for the LA County. The population density is in line with the average of the LA County.
Coming to Reseda’s climate, the region is sunny for the most part of the year. The summers are somewhat dry and the winters are chilly. However, the temperatures aren’t enormously extreme in either season.
Reseda boasts over 10 elementary schools and 4 high schools, both public and private. There are learning centers for adults as well; such as the Reseda Community Adult School. Special schools like the Joaquin Miller Career and Transition Center, and institutes like Sven Lokrantz Special Education Center, Diane S. Leichman Special Education Center, Applied Scholastics Academy Valley came into being for specialized training and focus on specific fields of study.
The major proportion of the working population of Reseda CA is engaged in sales, and office administration jobs, followed by managerial level assignments in the financial services and business administration. A large number of professionals are involved in activities like production, material moving, transportation, building maintenance, and catering services. A small portion of the working populace belongs to the engineering healthcare, personal care, entertainment and law enforcement. Farming and fishery have taken backseat overtime.
Though a small neighborhood, there is a strong sense of belongingness among the people towards their community. The cultural scenario in Reseda is very strong. People come together at the Reseda Park and Recreation Center to mingle as they picnic together or play sports. Like most other recreational centers, this one too has barbecue pits, picnic tables, and children’s play area. In addition, there are tennis courts, outdoor basketball courts, volleyball courts, a baseball diamond, and a swimming pool for the sports enthusiasts.
The nightlife in Reseda is not exactly very stunning, but there are a couple of good places to hang out. If you like to play Darts, Jenga or even Chess while you enjoy a chilled beer, head to The Bunker, which is a very popular dive bar. C Frenz is a dance club and bar with go-go dancers, karaoke a couple of pool tables.
Reseda has been featured in films like The Karate Kid, Boogie Nights, Erin Brockovich, Terminator 2: The Judgment Day etc. Apart from the movies, some episodes of the popular TV series like My Name is Earl, Entourage, The X-Files, and many more were shot in Reseda CA. There are some famous people who have lived in Reseda CA. They are actor Martin Donovan, boxer Zachary Wohlman, former member of LA City Council Donald Lorenzen, and NASCAR driver Jim Robinson.
Over the last eight decades, the population of Reseda CA has risen from meager 1800 to a whopping 74,641. Real estate development has certainly made Reseda an excellent place to live. Apart from the occasional instances of burglary, Reseda CA is a peaceful neighborhood. After all, no place is perfectly untouched from criminal activities.

Marina del Rey CA
The Marina del Rey is an unincorporated coastal neighborhood in the Los Angeles County, California. With a population of just 8,866, Marina del Rey CA has an area of 1.45 sq. miles. The elite albeit small waterfront community came into being in the year 1965. It is the largest man-made in the world, with a capacity to hold 5300 boats at any given time. Over the next 3 decades, Marina del Rey went on to become the most valuable resource of the LA County from the point of view of the business.
Before the man-made harbor existed, Marina del Rey was a wetland which was occasionally visited by the duck hunters. The name of this place was Playa del Rey back then during the 19th century. It was then acquired by Moye Wicks and Loius Mesmer in the year 1888 with a view to develop the place into a commercial port. After their company went broke shortly after 3 years, the land exchanged hands and was bought by Moses Sherman. However, the construction of Marina del Rey, as it is known today, began only during the mid-20th century under the Army Corps of Engineers project.
Marina del Rey is situated 55 minutes southwest of the City of Los Angeles. Venice, Westchester, Sunkist Park, Mar Vista and Culver City are the neighborhoods that surround Marina del Rey from the three sides while the coastline runs along the western side of the neighborhood. Marina del Rey is well connected to Culver City and the Interstate 405 through the Marina Freeway.
Marina del Rey has no schools. But it is a part of the LA Unified School District. The children from Marina del Rey study at the Marina del Rey Middle School, Venice High School, and Coeur d'Alene Avenue Elementary School which are in the adjacent neighborhoods.
Marina del Rey CA has two parks; Yvonne B. Burke Park and Chase Park. The Chase Park is where the residents mostly picnic. There are barbecue pits and community rooms. This is where all the local fairs, Marina Summer Concerts, and Marina del Rey Holiday Boat Parade are held. The Fisherman’s Village and the UCLA Marina Aquatic Center are the major points of interest in the neighborhood. Boating is a serious affair in Marina del Rey when it comes to recreation.
