A peek into the past...

I stumbled upon a blog...She is an Indian Housewife, a talented one. I saw her latest post. It was a beautiful painting of a women from the country side. It reminded me of my school days, when I used to struggle to draw a decent piece and get through. Drawing was a subject, of a 100 marks, till class 8.

I didn't really enjoy it that time, in fact I really hated it...May be because I was always given a 'B' or a 'C' for my best efforts.
But after seeing this fellow blogger drawing and painting as a hobby, enjoying it fully and sharing it on the blog...I really had to change my view about 'Drawing'. Its not so bad after all.

I decided I would start drawing too..again.... After a week I read her blog, today I opened my drawing book from Class 8. I have preserved it since last 10 years. It contains some of my best works as a kid back then. And now I realize how good I was actually.

I shouldn't have judged my skills on the basis of grades I got...I shouldn't have underestimated myself..

Now I wish to start from scratch. For it has been ten years I drew something seriously...No, I'm not a fancy painter...I never was...I was good at expression myself in the pictures I drew, and now I think I did it pretty well...

I'm sharing a few drawings that I drew a decade ago in school...

A woman in Indian village- Poster color painting.

An Indian village- Poster color painting.

A pencil- shading drawing.

A simple drawing using pastel crayon colors.

Gardening - Poster color painting

The Gardener - Poster color painting.

A poster for the notice board outside the class room-
Cricket World Cup 2003, South Africa.

These are the few ones I like the most. I will start drawing again...I will get all the material required.. drawing sheets, pain brushes, paint markers, paint pens, poster color bottles and all...I'm waiting eagerly for tomorrow! 


  1. One can start anything any time as long as one has his heart and soul into it, Manju! I started to blog just six months back:)

  2. Aha,An artist interrupted :D

  3. Good for you...never give up on these creative things...sometimes the process of creating keeps you sane in this hectic world around us. I like your drawings. Don't forget to post your new ones too! Laurel

  4. Hallo Manju,

    Giving expression to one's creativity is always good; whatever you do, don't do it for the sake of praise or 'good marks', do it because it gives you pleasure.
    Thank you for following my poetry blog. The thing is, this blog is only for my own enjoyment and I don't reply to comments or follow anyone in return from there. My main blog 'Friko's World' is the one where I post more and comment on other blogs.

  5. Hello, Manju: I'm so pleased you came over to Prufrock's (and thank you for your lovely comment there), not least because it has enabled me to find you. I love these drawings that you've posted, think it's wonderful that you are taking up drawing again, and I look forward to what you share, both as to drawing and also as to Indian cooking. (I am not the cook in our household, but my mate, who is British, is, and she loves to cook Indian food.) As you'll see, I've declared myself a follower of both your blogs, and I have popped them both on my "Good Reads" list at Prufrock's.

    Warm regards

  6. For some reason only 3 of your pictures loading for me on this page, but the three I can see are very good. Wish I could draw that well! I never could. I am trying to start to learn but I have too many hobbies and some things always get left out. Thank you for sharing these.

  7. Seriously, these are great! Good luck breeding your talent :)

  8. its not only about the talent...its about the happiness u get wen u r doing wat ur heart says....go ahead n paint...
    and the ones which are already here are speaking themselves out...

    ~ Vineet

  9. the child in you is comming out :) keep it up

    and BTW thanks for your wonderful words in my blog

  10. Your art work is amazing-- I loved the bridge-- the composition and perspective as so spot on! Thank You for dropping by my blog. Love yours too-- so much variety and vigor!


  11. OMG..Manju,Thank you so so much for your compliments..:-) I'm surprised to see ur blogpost.Really it made my day..I'm flattered.Thanks for giving me such honour.:-)
    All your paintings are very cute.I remembered my childhood days too.Any art or creativity takes us away from real world..We travel through so many dreamlands..Finally the experience is awesome..Pls keep it up with your hobbie...You have amazing talent.All the very best...Nagini.

  12. Hiee Manju..
    Thanks for visiting my space:)
    you have a colourful n beautiful blog.. much different from my food blog :)))
    happy to join yu too..:)


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