The taste of life!

Hello my dear Bloggies! Long time, no see?? Yes, that's my bad, I didn't frequent this place for last couple of months....
So...I'm back my hometown...I finally quit my job...Initially it was very depressing, but now I feel better. At least I won't be forced to do something I didn't like. Getting stuck in the wrong job is one big problem, and mine finally got solved. But I'm a Berozgaar now! *Chuckles*

Last year, when I received the news that I had been placed in Mumbai, I had mixed feelings. On one hand I was happy for my first job, thinking that I would be able to learn new things and support myself. On the other hand, I was worried as I was placed in Mumbai. I used to hate Mumbai since ever. I didn't like its climate, crowded places, fast-paced life, and the fact that Mumbai is a soft-target of terrorist attacks; to name a few reasons. I've been there a couple of times before, but staying there for one year sounded like a challenge to me.

Mumbai is a bustling city, and one of the most liberal cities too. I've been to several cities of India, but the culture and lifestyle of Mumbai is totally unmatched...

The Gateway of India, Mumbai!

But now that I'm back, I'm definitely the new and improved version of me. I've become a better human being. And the best thing is, staying away from home made me realize the value of love and family. It taught me how difficult things can get but you have to overcome them. It made me self-dependent. I could now take my own decisions. Yes, sometimes I made mistakes but I made it a point not repeat them.

Mumbai indeed teaches you life. If you survive in Mumbai, then probably you can survive anywhere. I stayed with many girls, interacted with them, got to know them, their lives and realized that there is much more to life than just material things, sorrow, cribbing, and life is too short...We must enjoy every moment of it...Lets not waste it cribbing about the hard times...

I initially felt lonely in Mumbai, had really bad room-mates. But then eventually I found better ones too. We had great time together....So I discarded all the bad moments and brought back home a bag full of happy memories...

I made new friends, learned to love people outside my family circles. I learned what my elders call it Duniyadaari.

I am now in a better position to make out how a person is, how to react in a given scenario, how to tackle problematic situations and people. There have been major changes in my personality, and all is for good.

Me, by the sea-side.

I've learned to forgive, and move on with life. I have given up hoarding bitter feelings....I dumped all the bitterness in the Arabian Sea and lightened my heart. I've given up hoarding things...I don't keep them for better times. When you already have the best, why go look for better? Today, the present is the best...What can be a better occasion to utilize the things you own?

And yes...I am no more scared of local trains! I used to have a phobia for Mumbai's local trains...but all of it has vanished.

Overcrowded stations and local trains of Mumbai
And on the professional was good enough, though not excellent. I got myself familiarized to the corporate culture, and what goes on at a workplace. I was a witness to a lot of office politics. I saw how some people survived in the office jungle, while the others succumbed.

All these experiences will definitely help me out when I will take up a new job after I complete my further education.

So, I want to say thanks to all the people who contributed for changing me into a better person...Who gave me the opportunity to taste life in real terms...
So, Mumbai is not that bad after all, I don't hate it now...Neither do I love it...Its a neutral viewpoint now!

.....Yesterday is history....Tomorrow is a mystery...But Today is a gift! That's why it is called Present!


  1. Looks like you had a good experience :)

    Quite true, Mumbai teaches you how to live

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  2. A very nice rendition of the times spent in that city.
    Great writing.
    We welcome the new you. The better you :)

  3. Very nice post Manju..Thanks for adding me..Gald to join you..:-) keep blogging..:-)

  4. Day and everyday we face somethin different and new,
    what tomorrow brings us we have no clue..
    happiness is in us, understood by few
    The words in red is the perfect mantra to live :)


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