Marina del Rey enjoys a pleasant, temperate climate. The residents say that Marina del Rey is the coolest throughout the year of all the places in the LA County. The beaches are breathtakingly beautiful and so is the view of the marina.
Marina del Rey has witnessed decent industrial development considering the area of the land. There are some manufacturing and service companies have their headquarters in Marina del Rey CA. These include TheBrain Technologies, AstroFlight, Guidance Solutions Inc., Gravity Interactive LLC, and Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.  
The population of Marina del Rey is slightly diverse. Almost 78% percent of the people are white and the remaining 22% are a mix of Asians, Latinos, Blacks and other minor ethnic groups. The population density of Marina del Rey is in line with the average density of all the Los Angeles County. It’s proximity to the LAX, the friendly and comparatively safe surroundings and affordable cost of living makes Marine del Rey a preferred place to settle in the LA County.
er, head to The Bunker, which is a very popular dive bar. C Frenz is a dance club and bar with go-go dancers, karaoke a couple of pool tables.

Reseda has been featured in films like The Karate Kid, Boogie Nights, Erin Brockovich, Terminator 2: The Judgment Day etc. Apart from the movies, some episodes of the popular TV series like My Name is Earl, Entourage, The X-Files, and many more were shot in Reseda CA. There are some famous people who have lived in Reseda CA. They are actor Martin Donovan, boxer Zachary Wohlman, former member of LA City Council Donald Lorenzen, and NASCAR driver Jim Robinson.
Over the last eight decades, the population of Reseda CA has risen from meager 1800 to a whopping 74,641. Real estate development has certainly made Reseda an excellent place to live. Apart from the occasional instances of burglary, Reseda CA is a peaceful neighborhood. After all, no place is perfectly untouched from criminal activities.

Culver City CA
In the Westside of County of Los Angeles, lies a magnificent and beautiful Culver City. Also called as the ‘The Heart of the Screenland’ on its city seal, the area was originally peopled by the Tongva tribe of Native Americans for a long time several decades ago. Named after its founder Harry Culver, who hailed from Milford, Nebraska, the city was a planned endeavor that started in 1913 and which culminated into a reality in 1917.
Culver City has an area of 5.19 sq. miles and shares it borders with the several of the LA City neighborhood and the unincorporated neighborhoods of the County of Los Angeles.
·         West Adams and Mid-City to the east
·         Marina del Rey, Playa Vista and Venice to the west
·         Palms and Mars Vista to the north
·         Westchester on the southern side
·         Ladera Heights and Baldwin Hills to the southeast
The population of Culver City according to the latest stats is 39, 428. The population density of Culver City CA is commensurate with the LA County average. The population is highly eclectic for the LA County. While about 48% of the people are Whites, the remaining 52% comprise of Blacks, Asians, Latinos, and other minor ethnicities.
Let’s talk about the climate of Culver City. Given its proximity to the coast of California, the city enjoys a Mediterranean climate, which is mostly very pleasant. The temperatures during the summers and winters are not extreme either.
The people at the Culver City CA are very outdoorsy and active. The city is known to be pedestrian-friendly. If you like to walk or ride a bicycle, Culver Boulevard Median is a place to be. Besides, there is 6-mile-long, Class 1, bicycle path along the Ballona Creek. The Culver City Park is a place to be when you wish to have a picnic or want to play a sport. The place features a dog park, a skateboard park, children’s play area, a recreation hut and barbecue pits. Furthermore, there are 3 baseball diamonds, a couple of half-court basketball courts, and a soccer field.
Culver City CA has had its own Unified School District since 1949. The city boasts five elementary schools, one middle school, and two high schools. In addition to these, there is a Community Day Schools and a separate school for adults. The state collaborated with Sony Pictures Entertainment and the Culver City High School’s Academy of Visual and Performing Arts was established in 1996. The neighborhood has colleges as well. The West Los Angeles College is one of the top employers in Culver City. The Antioch University Los Angeles is a school of liberal arts.
