Top things to have in your handbag at all times

Whether you are just taking your carryall for a weekend out or going on a month-long vacation with tonnes of luggage, there are a few essentials that you must carry while you step out of your home. Usually guys find the idea of girls carrying a big handbag revolting. However, they often end up needing something that happens to be there in that bag. “Do you have a face-wipe in there?” “Do you have some water to drink?” Apart from the usual stuff like cell phone and make-up, there are several little things that will always come handy.

It is necessary that you carry a reasonable amount of hard-cash with you. Why?? Because the cab driver would not accept a debit card, would he? You will need cash to pay for a cab or a train fare. You must have enough money to grab a bite to eat. It is wise to carry plastic money from the viewpoint of safety. But carrying cash is equally important.
Keep some cash in a separate compartment of your handbag. Just in case a thief gets his hands on your wallet. Carry coins for using a payphone. Your cell phone battery may not last forever on some days!

Always carry a bottle of water. Frequent sips of water will keep you hydrated when you are on the go.

Face-wipes and deodorant
These are one of the amazing versatile creations of man! A cool and fragrant face-wipe not only helps clean the dirt off your skin but also makes you feel fresh within a couple of minutes. A face-wipe can come handy just in case you accidentally spill little something on your clothes at lunch. A quick spray of deodorant will help conceal body odor until you get home and get fresh. It will also save the people around you from nasal-torment.

Hair accessories
You should carry a comb, a couple of hair rubber bands and hair clutchers. Hair often get messy during travelling. You can put your messy hair back in order if you have these basic things at hand.

Mint candy
For me, mint candy is a must have. I usually consume salad containing raw onion and food rich in garlic. So mint candies help keep bad breath at bay. These are very useful for occasions like an interview or a date.

A notepad and a pen
We do live in a digital era, but we still depend on our memory for some things. You might think of stuff you need to buy later from the store on your way home. Or you meet an important person and forget your business card or they do not have theirs. At such times, a notepad and a pen will serve the purpose.

A pack of tampons
I guess I do not need to explain this one.

Painkillers and band-aids
I am often asked for Aspirin. Carrying a strip of painkillers is a good idea when you or someone around you has a headache. Even a tiny bruise seems irritating. An exposed wound, no matter how small, will gather dirt and make way for an infection. Band-aids will come handy to take care of small cuts and bruises and help you take your mind off it.

Keep a small bottle of hand-sanitizer in your carryall. You can use it when you wish to grab a bite and don't have water and hand-wash around to cleanse your hands; or after using public transport or a public restroom.

Personal information and emergency contacts
Carry a small diary mentioning your personal information and emergency contact details of your family and friends or may be colleagues, because you cannot predict when life will throw a curve ball at you. Wouldn’t it be awful if you fall unconscious somewhere and no one knows whom to contact for you?

This is a great thing to carry when you are out on a vacation. Fun begins the moment you get started from your home. Whether it is a point-&-shoot camera or a DSLR, you should carry one. Personally, I love carrying my camera. I never know what may catch my attention.

A novel or a magazine
Carrying a novel or a magazine is a good idea. You can read it when you are travelling in a bus or a train. This will keep boredom at bay.

Carry a pack of cookies or chips or any snack you like. You may even carry an apple or a chocolate. It is quite possible for you to feel hungry in the middle of nowhere, and there is no place around to eat at.

Pepper spray
A very useful thing just in case a rowdy subway rat decides to bother you.

A pair of sunglasses
Carry a nice pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from harsh sunlight. You definitely do not want to have a burning sensation in your eyes throughout the day.

So now you know what it takes to be geared up. Keep these little things your handbag and step out of your home with a peace of mind.


  1. This is awesome.. Thanks for sharing such a good article!

    1. Hi Nai! Thanks for your comment. I hope you found this piece useful :)

  2. Wow! Looks like you need a pretty BIG handbag for all that!!! I'd add an emergency bar of chocolate ... that doesn't need any explanation either!!

    1. If the handbag is a well-designed one, with 2-3 separate compartments, things can be arranged in a mid-sized bag. I don't need a very big handbag, its more about how you arrange the things. :)

  3. That is a good assortment of items. How do you manage to fit all these thing in the bag? That is what bewilders me!

    1. Hello Rupert. Yes, all these things do fit nicely in my mid-sized carryall. Its pretty spacious :)


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