Kismet Connection.

Life has its ups and downs....But sometimes life throws you in a trench...a deep trench. Despite of all the efforts you can't get out of it and you blame it on the fate. You dump it all on the luck out of desperation. But do you think twice before cribbing about the Lady Luck not favoring you? Have you made enough efforts, in a right direction? Are you striving for the right thing? Is it what  you deserve...or is it what you desire?

In India, so many people try to seek solutions for their problems through the science of astrology, then let it be financial hardships,  problems in a relationship or troubles with their love lives. They blame it all on their bad luck, unfavorable positions of stars and planets. They put their faith in the palmists and astrologers.

People get different opinions and advises from different people. People claim they got benefited by performing so and so rituals, prescribed by so and so priest or astrologer. Rituals like 'Shanti Pooja' and 'Graha Shanti' are performed to please the Planetary Gods.

They consult multiple astrologers, some of them being business minded try make money out of other's sufferings, not being considerate about the problem and the solution, or satisfaction of their clients. People spend thousands on performing rituals. Some astrologers work with the motive of providing relief to their clients from their troubles. Some get benefited while some don't.

I chose to write on this topic because my Mom has been stuck in the same vicious circle. She is trying to find out the solutions to my problems through astrology. She took me to an astrologist today. He does palm reading too.

He was a wise man in his late 60's. He analysed my horoscope, also my palm. He said everything was fine. Just a little time needs to pass away....He said I will get a good life partner, extremely loving in fact. My financial position will be strong throughout, once  I am done with my higher studies and take up a job and focus on work with sincerity and efforts.
On hearing this, Mom was finally relieved.

I'm not speaking pro or against the science of astrology. I'm trying to tell you that I am unsure too, if such things work. All I could believe in is hard-work and dedication, and I've worked diligently on my part. All I need to do now is to wait for the results patiently.

And even if I don't get the desired results, then may be I need to put in extra effort. I really don't need to perform rituals, ask God to do me favors. No..not at all. Neither will I blame my fate.

I can make my way...I can achieve success. All I need to do is to figure out what I like, and what is the best I can do...May be then success will be mine. And as far as marriage is concerned, its really not on the cards right now. Everything has a right time...Mine is yet to come. May be then Kismet Connection will be established..


  1. Very well said..
    there's a line..more efforts and more hard work brings you closer to luck :)

  2. I don't believe much in astrology though I come from a family of renowned astrologers. I believe in hard work and good deeds. When you follow that road, everything works well and we can it Kismat.

    I agree with your thoughts!


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