Introduction to Aquaponics

Aquaponics is one of the most admired and viable techniques to grow fresh organic vegetables and fruits as well as maintain a freshwater fish structure simultaneously. Aquaponics eradicates the usual shortcomings of the conventional vegetable gardens by employing the benefits of having a closed system of freshwater fish. It’s like aiming for two objectives at the same time. The freshwater fish system will produce fish, which in return will provide for nutrients vital for growth of the plants.

The plants will gain from the waste material produced by the fish, which are naturally occurring nutrients for the plants. The water gets purified and filtered as the plants absorb the nutrients from it.
This method is sustainable and many Aquaponics admirers throughout the country have reported success of this method which yields organic fresh fruits and vegetables as well as succulent fish.

Unveiling the Aquaponics

Aquaponics is the combination of two older techniques, viz. the hydroponics and aquaculture.
Hydroponics aims towards growing vegetables and fruits by making use of just water, and no soil. Aquaculture is a practice of rearing fish in closed systems. When these two methodologies are merged we get altogether a new concept, known as Aquaponics.

Now you must be wondering, why Aquaponics is good for you? Here are the chief benefits of Aquaponics.
  • Aquaponics consume a very little space.
  • Installing an Aquaponic system is very simple.
  • Having an Aquaponic system in place and its upkeep is relatively economical.
  • Expansion of an existing Aquaponic system is very easy. You may include more sections over time to increase the capacity of the system.
  •  It facilitates production of vegetables/fruits as well as fish.
  • There are many professional Aquaponics practitioners throughout the country. While you’re just a beginner, you can learn the tricks of the trade from people practicing Aquaponics by getting in touch with them.

Flexibility of production with Aquaponic system

Aquaponic systems can be expanded or contracted according to individual needs. A modest aquaponic system can yield around fifty kilograms of freshwater fish and a hundred kilogram of vegetables within a span of 6 months.
If you wish to start a business of fresh organic fish, vegetables and fruits you can simply scale up the capacity of your aquaponic system to achieve a larger yield. Expanding the aquaponic system will require space and a robust system for pumping the water. However, these are just one-time expenditures.
You won’t encounter any issues once you have a larger aquaponic system up and working. You just have to keep an eye on the system to ensure that plants and fish are growing properly.  A plentiful produce from an aquaponic system is a sign that the system is being looked after appropriately.
One must always remember that, it’s never too late to start an aquaponic system. Also do not let your lack of experience deter you from starting your own aquaponic system. It is your aspiration to be self-reliant and enthusiasm to make things work that is needed to have your own aquaponic system.

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