Why Invest in Miami Real Estate?
Also known as the American Riviera, Miami is where prosperity has always reigned and would continue to do so. Blessed with a stunning climate, breathtakingly amazing beaches and beautiful people, Miami is rightfully the hottest destination of travelers and now the real estate investors.
Miami’s luxury real estate segment continues to attract investors from across the globe. It only makes sense if you would consider buying one of those oceanfront Miami condos. It would make an amazing residence or a second home. Besides, it works great for the purpose of investment.
It’s all about location when it comes to real estate. The barrier islands to the east of Miami are the most happening tourist spot. Away from the business district that downtown Miami is, the Sunny Isles Beach, Miami Beach and South Beach have a vibrant nightlife, top restaurants and a laid back lifestyle. This is where a smart investor would buy a luxury condo.
In the meanwhile, these luxury Miami condos can be used as vacation property and rented out to the tourists. Not only it gives your property the time to appreciate in value but also generates a stream of income.
Apart from all the monetary perks that this real estate investment would bring along, you can avail additional benefits on the personal front. Florida doesn’t have a state income tax, which saves you a significant tax bite when you move in here. The Miami lifestyle is, of course, the highlight! The condo lifestyle is well suited for everyone, from young professionals to those in their golden years opting for downsizing. Luxury Miami condos deliver more than what you pay for in terms of enhanced and cheery lifestyle and security.
Investing in pre-construction Miami condos is a much better option for those wish to get good deals. When you buy a condo that’s still under construction, its price would almost be 30% less than the finished unit. The price difference arises because the developers use the buyer’s deposit to finance the project instead of borrowing a loan from the bank. They make significant savings on the loan interest, the benefit of which is passed on to the buyers. The trend of investing in pre-construction Miami condos is catching up really fast. The window of opportunity is quite narrow, given the space constraints, the pre-existing development that has been gradually leading to the point of saturation. This is undoubtedly the best time to take a leap forward.

We suppose the reasons we just elucidated are compelling enough for you. Making an investment in luxury Miami condos would open a whole new window of opportunity.

The Top 3 Must-Have Smart Home Gadgets
Gadgets and appliances have become a major part of our modern lives. In the last few years, we have graduated from the bulky CRT televisions to flat screen LEDs and from the tedious task of doing the dishes to fancy dishwashers. Every household gadget has become silent, compact and efficient.
However, there are some of the best home gadgets out there apart from the usual ones that open the door to all kinds of experiences. These next-gen gadgets make life simpler and your living spaces more comfortable. Not to mention the fab, futuristic look they give to your home. Let’s take a look at the top 3 must-have best home gadgets.
Ecobee3 - Wi-Fi Thermostat with Remote Sensor
The Ecobee3 is a thermostat that utilizes your home’s Wi-Fi network to gather the information about the temperature in the different parts of your home. It can do so because of the remote sensors that come along with it. You can put up a maximum 32 sensors across your home for Ecobee3 to work with. Ecobee3 can sense the presence of people in the rooms and help maintain an optimum, uniform temperature accordingly. Similarly, your absence in the room will switch Ecobee3 to the energy-saving mode.
You can control your home’s HVAC system through the free mobile apps compatible with Ecobee3.
WORX Landroid – Robotic Lawn Mower
Don’t have time to mow the lawn? Leave it to WORX Landroid! It is fully-automatic, battery operated lawn mower that can give your lawn the perfect manicure. This is a fully-programmable lawn mower that allows you to schedule the mowing sessions on a daily basis as per your convenience. The WORX Landroid can find its way through constricted passageways and mow the grass with great accuracy on both upward and downward slopes up to an angle of 20°. The mower is embedded with a shock sensor, which allows it to work its way around obstructions. It also has an auto-return feature which makes it come back to the base in case if its battery runs low or it begins to rain. WORX Landroid is a zero-emission, eco-friendly gadget and ready to use right out of the box.
IZON – Security Camera
The IZON security camera is a big leap forward in the new era of home security. The camera uses your home’s Wi-Fi network and sends you the live video of the surroundings where it’s installed. It can be used as a pet cam, baby monitor or nanny cam to stay in touch with the pets and loved ones back home while you are away. It will send a live view of your home right to your cell phone. It also has the motion and sound sensors the sensitivity of which can be adjusted. Whenever the sensors pick up a sound or a motion, the camera forwards you a push notification and the live view to look at. The IZON is extremely easy to install. It can be controlled with the free IZON app, which is compatible with both Apple and Android devices.
In our opinion, these are some of the best home gadgets that are taking the markets by the storm right now. Not only do they have an air of sophistication but also the ability to offer you safety, convenience and above all, the peace of mind.

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