I turned 22 today!

Dear Friends....
I turned 22 today...can't believe I've reached this point of time in my life. I'm no more a kid, I've got responsibilities, people count on me...Life has changed for better.
But I'm also feeling incomplete today. I've always been with my Mom, Dad and my sister Tillu on this day every year.
But now I'm away from home this year.
I never threw parties on my birthday. It has always been a private affair. Just me and my family, cousins, and a couple of close friends...
Now here I'm, alone....
Longing to be at home....I miss dining out with my family, cutting the cake, shopping a week before... I miss that excitement.. My birthday used to be like Diwali for me..
But its OK.. These days too won't last for long.. : )
Wishing myself a very Happy Birthday..
And I dedicate this day to my parents to give me this wonderful life, making it worthwhile, and loving me throughout unconditionally...
Thank you Mamma, thank you Pappa... : )


  1. Ur thought show how much u miss and love ur family. all the best for ur life .. Make them feel proud of u ... And happy birth Day to U....

  2. Life is a journey and age is just a count.The more we try and live every moment,the more our parents feel proud of us.At this point it's perfectly normal for the baby birds to flop out of the nest and land on the ground.
    Wish you a very happy bday that would open all the doors of happiness in your life.Wish you fly high in life.God bless!!

  3. A very happy belated birthday to you, Manju. The thing common with each birthday, is, that each of them is WEIRD in its own way. I am sure, the next one will be weirder than this one, for you, as well. Have fun. :)

  4. Belated Birthday Wishes :) A birthday is a day where you are entitled to a freeway hit on anyone who tries to steal the attention from you on a day which is entirely yours :) Hope you had fun of a lifetime :)


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