Way of life- A painting.

As I had mentioned in my previous post, that I would start drawing again....I started it from today! Yes, I know it has been very long since I've been thinking about doing it, but better late than never.

I bought all nice new stuff, poster colors, and paint brushes, drawing sheets and some other stationary. I already had the color pallet, back from my school days, class 5, to be specific. That butterfly shaped thing gives me a nostalgia.

The ruler, sharper and lead box were of no use. :p

So, I held a paint brush in my hand after a decade, plus I don't have steady hands. I was skeptical if I could paint an inch. But to my surprise, I did it! And I was really happy with the results.

I started with a blank mind, but ideas came flowing in, into my head. And I came up with this.

This drawing signifies a way of life. The blue part signifies the sunny sky. The grey part stands for a stormy night. The red flower signifies the state of mind.

A person should smile in good times. But he/she should never be sad in bad times. He/She should have determination and courage to face the difficult situations and overcome the hurdles. A person must never lose hope and look beyond the boundaries. And let the mind bloom like a fresh flower, always.

The Good Times!

The Bad Times.

This is the life.

Tell me what you think about this!


  1. Vishal P Dogra. [@vishalpdogra]7 May 2012 at 14:01

    Beautiful painting and a super positive outlook towards life. U write simple, yet deep. Great work!! :)
    The piece is quite inspiring in a motivational manner.

  2. Hi,
    My first visit here. Hope to see more paintings from you soon :)

  3. Nice painting with ingrained philosophy of life :)

  4. keep positive in life ALWAYZ... keep going ALWAYZ... (:

  5. Hello Manju, i found it interesting in your work! An initiative was well chosen! It's nice to still find places like this on the internet.
    I will come visit whenever possible to be informed about your updates! I will leave my link if you are interested to know. http://www.construindohistoriahoje.blogspot.com.br.


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