The people around me....

This is about the people whom I met after I came to Mumbai. I was always in touch with my family and friends back home through phone. But I was still alone in one sense. I didn't have anyone to tell me how to recognize people, who is how? Or how to tackle a troublesome bunch people? What to say at times? Or break the ice and mix up with them?
This was because till then I was  always in my cocoon. I barely interacted with people other than my parents, relatives and some close friends. I wasn't interested in  other people's life, their thoughts, their intentions. So I never knew the importance of being worldly-wise.
I never knew this world has so many good and kind people. Neither that I knew  that there were a variety of people equally shrewd and cunning. Its when I left my home that I realized this fact about people, and also my fault of living in my dreamy world all the time.
In Mumbai I had to live as a paying guest. That meant sharing a room with a girl or two, sharing my personal space, respecting each other's differences, and watching what I spoke.
Let me tell you something about my two room mates. They were like 'Sugar coated chilies'.
I spoke frankly and freely to them right from day one. I didn't think about how they were and is it OK to be so open. I had just assumed that they must be good, like my friends back home. They came to know I'm a simple and naive person who couldn't understand the deeper meaning of the things said. But I soon understood what they were. I'm a rebel. And so I could no longer tolerate them being bad to me unnecessarily. It resulted in Cold war kind of atmosphere. And that led to quarrels. And more quarrels. The atmosphere was always tensed up. I never even looked at them, or said anything. It was just that they taunted me endlessly on my weaknesses and provoked me to say something which ultimately led to wars between me and them.
I wanted peace after a hectic day at work. I couldn't bear all that anymore and so after a month I left the place.
My fault in this case was that I didn't watch my mouth. I couldn't just be frank with my room-mates. Because they were after all strangers to me. Revealing anything that would help them take advantage of me could have been bad enough.
Its from this experience that I learnt a lesson. That at first I should be conservative yet kind enough in my behavior. I must gauge a person's mind. If good enough then be friends...and if otherwise then maintain a safe distance and just be neutral.

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  1. n what about me , u dint mention n e thing about me n d 8 days which we spent as a roomie.. :( ...
    kidding rey nice write write n write its nice u r writing bolgs.. :)m keep it up.. :)


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