Companies who have the HQ in Culver City are Sony Pictures Entertainment, the NFL Network, Apple Subsidiary Beats Electronics, and NantHealth. Other major employers operating here are Symantec Corporation, Target Corporation, Southern California Hospital, Goldrich & Kest Industries, LLC, and National Public Radio.
Culver City has always been associated with television and motion picture productions; ever since the 1920s. Movies like Grease, The Wizard of Oz, Air Force One, and King Kong (original) etc were filmed in Culver City. Popular TV shows like Cougar Town, Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef, The Green Hornet were shot in Culver City too.
Celebs from the entertainment industry like Drew Barrymore, Jack Black, Michael Richards, Helen Hunt, Taran Killam and Art Alexis have their roots in Culver City. Sportspersons like Darrin Jackson, Tiffany Cohen, Tim Foli, Jeff Fisher, Gary Carter, and Michael Bumpus have made Culver City proud too. 

Thousand Oaks CA
Situated in the southeastern region of the Ventura County, the city of Thousand Oaks that got its name from the numerous oak trees that grew there. Incorporated on the 7th day of October 1964, Thousand Oaks CA has always been a planned community. It went on to become the very first city in the Conejo Valley to be incorporated.
The land of Thousand Oaks was initially inhabited by the Chumash tribe of Native Americans. The land was then claimed by the Spanish during the 16th Century, making it a part of the Rancho El Conejo. The actual growth of Thousand Oaks CA took place during the 20th century when the Janss family purchased the land in a bid to turn it into a planned community.
The rapid development in the nearby Simi Valley and Moorpark during the last 3 decades and the presence of Moorpark Freeway, a major route of transportation, gave a boost to the development of Thousand Oaks CA. Today Thousand Oaks is spread across 55.18 sq. miles and is a home to 128,000 people. The racial makeup of Thousand Oaks is not especially diverse. About 80% people are White. Asians comprise 8.7% of the total population. The rest are a mix of Native Americas, Pacific Islanders, and other races.
Thousand Oaks enjoys a pleasant weather throughout the year; a mildly Mediterranean climate with dry summers and rainy winters. Thousand Oaks has a small downtown area. The rest of the city comprises of residential suburbs. It is currently the fourth safest city in the entire country, with a population higher than 100,000.
The city comes under the Conejo Valley Unified School District. There are 18 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, and 5 high schools. Conejo Valley Adult School offers several certificate programs and diplomas along with training for easy transition to work or higher education.
Thousand Oak’s economy rests on a narrow range of commercial activities. The companies operating in the city belong primarily to the finance, healthcare, telecommunication, automotive, electronics and biotechnology industries. Businesses that have their headquarters in Thousand Oaks are J. D. Power and Associates, Skyworks Solutions, Amgen, Sage Publications and Teledyne Technologies.
Automakers like Silver Star Automotive Group, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, and General Motors have a strong presence in Thousand Oaks CA in the form of regional offices. Players from the financial sector like Bank of America and Anthem Blue Cross have their offices in the city. Besides, General Dynamics, Verizon Wireless, Baxter International are the major employers in the region. The California Lutheran University Conejo Valley Unified School District, Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center, and the City of Thousand Oaks employ a large section of the working population.
There are no parks and recreational facilities per se. But there are a few points on interests, such as Conejo Valley Botanical Garden, Wildwood Regional Park, Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza and Stagecoach Inn. Development is an ongoing process at Thousand Oaks and further residential and commercial expansion is in progress. The State Route 23 and the US Route 101 are being expanded for better connectivity. Thousand Oaks CA still has a long way to go.

Tarzana CA
Tarzana CA is a neighborhood in the City of Los Angeles. Situated in the San Fernando Valley of the LA County, Tarzana is well known for two things; for being an extremely upscale neighborhood and for the high proportion of residents holding bachelor’s degree and master’s degree.
Originally, Tarzana was inhabited by the Chumash tribe of Native Americans. The Spanish missionaries settled in during the 18th Century. The land exchanged hands and was acquired by Mexico. After the Mexican-American war, Mexico surrendered the land to the US in the year 1848. The land was used as cattle ranches and later on transformed into wheat farms.
