Om Twitteram Twitteram!

Aarti Twitter Devta ki!

Twitteram bhagwaana DP
Twitteram Profile-dhwaja
Twitteram DM-kaksham
Twitterayatano Retweet!

Twitter has become the indispensable part of not only my life, but also me. The first thing I do after waking up in the morning is logging into Twitter, say Good Morning to my buddies, check my mentions, and check the DM.

Initially when I opened a Twitter account, I found it very boring..and didn't use it for a couple of months. And now I feel like slapping myself for that, for I had undermined the unlimited powers of Twitter.

Twitter is one funny place...where war and peace go on at the same time. The best part of Twitter is you can crib endlessly about people and things and nobody will stop you. The followers would give you a genuine solution to your problem...or at least make fun of you to such an extent that you'll start laughing at yourself forgetting the problems.

On Twitter, people will admire you, poke fun at you, and some may even humiliate I said...peace and war go on at the same time on Twitter.

Beware before you go LMAO! :D

I love Twitter due to its humor factor. I have met the craziest people ever, with hilarious and even obnoxious handles. They tweet so funny you will just go 'LMAO'....I hope you know its meaning...I read this one first on Twitter...

This is a place where you can cheer for Sachin Tendulkar, admire Amitabh Bachchan Sir....And hurl abuses at and bitch about Poonam Pandey and make fun of Kamaal R Khan! Its just a hash-tag  away for a notion to to be transformed into a trend!

I have become such a Twitter  addict that I don't feel like logging into FB.  The fun and frolic in the virtual world of Twitter makes me forget all the worries! Twitter has taught to eat my meals with left hand! Also I can type fast with my left hand if I want to eat with my right hand! :p

Everytime someone retweets me, My heart becomes garden- garden! And I love to bother my followers with food tweets in the middle of the night! :D

Here's a list of the hilarious Twitter Handles, the 'Must Follow' people!

@HoshiyaarChaddi - That's me! People say my handle is pretty funny! I don't wish to include my handle in the list.

1. @The_Lie_Lama - Interestingly twisted words!

2. @teraKaminaDost - He's my younger son on Twitter.

3. @Maa_Ke_Pakode - He's my elder son on Twitter.

4. @creativepagal - Indeed! The way he laughed at me when I denied telling him my name and he came to know it from FB.

5. @loosechaddi - Don't know if he got inspired my my handle.

6. @aayabadaa - His handle reminds me of Naveen Prabhakar! 'Aaya Bada'! remember him??? :p

7. @LadyGhagra - Derived from Lady Gaga...I love her talent for this!

8. @LoKarloFart - I can already smell that! :p

9. @LOLchand - His name resembles my Dad's name....just a vowel away!

10. @Hitlerbai - The way she banged a guy for flirting with me on Twitter! Awesome..Hehehe! :D

These people and many more...fill my Twitter Timeline with wit and humor!

Funny tweets in my next post!

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  1. Lol i second to what you said..It's funny that one of the twitter mate has actually gave a name to our group on twitter...and handles toh poocho hi mat..I've got @KhaaliBrain ;)


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