Why do bullies bully?

Perhaps one of the toughest questions to answer when it comes to being bullied is “Why me?” In most of the cases, people who are on the receiving end of the daunting actions are innocent and have done nothing to beckon it. In that case, why does someone speak or commit the most offensive things without any apparent reason? It definitely is tad of a mystery and sadly, just a single straightforward answer to it doesn't exist.

Why do bullies bully?
Sometimes, a person gets involved in harrying behavior because they have witnessed other people behaving in the same manner. It is a sad reality that some children don’t have happy and healthy environment at home. Such children find themselves or other members of their family being subjected to hurtful behavior. We as humans are incredibly impressionable to influence. This is true especially in case of younger people. We tend to take on the behaviors of those around us. So, if we regularly see someone intimidating, pestering, mortifying and causing a nuisance to others, odds are that we may end up being someone like them.

Nevertheless, this explanation might hold good for some bullies, it is not  the only one. Sometimes children who have been brought up in a happy and co-operative environment can make the most atrocious bullies. There has to be something else happening that turns children with good upbringing into heartless bullies.

There lies an idea of supremacy and influence at the very core of this matter. If we glance at what bullies do, they threaten, beleaguer, isolate and belittle their victims. These actions have similar impact. It makes the victim weak and small making the bully feel influential and impressive. The idea of influence falls into place when you realize that it’s the people who mind their own business draw the attention of bullies. The important thing to be kept in mind is that the victim of bully is not the one to blame. If it wasn't him, then someone else would have been the victim.

There is a fact associated with the idea of influence that bullies want to be leaders. Bullies have a desire to be perceived as mighty and powerful and be liked by people, which is why they are usually accompanied by a bunch of cronies who play a part in the crime and adhere to their leader. The bully exercises his power and manipulations while his cronies follow the suit. Simply put, the bully tries to say “Look at me, here I am!” It is very obvious that not everyone will look up to them and admire them. And such people would be targeted and victimized by the bullies.

Sadly, there isn't always a clarification behind why every bully does what they have been doing. Humans are exceptionally intricate beings with propensities to act both with immense compassion and great vindictiveness. Although these ideas might elucidate why bullies involve in malignant behavior, they certainly do not rationalize it.

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  1. simple and sweet people always face it... :( :(


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