During the 20th century, Los Angeles Suburban Homes Company bought the land for the purpose of development. In the year 1909, LA Times founder Harrison Grey Otis bought 550 acres of land apart from investing in the company. Ten years thereafter, Otis sold his land to Edgar Rice Burroughs. The house that Burroughs got constructed was named Tarzan Ranch, after which the neighborhood got its name. Burroughs sold the rest of the land that he had bought from Otis for housing development. That’s how the present day Tarzana CA came into being.
According to the latest estimates, there are approximately 37,778 residents in Tarzana CA. It is an inland neighborhood sprawling across 8.79 sq. miles and surrounded by other areas of the LA City. The population density is of Tarzana is almost identical to the average of the entire LA County but less than that of the City of LA. The population of Tarzana is moderately diverse; 70% Whites, 15.1% Latinos, 5% Asians, 3.6% Black and 5.6% belonging to other miscellaneous ethnicities. Here are the neighborhoods with which Tarzana shares its borders
·         Encino to the east
·         Wood Hills on the west
·         Reseda to the north
·         Topanga State Park to the South
Tarzana is blessed with a temperate climate. It is sunny for most days of the year. The winters are moderately cold, without any snowfall. The amount of rainfall that Tarzana CA receives is lower than the country’s average. The temperature ranges generally between 43° F and 93° F, give or take a couple of degrees throughout the year, across the different seasons.
Tarzana CA has more than 5 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, and 3 high schools. There is the Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies, which despite its name is located in Tarzana. It is said to be one of the best schools in the USA. The Lycée International de Los Angeles is a private school, which is basically a dual immersion French school and offers education right from kindergarten to high school. Moreover, Tarzana has Columbia College Hollywood that offers associate and bachelor’s degrees in fine arts. The curriculum encompasses various specializations, such as screenwriting, cinematography, special effects, sound recording, directing, producing, editing and so on.
Tarzana is primarily a residential area. Nevertheless, there are still some industries thriving in the neighborhood. The major part of the population working in Tarzana CA is engaged in managerial assignments, business administration and financial services; followed by arts, media, entertainment, and healthcare. Engineering, property maintenance, construction and material moving are the third major source of employment in the region. A small percentage of people are engaged in community services, law enforcement, food preparation, and other miscellaneous professional services.
Like any other affluent neighborhood, Tarzana too has an active cultural scenario. The Tarzana Recreation Center is where the community enjoys their leisure time. It is an ideal picnic spot because there are picnic tables and barbecue pits. It has a children’s play area, a gymnasium, and a community room. The baseball enthusiasts enjoy playing sports at the lighted baseball diamond. The park also has volleyball courts and outdoor basketball courts.
Tarzana has been a filming location for TV series like Intervention, Six Feet Under and Bad Girls Season 2. Movies like Thirteen and Akeelah and the Bee were shot Gaspar de Portola Middle School. Tarzana has been home to Khloé Kardashian Odom for a few years while she was still married to Lamar Odom.

Santa Monica CA
Santa Monica is one of the most happening cities in the Westside area of the County of Los Angeles. It is a beachfront city that got its name from the Christian Saint, Monica. History suggests that the Tongva tribe of Native Americans inhabited the place for several decades, until the Spanish set their foot in the year 1769. Thereafter in the 20th century, the land was acquired by the US upon its victory.
Santa Monica CA sprawls across 8.41 sq. miles of land and according to the 2010 census has a population of 89,736. The population density of Santa Monica is commensurate with those of both the Westside and the Los Angeles County. The population is moderately eclectic for the county, with Whites constituting 70% of the total population, followed by 13.5% Latinos, 7.1% Asians, 3.5% Blacks and 4.6% of the other miscellaneous ethnicities.
The subtropical Mediterranean climate of Santa Monica is very pleasant, which has contributed to the city becoming a famous resort destination. The city is sunny for over 300 days a year. The temperature usually ranges between 48° F and 80° F. Being located along the Santa Monica Bay, the city experiences fog during the months of May, June and July, mainly because the temperature variations between the land and the ocean in the morning.
