Of love and lies...- Part 2

For Sahil, the day seemed to pass too slow...He couldn't sleep well that night. He was restless. This was unusual. How restless can a guy become after seeing a girl? Strange...but true. Finally it was dawn. He woke up earlier than usual, got ready and zoomed off on his bike to college. He was there much before-time.
He parked his bike and walked towards the Commerce and Management College in the campus. He had some friends from his Junior College who were now studying Business Management. But meeting old pals was juat an excuse. The only reason Sahil went there was that girl he saw outside the  class the other day.
He wished to see her. To know something about her, atleast the name. He was there to solve the mystery that what was pulling him towards her? Was it love?

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Sahil met his friends after a long time. They were happy to see him. They insisted on going to canteen for a cup of coffee. So off they went to the college canteen. It was a lively place full of young girls and boys, laughing and chatting away, enjoying the food, sharing happy moments...perhaps creating memories that they will look back at after a few years...
They choose a corner table that could accommodate the 7 friends. They ordered coffee and some snacks. Sahil looked uninterested as his mind was still somewhere else...
He looked around at the crowd. Someone again caught his eye. Someone again caged his mind. Someone again numbed his senses making him so vulnerable, unable to think straight.
Soon she left from the canteen too...leaving Sahil on his own again. Sahil too went back to his class after having a good time with his old buddies.

Lectures began. He tried to concentrate. But his mind drifted away somewhere else...
After the lectures he roamed alone for sometime in the college, visited college canteen, with a hope to catch her glimpse. He visited his friends frequently just to see her there. He felt uneasy and painful whenever she suddenly disappeared from his sight. 

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Days passed, weeks passed, Sahil went to the college, he attended the lectures but his eyes were glued outside. He grew restless day by day. He did nothing, till one day when like other days the hopes of sighting her around were almost diminished. How can he not get over her? How can he not get over this feeling?
Is it true love? And not just infatuation?

He couldn't take it anymore....He was in love...indeed!
He finally decided to quit B.Sc and take a transfer to BBM (Bachelor of Business Management)! 
'Was it a joke?', Sahil's parents asked him. He somehow convinced them that he was no more interested in Science and wanted to change the stream. They agreed after all the convincing part. Sahil managed to get an internal transfer from B.Sc to BBM. He was happy...for now he could always have her in front of his eyes.

They were now in the same classroom. Sahil tried his best to concentrate on lectures as he didn't want to let his parents down. He still had that sense of responsibility in himself.

She was there, he saw her and his heart skipped a beat, he was palpitating, and he was still
looking at her, just imagining how beautiful some one can be, though she was sitting far away, and there was no sound he could hear, he just kept on looking at her, for him it was looking at an angel. He noticed the way she talked, he noticed the way she was enlightening the class, he noticed each and every action she did, the time was slipping like fine sand slips from the palms. He was trying his best to capture her in his memories.

As the lectures ended Sahil rushed out seeking her, and there she was standing with other girls, the centre of attraction, the apple of everyone's eye He stopped, and stood nearby with his friends, with his eyes still glued on her. Until now there was no such idea in his mind that she should be in his life. He imagined, is this real or just a fantastic dream he was having. But soon she started moving towards the street, and he could no do anything but to watch her go away again. She took a cab and went away, taking away all the happiness he had all this time looking at her.

But this time he had her, in his memories, the sweet memories. He rushed home and went to sleep with a stupid idea of having her in his dreams! How stupid is that? But actually when he felt asleep, he entered a world of imaginations, he saw her in his dreams, very closely, till he was woken up. Now his life was taking a sharp turn, from absolute emptiness to a world full of happiness!

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  1. wow...I can see this as a movie. I like it. Keep it up.


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