My Dream Car… Cadillac Cien!

The 2002 Cadillac Cien is a concept car manufactured by Cadillac, and it marks the 100th anniversary of Cardillac. Cien was first displayed at the Detroit Auto Show in the year 2002. Concept cars never go into production directly; in modern times all would have to undergo many changes before the design is finalized for the sake of practicality, safety and cost.
The cars in these segments if produced, are extremely expensive and the smartest and fastest machines ever… Cien being on of it.. Let me tell you more about it…

These are the important specifications:

  • It had a Mid engine type of configuration. 
  • An engine with direct injection technology that allows six or less cylinders to function at the time when there is comparatively less load. It a powerful 7.5 L V12 Northstar XV 12 engine.
  • It has a transmission of 6 speed and  it is a
  • semi- automatic version.
  • It delivers a power as high as 750 Bhp
  • It has a torque of 450 lb-ft!

The Cadillac Cien can be seen in movies like ‘The Island’, ‘Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition. Also we can see this wonder car in the racing game ‘Gran Turismo 4’.
I know you guys will feel that it is a bit unusual that a girl is in love with machines and has a dream of owning a car like Cadillac Cien. But that’s the truth. I am in love with one of the fastest and the most popular concept cars. I like its looks, it symbolizes power and energy. It’s so inspirational. When I see a car like this which is so powerful, charged and delivers high performance, I get mesmerized for a time being. It gives me a boost, a charge, to assimilate such qualities within myself and reflect back the same. It makes me say…'Wow, I wished I owned it!'
By the time such cars are actually produced and we can own a car like this, we can enjoy riding it in Gran Turismo 4! :)

Happy Driving! :)


  1. Nice. Cadillac Cien is a fine choice. It’s impressive that you picked a car not just because of its exquisite appearance. I see you pick it because you believe that it could inspire you and motivate you to become a stronger person. I admire you for having that perspective. With that, I do wish the Cadillac Cien will be mass produced and that you get to own one. :)

    Clint Moore

  2. For me, I think that this concept car should never go into production anymore. I mean, from the elegant look of it, it feels that it is above among the rest that no one should touch it. Hehe. But seriously, it is way above its competition when it was released on the Detroit Auto Show. Such masterpiece is priceless. :)

    Erwin Calverley

  3. very great choice of car. i love style and the color. it would be my dream car also, i hope that i can ride this car one day


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