The schooling system of Santa Monica comes under the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District. There are 8 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and 2 high schools, all of which are district-managed public schools. Apart from these, there are 9 private schools offering education for different grades. There are 3 colleges in the city of Santa Monica CA; Art Institute of California – Los Angeles, Santa Monica College, Frederick S. Pardee RAND Graduate School.
Santa Monica has become a hub for commercial activities over all these years. Several prominent organizations have their headquarters in Santa Monica. These include RAND Corporation, Atlantic Aviation, Lionsgate Films, Universal Music Group, Cloud Imperium Games, Activision Blizzard Inc., and Naughty Dog. Santa Monica CA is a home to numerous start-up companies. Some of the major employers in the city include;
·         City of Santa Monica
·         Santa Monica College
·         Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District
·         Santa Monica - UCLA Medical Center
·         Saint John's Health Center
The people of Santa Monica are very particular protecting and preserving the natural environment. Santa Monica is the first city to take up an all-inclusive sustainability program aiming for water conservation and waste reduction. The entire fleet of the Big Blue Buses and 82% of the vehicles owned by the citizens utilize alternative fuel.
People in Santa Monica CA share a great passion for sports. The city is a haven for skateboarding fanatics and surfers. Given their love of Rugby, the Santa Monica Rugby Club, a semi-professional team was founded in the year 1972. The team is one of the fiercest contenders in the Pacific Rugby Premiership and has recently joined Rugby Super League as well. Apart from the sports, people are very active in general. Walking is the favorite leisurely, outdoor activity. People love to walk in the scenic Palisades Park overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
Santa Monica has several tourist attractions like the Santa Monica Pier, Bergamot Station, and the Santa Monica Looff Hippodrome. Santa Monica has three major shopping districts in different parts of the city, something to get the shoppers excited. The Montana Avenue in the northern part offers a posh and upscale shopping area. The Main Street in the southern part of the city has to offer a diverse mix of retail clothing outlets and restaurants. The Downtown District in the heart of the city is meant for pedestrians only. The market area does not allow vehicles in the 3 blocks in which it is located.
Santa Monica was a filing filming location for Speed, a movie that rocked the Hollywood Box Office. Hannah Montana: The Movie, 17 Again, Ocean's Eleven, and Iron Man are the few of the hundred of movies shot in Santa Monica. Though the city is flourishing as a tourist destination, Santa Monica CA makes a great place to live.

Long Beach CA
Long Beach is one of the major cities in the County of Los Angeles. The city is nestled on the Pacific Coast in the southern part of California. Situated right to the east of Palos Verde, Long Beach CA comes under the Harbor region of the LA County.
The area of Long Beach is 52.10 sq. miles, making it the 2nd largest city in the Greater Los Angeles Area. The population is estimated to be 469,428. The population density of Long Beach CA is in line with the average density of the LA County. Nevertheless, Long Beach happens to be one of the densely populates cities in the Harbor region. The population is highly diverse comprising of 35% Latinos, 33.3 percent Whites, 14.4% Blacks, 12.9% Asians and 3.7% other miscellaneous ethnicities. The diversity is high for LA County as well the Harbor.
Given its proximity to the Palos Verdes, Long Beach’s weather is somewhat different from the other coastal cities in the southern part of California. The place experiences a semi-arid Mediterranean climate. It is sunny during most part of the year. It rains during the winters. The temperature at the coast varies significantly from that in the interior of the city.
The schools in Long Beach CA come under the Long Beach Unified School District. It is a big city. So it only makes sense if there are numerous schools in every neighborhood to accommodate the all the children. There are over 50 elementary schools, 15 middle schools, and over 12 high schools. There are 5 charter schools as well.
The Port of Long Beach has immense importance from the viewpoint of trade. Being one of the largest ports in the world, Long Beach boasts a prosperous economy. Apart from the oil industry, there is a strong presence of the manufacturing units of audiovisual equipment, aircrafts, automobile parts, home furnishings, etc. Prominent companies have their operations in Long Beach; such as Boeing, Toyota, Epson America Inc., and Pioneer Electronics.
The Long Beach community is outdoorsy, up and about all the time. People love to engage in recreational sports activities like water skiing, sailing, and archery. There is a great fervor among the youth for basketball, baseball, and rugby. Every year, the city witnesses a major car racing event, the Long Beach Grand Prix the origin of which dates back to the year 1975. The Long Beach Marathon is yet another popular event. Residents who enjoy theater and musicals are always flocking The Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center to be a part of interesting and entertaining events throughout the year.
