Wedding bells are ringing...

Hello Buddies..I missed blogging. It has been really long that I wrote my previous post...So here I'm back to blogging!

Mazaak mazaak mein sab log aagaye! Chalo fir ab shuru kartein hain! :p

So talking about stuff related to wedding is on my mind now, as there is a wedding at my place. My next few posts will be about the things related to marriage, my state of mind, thought process and many complex stuff about the bond that I and the concept of marriage share...Its a love-hate relationship...And I'm still unclear which emotion is stronger.

My cousin who got engaged in May is set to get married in January next year. I was kind of shocked...I mean she is younger than me...I'm barely 22...So I kind of freaked out.
And what made me go mad at her and yell at her and taunt her endlessly was the fact that she quit her studies..She studied only till class 12. I was not trying to influence her or anything. Just out of sisterly love, that I wanted a better future for her. She has got a good guy, good in-laws, but creating an own identity working with dedication, and consistency gives a high, an awesome sense of satisfaction. And if you discharge your professional and personal responsibilities and maintaining the perfect balance, what else can be better?

I'm in Mumbai. There must be hustle and bustle at my cousin's place. Shopping, deciding upon design of the wedding cards, gifts for the groom's family, deciding upon the venue and the menu...must be fun..

The fragrance of henna will soon fill the home. Home would be dolled up with marigold and roses. Lights will brighten the atmosphere. Music will cheer up loved ones...Love is in the air...and so are the expectations of my relatives that I too get an interview call from a Momma of an eligible bachelor!

Hey Dude! Stay away!

I'm go to marriages...Fat aunties hover around my Momma & bombard her with questions like,
  • Where is your daughter? 
  • What is her name?
  • How old is she?
  • What she does?
  • How much she earns?
  • There is a guy, you want to meet his family? From Mumbai...Business class...Guy is in America..28 years old...6 feet tall..
Oh My God! Why would I want to marry a Mumbai guy? I don't like this city.

I don't want to leave my family alone and go to USA thousands of miles away, I'm the elder child and want to look after my family..

Ya that's a different thing altogether that my family still looks after me, literally. *LOLZZ*

I don't want a guy this older..and I don't want a giraffe either..I'm 5 feet and 1/2 inch tall for God's sake...exactly that much!

My Momma dearest is the best...She answers each question so tactfully..She knows I don't want to marry so soon. And she supports my decision. She wants to see me doing something big. She is the one who taught me to dream...And my Daddy too supports her. They share similar views when it comes to me.
But Dad sometimes teases me saying he would marry me off after 3 years. I make a scornful face and threaten him that I will run away to Himalayas and become a Sanyasi! Well I am not sure if there are any sanyasis there in the Himalayas.

He laughs it off! *Sighs* No internet and mobile phone network there...Shucks, they know my weakness..
Now I'm really scared to go to my cousin's wedding and this is the only reason...I know Mom will shoo away everyone..But still...I don't like it...

Mom Dad will drag me to marriage. Its my cousin this time. Not some sister of my Aunt's daughter-in-law's uncle's brother-in-law..I hope you got it.. So I gotta go :( I am planning to dress up simple and look dumb. Thank god I have braces and specs already! *Grins*


  1. Ohh weddings are the best places for fun and masti... And yeah, people must never compromise with their individuality :)

    weakest LINK

  2. Thank god I am past those phases...they were embarrassing, depressing, and made me angry all the time :) :)
    and I married a giraffe :D I am 5 feet 4 inches tall and he is 6 feet 3 inches tall :) :) trust me, its not that bad a combination :)


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