What is my life all about???

So lets begin... Let me tell you something about my life. This is a story of where I've been and how I got to where I'm.
Ever since my childhood I'm extremely close to my Mom and Dad. They meant and still mean the world to me. As a kid I never felt any need to peep into the outside world for anything. As I was growing up looking upto them I came to know what it meant. What love is...what care means... What aspirations mean to us...
They wanted me to be a successful person. Successful here doesn't mean only earning a lot of money and becoming rich. But it means that we bring out the best person in ourselves. We have a good heart and a kind soul. Great thoughts and simplicity. Empathy.. Passion for hard work. Loving what we do or should I say doing what we love and be the best one in it. And finding happiness in our lives.
After sometime...to be specific...after I finished my school and I stepped into a new world! The college life gave me a glimpse of the outer world. As a shy and timid girl at school it was quite amazing and baffling at the same time to see how the world works.
This set in motion the transformation of me. I tried to interact with many people. Different people from different parts of the country. It was a slow process but an enjoyable one. It made me confident that I can be a part of a huge group. But only one thing was a hurdle. As I mentioned earlier, I was not very close to people other than those in my family. I didn't have this ability to make out what people actually think. What are there intentions and what they wanted from someone.
Till then I could only see a part of the people which they wanted me to see. Gradually I came to know that how the world is. And I came to realize that its not that rosy as I thought it would be!!!
I'm not saying all people are bad. I want to say that during this phase of my life I took a dive into the ocean of people's mind and came to know what lies inside. Even a sweet looking person can be the most cunning one and an arrogant or grim looking person can have a kind heart filled with love. We just cannot make out how a person is, from his face. So its rightly said 'Don't judge a book by its cover'!!


  1. Incredible thought process. A positive thoughts of life like u have . will really bring u a positive way of living life with support of ur family....

  2. Ya i really mean tat Don't judge a book by its cover'!!! Good thoughts, Positive One N Lov My parents :) :)


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