Nicholas Cage, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, Snoop Dogg, Dominick Wickliffe AKA Crooked I, Bill Maher, are the celebrities who have their roots in Long Beach CA. Long Beach has been a home to many a sportsmen, some of them being Tony Gwynn, Bobby Grich, Chris Gwynn, Lisa Fernandez, Jason Leffler, and Willie McGinest. Long Beach has been featured in numerous movies and TV shows. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Gone in 60 Seconds, Speed, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel were shot in Long Beach. TV series like Glee, CSI: Miami and Dexter were filmed here too.

El Segundo CA
Situated in the South Bay area of the County of Los Angeles, El Segundo CA is blessed with salubrious climate and has garnered significant industrial development. Located 33 minutes to the southwest of the City of Los Angeles, the city has its own beach along its western border overlooking the Pacific Ocean. El Segundo translates to ‘The Second’ in the Spanish language. The city got its name when Chevron Corporation set up its second refinery in the year 1911 that had the same name, i.e., El Segundo.
El Segundo CA has an area of 5.5 sq. miles and the population is estimated to be approximately 16,614. It is one of the most scarcely populated cities in both South Bay as well as the County of Los Angeles. The population is not very diverse. The Whites constitute 77.6% of the total number of people, followed by 10.3% Latinos, 6.7% Asians, 1.1% Black and the remaining 4.2% belong to other sundry ethnicities.
El Segundo CA shares its borders with the many
As mentioned earlier, the climate of El Segundo CA is very much agreeable. The temperature throughout the year ranges between 77° F during summers and 49° F during winters. The city receives somewhat sparse but evenly distributed rainfall.
El Segundo CA has an active cultural scenario. The beach remains the famous place to hangout, mainly because it’s not very crowded and has volley ball nets pre-installed for the people to enjoy the sport. People flock the beach early morning to take a stroll and so do the surfers to ride the waves. There is a bicycle path along the beach for the biking enthusiasts. The city has 3 public swimming pools; 2 outdoor and 1 indoor. The Campus El Segundo Athletic Fields is a lighted athletic field used primarily for playing American Football, Soccer and Lacrosse.
The Recreation Park on Sheldon Street offers a multitude of recreational facilities; such as tennis courts, basket ball courts, baseball diamonds, roller hockey fields, and lawn bowling fields. The Acacia Park has picnic tables, a swimming pool and children’s play area. The Holly Valley Park and Sycamore Park have children’s Play area too. The El Segundo Youth Skate Park offers the skating enthusiasts in the city a safe and fun environment to engage in skateboarding. Here’s an interesting fact. The staff of El Segundo Parks and Recreation is the foundation of the popular TV sitcom Parks and Recreation on NBC.
The schools in El Segundo CA come under the El Segundo Unified School District. There is 1 preschool, 2 elementary schools, a high school and a middle school in the city. There is a school for adults as well; the South Bay Adult School. Besides, there are two alternative institutes for learning; the Southern California Regional Occupational Center and Arena High School & the Virtual Academy.
El Segundo CA has a lively and bustling economic scenario. Numerous companies belonging to the aviation sector and oil industry run their operations in the city. The Aerospace Corporation and Wyle Laboratory have their headquarters in El Segundo CA. Other prominent businesses like Boeing, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin have their facilities in the city. Apart from these aerospace bigwigs, there is Matell, Xerox, Rhythm and Hues, Accenture, International Rectifier, Time Warner Cable, Big 5 Sporting Goods, and Direct TV etc are some of the top employers in the city.
El Segundo CA is a home to sportsmen like George Brett, Scott McGregor, Ken Brett, Dave LaRoche, Paul Westphal, Joe Caravello, and Vladimir Matyushenko. The award-winning actress, Roseanne Barr also resides in the city.
El Segundo Schools have been a hotspot of film and TV series production. Movies like Dude, Where is My Car?, Superbad, The Hot Chicks, and Yours Mine and Ours were filmed here in El Segundo. Some parts of the TV series CSI: Miami were shot in El Segundo too.
