The new found joy...

I have always loved studying and learning. School days were the best part of my journey of learning. I am also cool with my college life. I stepped back into it in August last year after an educational gap of 2 years due to a PG Diploma and a full time job in Mumbai. I was and am very happy since I got into the best MBA institute in my city. (Check out for financial modelling in practice) Fortunately my childhood friend who also happens to be my best friend is also in the same institute and class. We are together all day long since morning till late evening. Travelling together, studying together, having a fun time together and enjoying every bit of it is such a bliss.

It never crossed my mind until today that I should share a glimpse of my college and new found joy on my blog. Better late than never! So I'm doing it today! JJJ

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The view from the corridor

Me (centre) and my buddies

The rangoli at the entrance of the building

I will try clicking more pics and post them here more often..Till then..Stay tuned..Ciao!

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  1. How wonderful to be with your best friend!! And how great to be back in school! I'm not sure what a rangoli is, but it's beautiful!

  2. The rangoli at the entrance of the building - very nice..

    1. Yes, it was drawn on the occasion of prize distribution ceremony. Girls from 1st and 2nd year who are good at it, do it together at every occasion.


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