If you can ignore the noisy jets toing and froing the nearby LAX and love the beach, El Segundo CA is a decent city to settle in.

Glendale CA
Situated at the eastern edge of the San Fernando Valley in the County of Los Angeles is the city of Glendale CA. The land was originally inhabited by the Tongva tribe of Native American for hundreds of years until the Spanish missionaries and settlers set their foot in Valley. The land was used for farming and grazing the livestock for a long time. It was in the second half of the 19th century when Teodore Verdugo erected the Verdugo Abode and later on his decedents sold off the land for the purpose of development. Glendale came into existence in the year 1884, when the residents came together with an intention to form a township. Currently, it is the 9th safest city in the USA with a population greater than 100,000.
A part of the Verdugos area, Glendale shares its borders with various neighborhoods of the LA County.
·         Griffith Park and Burbank on the western side
·         Pasadena and Eagle Rock on the eastern side
·         Atwater village on the southern side
·         Tujunga and Sun Valley lie on the northwestern side
·         La Crescenta and La Cañada Flintridge are towards the northeastern side
·         Glassell Park is on the southeastern side
Glendale CA has an area of 30.63 sq. miles and according to the latest estimates the population of 200,167. The population density is commensurate with the average density for the County of Los Angeles. But Glendale is one of the densely populated cities in the Verdugos. The population is highly eclectic from the viewpoint of both the LA County and the Verdugos. The ethnic makeup of Glendale is; 54.1% White, 19.6% Latino, 16.3% Asian, 1% Black and 9% other miscellaneous ethnicities. Glendale is a home to one of the largest communities of Armenian-Americans, who have assimilated themselves seamlessly into the city.
Glendale experiences Mediterranean climate with extreme temperature swings throughout the year. It is common during summers when the temperature soars to 110° F. The winters are usually moderately cold. But during some years the temperature can drop below zero and it snows in Glendale. Thunderstorms are a common phenomenon during winters. Nevertheless, the spring and fall seasons are very pleasant.
Glendale CA is served by the Glendale Unified School District, which manages the public schools in the cities. There are 20 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, and 5 high schools. Besides, it also runs a school for students who have special needs; and the Verdugo academy for the homeschooled children. There is a Glendale Community College as well. Moreover, there are some private schools as well. Some of them are Armenian schools that were started taking into account the presence of a large Armenian community in the city.
The city is known to have 50 public parks; The Bonsall Park, Paseo Racquet Center and Park, Hidden Meadows Park, Orangewood Park to name a few. Most of them are very lavish parks that have children’s play area, picnic benches, barbecue pits, ramadas, playgrounds, trail ways, lighted basketball courts, racquetball courts, volleyball courts and tennis courts. There are recreation centers with special facilities. Some of them have golf courses, dog parks, gyms, restaurants and special support programs for the adults.
Glendale CA enjoys a robust economy with well-flourished industrial development in the region. Nestlé has based its US headquarter in Glendale. International House of Pancakes is the US-based chain of specialized restaurants that has its HQ is Glendale and so does Avery Dennison, a bigwig from the packaging industry. The subsidiary of German software development company Nero AG operates in Glendale as well. Not to mention the presence of Dreamworks Animation, Marvel Animation, Disney Interactive and DisneyToon Studios in the region. Glendale Adventist Medical Center, Glendale Unified School District, Glendale Memorial Medical Center and Glendale Community College also employ the major part of city’s working populace.
The Glendale Galleria is the third largest shopping precinct in the County of Los Angeles. It has large retail outlets like Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, JCPenney, and Target. Zara will soon be added to the list too.
Glendale CA has been mentioned a couple of times in the popular TV sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon Cooper once refers to his girlfriend Amy Farrah Fowler as a ‘hotsy-totsy from Glendale’. Also when once Sheldon was learning to drive on the simulator, Leonard asked him how he managed to get on the second floor of the Glendale Galleria.
Glendale has been a home to many a prominent personalities in the world of arts and entertainment. Shia LaBeouf, Paul Walker, Eva Mendes, Edward Furlong, Robert Englund are few of the many celebs who have had or still have their names associated with the city of Glendale.  

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